Peanut Butter Kiss Cookies

With Christmas coming up right around the corner there are SO many delicious looking Christmas recipes out there.  So I thought I should post this delectable cookie recipe that is a favourite around our house. These Peanut Butter Kiss cookies have always been on our menu at Christmas in my family.  Their soft and moist […] Read More

Should You Start a Blog?

Find Out Why You Should Start a Blog

Are you interested in starting a blog of your own?  Should you start a blog?  Maybe you’ve been an avid blog reader for years now, or you might be just learning what a blog is, and your interest has sparked up.  Either way, I would strongly encourage anybody that is on the fence about starting a blog […] Read More

5 Things You Should do Before the New Year

5 Things to do Before the New Year

Everybody’s Christmas hustle and bustle is now in full swing, and that means that in no time the New Year is going to be here. I’m having a hard time wrapping my head around the fact that it is almost 2018.  This year has absolutely flown by.  Anybody else?  Here are 3 things that stand […] Read More

Beautiful Free Christmas Printables (FREEBIE)

Beautiful Free Christmas Printables

Get your beautiful & free Christmas printables simply by signing up to my email list below. These printables would make the cutest Christmas decorations this year.  And if you put a frame around them they would make the cutest little DIY Christmas gift for that special person in your life! Christmas is going to be here […] Read More

14 Ways to Prepare for Christmas in December

14 Ways to Prepare for Christmas in December

December is finally upon us.  I don’t know if “finally” is the right use of a word since it feels like this year has just been ripping by in fast-forward.  But nonetheless, it’s here and I’m excited about it.  Christmas is just 20 days away.   Thankfully, I’m not feeling too overwhelmed, because I started Preparing […] Read More