How to Get Motivated To Clean When You Don’t Want To

13 Ways to Get Motivated to Clean Even When You Just Don't Want To
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Do you ever find yourself lacking motivation when it comes to cleaning? Especially cleaning your house?  I, for one, do! Cleaning can take a lot out of me, and it often takes a lot in me to work up the motivation to clean. 

For anybody else struggling in this with me, here are 13 things that I do to help me get motivated to clean, and these can help you, too.

Cleaning can be draining work with, sometimes it seems, no reward.  We’ve all been there.  I started getting so frustrated with dusting, cleaning the bathrooms, vacuuming and mopping the floors and then by the end of the day having everything that I just cleaned already getting dirty again.  I would often wonder what the point of cleaning even was.

My husband works outside and comes home dirty.  Dirt gets tracked into the house, and I would get frustrated.  Until I came to terms that that’s just how it is.  He works hard to provide for us, the least I can do is offer him a clean house for when he gets home from work.

Needless to say, I easily got discouraged from cleaning when it just went back to dirty by the end of the day, so I had to start finding ways to motivate myself or I knew I wouldn’t want to clean at all.

Below is a list of some of the things that I do when I need motivation to clean.  A reminder of why I do it.  

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How to get yourself motivated to clean

1) Turn on some tunes, a podcast, or a sermon.  

Listening to some songs or your favourite sermon can make time pass quickly, and before you even realize it, you’re done all your cleaning!

2) Use the timer method.  

I personally don’t use the timer method, because when I get into a cleaning mood I like to motor through it and get everything done no matter how long it takes, but for some people the timer method better motivates them. 

Simply set a timer for 15 minutes, 20 minutes, or 30 minutes (more or less depending on how long you want to commit to cleaning for), and clean as much as you can until that timer dings.

3) Clean as you go.  

If you have a counter full of dishes it can get discouraging when you want to clean.  Instead, clean your dishes as you’re done with them. 

Finished your coffee?  Either hand wash the mug or put it in the dishwasher.  Done lunch?  Load the dishwasher with the dishwasher-safe dishes and hand wash the rest.  You’ll be thankful at the end of the day when you just have supper dishes to clean up rather than a whole day’s worth of dishes piled up.

4) Try a new cleaning product.

Or better yet, make your own cleaning products and take them for a spin!

5) Invite company over.  

I don’t know about you, but when I have people over I especially like to have a clean house, so inviting people over is motivation enough for me.

6) Just do it.

Get off the couch and clean your house.  You’ll be happy with the outcome.

7) Put away all distractions.  

Phones, computers, TV’s.  Turn it off and put it somewhere away from you so you aren’t tempted to pick it up and check social media.  Don’t let yourself touch it until you’re done.

8) Reward yourself.  

If you’re using the timer method, once that timer goes off, reward yourself to a nice sit-down and cup of coffee (or preferred drink).  If you’re busting through all the cleaning then sit down and relax once it’s done.  

9) Take pride in your home.  

This is your house, it reflects your lifestyle.  Keep it clean and tidy, don’t let those dust bunnies build up.

10) Put stuff away as you’re done with it. 

I feel as if this one can be directed towards adults just about as much as towards kids.  Just like the dishes, when you’re done with whatever you’re using (book, computer, blanket, pillows, etc.), put it back where it belongs so you don’t have a huge mess at the end of the day.

11) Open up the blinds and let the sunlight in.  

Letting natural light into your house won’t only save you money on your electricity bill, but it will also give you more energy and motivation to get things done.  

12) Some people prefer to get their cleaning done in the morning, others prefer the evening.  

Whatever time of the day you like to get your cleaning done, do it then.  If you like to do it in the evening but you’re reading everywhere that people do it in the morning, that doesn’t matter.  Do it when it works best for you.

13) Make a list and check it off as you go.  

Some people are list people, some people are not.  If you are a list person, then cleaning is a great opportunity for you to write down the tasks you want to get done that day and check them off the list as you go.  What a satisfying feeling!

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13 Ways to get Motivated to Clean When You Just Don't Want to
13 Ways to Get Motivated to Clean Even When You Just Don't Want To

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