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What Our 14-Day Road Trip To California Taught Me

Earlier this year my hubby and I hopped in our little car and embarked on a good old Californication.

Now that’s a real test every newly-wed couple should take.  We had only been married for 5 months at the time, so stuffing ourselves into a little car for 14 days in the blistering heat (we’re Canadians, late April in the states is warm), and traveling through 8 States and 2 Provinces was a test of faith you can bet.  We learned a lot about each other.  Like how I am a terrible side-seat driver (it’s something I’m working on…), we both get road rage pretty bad (although I may be slightly worse), we often forgot we were swimming in the ocean… Yep, definitely salt water.

California is a very crowded state.  Where do people go to breathe there?  We learned that if you spend all day laying in the sun on a beach in California you’re bound to end up red and crispy for the next several days, and in so. much. pain.  We went through more than one bottle of AloVera gel between the two of us.  You’d think that after 5 hours of driving you’d have made it somewhere, oh, nope, you’re in Los Angeles, you made it about a mile if you’re lucky.  We tried to tour Hollywood.  We got off the train at the wrong stop and started walking for a while until we finally stopped and got told we had many miles to go if we were to keep walking, and therefore had to walk all the way back to the train station.  All that said and done, we had an awesome vacation there.



My side-seat driving got addressed by my dear husband very early on, but unfortunately took longer than the whole trip to get it under control.  We would road rage together and that was something we could later laugh about.  Gulping down a whole mouthful of salt water doesn’t taste the best, but you learn pretty fast to keep your mouth shut very very tightly.  The southern part of the state was overwhelming with people but as we traveled further north (let’s not forget how many road closures there were and how we had to backtrack over 400 miles) we found the state clearing up of people and we fell in love with the little towns we stopped in along our northern route.  Getting sunburnt so badly was an experience in itself, we were both green from the AloVera gel for days, we stuck to our hotel bedsheets and when we tried to peel ourselves free it was no easy task, it felt very similar to having your skin ripped off (or so I assume).  Being stuck in traffic in L.A., well, I can’t think of the upside to that.  That’s probably why although we had originally planned on spending 5 days in L.A., we were there and gone within one afternoon.  Which allowed us to explore new places, less populated places where we could actually hear our thoughts.  Missing our train stop gave us a whole new place to see and new locals to meet.

Even though it probably wasn’t the most glamorous vacation, it was a blast and we have a good laugh looking back at ourselves trying to navigate our way through L.A. and the surrounding areas.  It was fantastic for us, we were in a car driving (some days were 14 hours of straight driving) therefore if we had disagreements we could not just walk away.  And the silent treatment gets reeeeeal boring, so it taught us from early on in our marriage that we had to discuss our problems and disagreements and come to some kind of solution so that we can move past and not let it keep our marriage in a slump.  We got to visit long lost friends and relatives along the way, see absolutely beautiful sights, and we got lots of variety as we traveled 8 states and 2 provinces.  We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves and never see ourselves going back.  Ha-ha.  I’m kidding.  Who knows, maybe in a few years we will relive our glory trip (and avoid L.A.).

God definitely created a beautiful earth, from the rolling hills we loved in Montana to the desert of Arizona to the abrupt mountains and ocean of California.  Although we never did get to see the kind of cacti we wanted to see.  Next time.

Through any trials that life throughs at you, make an effort to persevere and come out the other side blazing.  Don’t let the things in life bring you down, for it is only preparing you for a greater glory (2 Corinthians 4:17).

So go ahead, lock yourself and your loving husband in a car for 14 days and see what kind of wonderful things come of it, maybe your marriage will never be the same, maybe it will bring you back to falling in love all over again.

Rejoice in hope, be patient in tribulation, be constant in prayer. Romans 12:12