First blog post

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Hi All!

I’m Amy, and am new to the whole blogging world, I’m so glad you stopped by.               My goal with this blog is to connect, inspire, and learn.  I want to connect with new people, inspire them and be inspired, and hopefully learn a thing or two along the way.  

When I decided to start a blog a while back I thought to myself, “Everybody and their dogs have a blog these days, what’s the point, people have enough to read anyway.”  But the idea of starting a blog stayed in my heart and I finally decided to give it a go, so please bear with me!

I am a young farm wife in a town way out yonder, married to the most wonderful man.  I spend most of my days baking, cleaning, cooking, ironing, crocheting, and doing other household tasks.  And the laundry, oh the laundry!  It just never ends, does it?


I enjoy going for walks and am currently in my element because autumn is just around the corner (already those crisp mornings and evenings are amoung us).  I find my inspiration in the Word of God, listening to piano music, anything autumn (warm drinks, yes?), and of course last but not least, my loving husband.


So stay tuned while my favourite season comes around the corner and lets get cozy with warm drinks, share new recipes, and find encouragement in one another.

God bless!

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