4 Steps to Start a WordPress Blog With Bluehost

4 Steps to Start a WordPress Blog with Bluehost, a Step by Step Tutorial
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So you’ve made the leap and decided to create a blog. Congratulations!

If you’re still on the fence about blogging and are wondering if you should create your own blog, if the blogosphere needs another voice to be heard in it, you can find out here.

But now you’re probably stuck wondering how to go about it. You may have read some tutorials and how-to guides, but are confused by the all the blogger lingo.

That was me. I finally decided to create a blog, but I didn’t know where to go from there. Some tutorials were super helpful, while others completely lost me in all the jibber-jabber.

My goal for this tutorial is to make starting your own blog as easy and stress-free as possible.

Whether you’re starting a blog purely as a hobby and don’t have intentions of making money off of it, or if you’re starting a blog with plans to work up to making a full-time income off of it, you need to start somewhere, and that somewhere is creating your blog.

I created my WordPress blog with Bluehost, and I love it. Bluehost has been easy to use, and for the most part, hassle-free. Their customer service has always been friendly and quick to fix problems.

I did have a problem in my earlier blogging days with Bluehost that happened twice, but they were quick to fix it.

My new, small blog was down two different times in a short few months. That definitely didn’t impress me very much, but both times that this happened, my blog was only down for a few minutes, and when I reached out to them regarding this they were very kind and quick to get my blog back up and running.

And ever since then I haven’t had any other problems with them.

There are several different hosting companies to choose from, but the most popular two, in my opinion, are Bluehost and SiteGround.

Let’s back up really quick here. Are you wondering what on earth blog hosting is? 

Hosting is like your blog’s “rental space” on the internet.

Pretty much, you are paying to have your blog’s own and personal space on the web.

There are many free options that you can start a blog with, but if you want to be serious about your blogging then I highly suggest getting hosting.

The free sites that you can create a blog on have control over your blog and could actually shut it down at any time, without notice. So even if you’ve been blogging with them for years and have a big following, the site that you have your non-hosted blog published through could wipe your blog off the face of the internet whenever they want.

When you pay for hosting for your blog, you have complete control over your blog and you are the owner of it, you control what happens with your blog.

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Now that you know what blog hosting is, let’s move on to your hosting options.

I know many bloggers who use SiteGround for their blog’s hosting and have nothing but great things to say about them.

I personally have not used SiteGround, but when my contract with Bluehost is up I will definitely be looking into both of them with deeper research to decide if I will switch to SiteGround, or continue on with Bluehost.

My experience thus far with Bluehost has been very positive, other than the problems I had with my site being down twice early on.

Some cool things that Bluehost offers are: A FREE domain. FREE site builder. 1-click WordPress installation (this is exactly what I needed, it made installing WordPress so simple and hassle-free!) and 24/7 support.

After you’ve done some research and decided which hosting company you will go for with your blog, the next step is to sign up.

If you want to start a blog with SiteGround, click here to see my step by step tutorial (with pictures!).

If you have decided to go forward with Bluehost, read on.

Click here to start a blog with Bluehost.

1) Select a hosting plan.

The first step will be selecting a plan that fits your needs best. Bluehost offers three plans, all at great discounts through my links.

  • The Basic Plan

The Basic Plan gives you 50 GB of website space and unmetered bandwidth. It also includes 1 domain, 5 parked domains, and 25 subdomains. It gives you 5 email accounts and 100 MB of storage per email account.

Get the Basic Plan for just $3.95 a month through this link. (Regularly $7.99 a month!!)

  • The Plus Plan

The Plus Plan gives you unmetered website space and bandwidth. Unlimited websites. 1 domain, and unlimited sub and parked domains. Unlimited email accounts and storage. And they offer $200 in marketing offers. 1 SpamExperts, and over $24 a year in extras.

Get the Plus Plan here for only $5.95 a month! (Regularly $10.99 a month.)

  • The Prime Plan

The Prime Plan gives you unlimited website space, bandwidth, and websites. 1 included domain and unlimited sub and parked domains. Unlimited email accounts and storage. $200 included marketing offers. Over $80 a year in extras. 1 SpamExperts, 1 Domain Privacy, and site backup pro.

To get the Prime Plan click here and get it for only $5.95 a month, regularly $14.99 a month! That’s a lot of savings!

Start a WordPress blog with Bluehost Tutorial

2) Choose a domain.

Bluehost gives you the option to choose a new domain or use one of your existing domains (if you have any).

This was the hardest part for me when I made a blog. It took me ages to think of a domain name that I loved. I didn’t want to settle for a name that I just liked.

Take your time with this step, think of a name that you are sure you are ready to commit to.

You can use Bluehost’s nifty domain checker to see if the name that you want is available. Simply type it in below and it will tell you.


Create a WordPress blog with Bluehost step by step tutorial

3) Enter your account information.

Here you will enter your account information.

Create a WordPress blog with Bluehost tutorial

4) Review and complete.

Now you will review your account to make sure all the information is correct.
A few things Bluehost offers, but that are completely optional are:

  • Domain Privacy Protection (this is free with the Prime plan)
  • Site Backup Pro (this is free with the Prime plan)
  • Search Engine Jumpstart
  • SiteLock Security

Create a blog with Bluehost tutorial

If you are interested in creating a blog with Bluehost or want more information on them, CLICK HERE.

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