Here are 10 easy-peasy Christmas cookie and bar recipes.  Perfect for Christmas cookie exchanges, or just to have on hand for the holidays.

Are you participating in a Christmas cookie exchange this year?  Or maybe you’re just looking for some delicious recipes for your family Christmas.  Either way, these following 10 recipes will do the trick.  All of these recipes are tried & true.  They have been family favourites for as many years as I can remember, and they truly are so good and so simple, too!

Some of these recipes are cookies, and some are bars, and I even included a delicious Brigadeiro recipe (brigadeiro’s are gooey chocolate balls covered in chocolate sprinkles, although you can roll them in whatever sprinkles you like best), that has been passed down by my Oma, so obviously they are incredible.  

10 Easy Christmas Cookie Recipes to Impress Any Crowd!




Click any of the cookie titles to find all of the tried & true recipes.

  1. Peanut butter kiss cookies (peanut butter blossoms). These cookies are extremely easy to make, and what most people don’t know is that you can actually find the recipe for them on the back of any Hershey’s Chipits Mini Kisses bag!
  2. Sweet Marie bars.  These Sweet Marie bars are some of the best bars I have ever tasted!  They have only 6 ingredients (and 2 for the chocolate dipping sauce), and the hardest part about this recipe is waiting for them to cool!  This is a simple, straight-forward, no oven required recipe, just a stove, and fridge! 
  3. Peppermint candy-cane cookies.  I seemed to have lost the recipe that my family always used for these cookies, so this year I tried out this recipe that I found on the Kitchn, and the cookies turned out just as good! 
  4. Cranberry bars.  If you know me at all, you know that I am a chocolate eating and breathing human being.  But, these Cranberry Date bars are surprisingly enough one of my all-time favourite recipes.  They can’t be beat!  The Christmas season doesn’t feel complete without them.
  5. Chocolate chip oatmeal cookies.  There’s a reason why I always make sure I have a stack of these cookies in my freezer all throughout the year – they are a simple, yet amazingly delicious cookie.
  6. Sugar cookies.  These sugar cookies are always on our table (and in our freezer!) at Christmastime.  When baked to perfection they are a perfect, soft, tasty cookie that will impress anybody.
  7. Gingersnap cookies.  These delicious and simple gingersnap cookies are my husband’s favourite cookies around.  I’ve never been a big one for gingersnap cookies, but I do have to admit that these ones are delicious & soft.
  8. Chocolate confetti squares.  Be aware, as these confetti squares are messy and very, very addicting.  You won’t want to stop at having just one! 
  9. Chewy salted toffee chocolate chip cookies.  These cookies are so moist and flavourful, they will impress any crowd!
  10. Brigadeiro. Chewy chocolate balls rolled in chocolate sprinkles.  These little Brazilian chocolate delicacies are SO simple with only 5 common ingredients!  (Refer to this website to see a similar recipe and how the chocolate balls should look.)

10 Super Easy Christmas Cookie Recipes That Will Impress Any Crowd!

What are some of your favourite Christmas
cookie & bar recipes?
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