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It can be hard when it feels like everywhere you look there are couples all cute and lovey-dovey, and it’s especially noticeable on Valentine’s day.  Some people absolutely love Valentine’s Day, while others don’t want to even think about it.  

Valentine’s day & singles

You might be wondering why on earth a married woman is writing a list of things for singles to do and still have fun on Valentine’s Day, but keep in mind that I haven’t been married forever, and have spent many Valentine’s days alone before I found my hunny.

Just because you’re single on Valentine’s day doesn’t mean that you can’t have fun, too.  Why should the couples be the ones stealing all the fun?!  

One day you, too, will find a wonderful person and you’ll have every single Valentine’s Day to spend with them from there on out, so why not try to embrace your singleness and not just put up with Valentine’s day, but, dare I say, have fun on this day of love.

So, don’t let all the couples in love make you bitter, but celebrate their love and be happy for them.  One day you, too, will find that kind of love.  For now, let’s find ways that you can have fun while being single on this day.

10 Fun Things for Singles to do This Valentine’s Day

1) Have a singles party.  

Because couples shouldn’t be the only ones having fun.  Invite all of your single friends, or even friends in a relationship who aren’t spending the day alone with their loves, and have fun with your friends.  Play board games, card games, go out to a movie, whatever you feel like doing.  

2) Take your nieces and/or nephews out on a date.  

If you have nieces or nephews, or even just have friends who have kids, offer to spend the day with their kids.  You’re helping yourself and helping them out.  They can have a day away from the kids, and you get to spend a day bonding with the kids.  Go out for ice cream, take them to a fun movie, bake something with them.  Take this opportunity to bond with the awesome kids in your life.

3) Visit with an old friend.  

Have some one-on-one time with a long lost friend who is also celebrating Valentine’s day alone this year.  Take this opportunity to catch up over coffee or have them over for dinner.

4) Have a tech-free day.  

Do all the lovey-dovey pictures and statuses that couples post annoy you?  Take a break from technology altogether today.  

5) Have a movie marathon.

Invite some close friends over, pop some popcorn and have a movie marathon.  Not feeling like having people over right now?  That’s fine, you can always have a movie marathon solo.

6) Have a spa day.  

Don’t let the couples have all the fun with this day, go get yourself pampered and feeling great.

7) Go on a hike.  

Go solo, or gather some of your best pals and find a place out yonder to go hiking, AND get a fantastic view that will be sure to lighten any mood.

8) Take advantage of the sales and buy something for yourself.  

Who says someone else has to buy you a gift, you know what you want best, after all.  Go to the mall and take advantage of all the Valentine Day sales.

9) Create a photo book.  

Take some downtime and create a scrapbook of your life over the years, or create one for a friend/family member.  Check out Mixbook to create a photo book perfect for you or anyone you know. 




10) Go bowling.  

Grab some of your pals and spend a few hours at the bowling alley.

Just because you’re single on Valentine’s day doesn’t mean that the day has to suck.  Take ahold of the day and make it fun in your own creative way.

Remember, you’re the only person who is in charge of your attitude, so don’t let this day of love and romance get you down.

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