11 Ways to Prepare for Christmas in October

You might be thinking I am crazy for even mentioning the Christmas word since, after all, it is only October.  But The holiday season and December can become so crazy and overwhelming, what will it hurt to get a bit of an early start on things?  Yes, I realize we haven’t even had Halloween or even Thanksgiving yet, but I’m not going to suggest you start blasting the Christmas Carols or decorating your house just yet unless that’s what you like to do.  Admittedly, I sometimes turn on some Christmas tunes in July.  Okay, saying that out loud I now realize that is way too early.



I woke up this morning to a winter wonderland outside, and although it isn’t going to last at this time, it got me in a Christmassy mood so I decided to put together a little list of things you can do in October to get you and your family a jump-start on Christmas, so when the Holiday finally rolls around you just might be able to sit back and relax a little bit more than usual.


How to get ready for Christmas in October:

Make a list of people you are going to be buying gifts for.  Lists are your friend.  Write down people you know you will be buying gifts for, and if you know what you want to buy them write that down too.

Make a gift budget.  This is a great idea to get on nice and early before you start buying gifts so you have an idea how much you can spend on each person.

Put aside money for purchasing gifts.  This is a great thing to do with time, you can even start it earlier than October.  Just add a bit of money at a time and before you know it you’ll have a nice chunk of money set aside and you may not even need to dip into your savings!

Make a list of families/people you are sending Christmas cards out to.  As I said earlier, lists.  Rather than trying to keep everything stored in your brain, write it down on paper and store it somewhere that when it comes time to fill out those cards you can look at a piece of paper to see who you’re sending cards to rather than trying to wrack your brain.

Take your Christmas card photo.  Now, this is something that can be done now or if you want to wait until the snow is here to stay for your photos you might want to wait until November to do this.

If you have your Christmas card photo or are using generic Christmas cards, Order your Christmas cards.  If you’re wanting to get ahead of the game this is a great way to get a big portion of the holiday responsibilities out of the way early.  But, again, this may be something you’re only able to do in November if you want to wait to take your Christmas photo until the snow is here.

If you’re feeling ambitious, you can even purchase a few gifts now to spread out the load.

Buy stocking stuffers.  It doesn’t hurt to get an early start on these little gifts.

Watch for sales on holiday items you may need, decorations, gifts, stocking stuffers, or anything you need to make homemade gifts or cards.

Wrap presents as you buy them so that you don’t end up with a large pile of gifts and feel overwhelmed by all the wrapping you have yet to do.  Make sure you label the gifts as you wrap them so you remember later on which gifts are for who.

Gather or purchase stuff you need for homemade gifts or cards.  Homemade is a great way to go and there are endless ideas on Pinterest for adorable homemade gifts and cards.