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Amy @ Deliberately HereHi, I’m Amy! Thank you so much for stopping by my little spot on the internet, I’m so glad you came across my blog.

My husband and I got married at the ages of 19 and 20 and never looked back. We believe that there is hope for everyone, in making marriage work (and having fun with it!), that frugal living can be fun, that we are so undeserving and have been incredibly blessed by God, and we want to share all these things with you.

I am a stay at home wife with a knack for frugal living. I have always strived to live a frugal lifestyle and save money anywhere I can, but it wasn’t until I became a full-time stay at home wife that I really had to put that into action.

Having the opportunity to be a stay at home wife means so much to me, I love the fact that I get to wake up and make breakfast for my husband before he goes off to work, and I love that I get to be here to welcome him home when he gets off work.

In November 2016 I had the honor of becoming a wife to the most incredible man out there. I am so thankful and owe all that I have accomplished to the Lord and my wonderful, kind husband.

Without my husband, this blog wouldn’t still be here. He has encouraged me to keep going when I feel like giving up, he has been my number 1 fan and supporter, and I can’t thank him enough.

You can learn more about our story here.

My goal with Deliberately Here is to help other wives, mothers, and anybody looking to live frugally find that it is possible. It is possible to cut costs and still live a fulfilling life.

I want to help the mother who is longing to stay home with her kids but is not able to because of finances, be able to stay home.

I want to help the wife who wants to be home when her husband goes to work and when he gets home from work to be able to do that.

I want to help you cut costs, save money, make money, without sacrificing your lives.

I want to help you live life to the fullest.

In your marriages, finances, and families.

Anything that is tying you down, from financial burdens to marriage problems, I want to help you take ahold of your life and live Deliberately.

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If you would like to reach out to me you can do so by emailing me at deliberatelyhereblog@gmail.com