The 5 Senses Gift for the Man in Your Life

The 5 Senses Gift
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The 5 Senses Gift for the Man in Your Life

Christmas is right around the corner, and before we know it it’s going to be here, knocking on our doors.  Or if you’re like me you’ve already opened the door wide to welcome Christmas into your home.  I haven’t quite pulled out the decorations just yet (although I would LOVE to… I don’t think my hubby would be too impressed), but I do have Christmas music playing nearly every day, and I am just dreaming of when the snow will start falling.

If you knew me a few years back you would be wondering who is living inside my body, I used to dread winter, the cold, the white stuff on the ground.  But this year I am so looking forward to it.  I can’t wait!  But, I need to be patient because I know I will probably get the winter blues within the first 2 weeks of steady snow on the ground and be dreaming of spring, and since we live in a country where it seems like it’s winter forever, I should just be glad that it’s not here yet.

But I digress…

We covered that Christmas is just around the corner, or maybe you have an anniversary coming up, or a birthday.  There are many times in a year when you get to gift the one you love with a present, but sometimes it can be difficult to think of what on earth to get them.

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Creating a 5 Senses gift for your loved one is such a thoughtful gift.  Below I have ideas of what you can fill your 5 Senses gift with.

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Touch.  Taste.  Smell.  Sound.  Sight.

The idea is you buy a gift for each sense.  Each gift can be something small and thoughtful or something big.

Then you start brainstorming and writing down lists of what you could get for each sense.


  • Backscratcher
  • Back massager
  • Some nice boxers
  • Bathrobe
  • Football


  • Beef jerky
  • Cigar
  • Beer
  • Chocolate Orange (Believe it or not you can buy them on Amazon for those times when it is not Christmastime and they’re not in stores.)
  • Flavored Coffee



  • C.D. of his favourite band
  • Or better yet, tickets to a concert of his favourite band
  • A nice alarm clock or watch


  • A little something (or nothing) for you to wear
  • A photo album of your life together
  • His favourite movie

And now you get to personalize each gift for the man in your life.  After you’ve bought your gifts you can wrap them and print off free printable tags by clicking the link below or create your own.


The free printable tags are available thanks to Personalization Mall

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Give the Perfect Gift for the Man in Your Life: Create a 5 Senses Gift for the Man in Your Life

Create a 5 Senses Gift. The Perfect Gift for the Man in Your Life


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