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Are you trying to celebrate Valentine’s Day, but you’re stuck on a tight budget?  Don’t worry, you can still celebrate with your loved one and give them the most awesome gifts around, and you won’t even break the bank with these adorable DIY Valentine’s Day gifts.  Sounds pretty inviting, hey?

We shouldn’t feel like we have to spend hundreds of dollars on our loved ones every year on Valentine’s Day.  If that is something that you want to do, there’s nothing wrong with that, but either way, try not to forget that just spending quality time with your loved one is the greatest gift of all, and try to not take it for granted.

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Here is a list of a few adorable, thoughtful, romantic, and easy (Hallelujah!) DIY Valentine’s Day gifts that your loved one will appreciate.



14 DIY Valentine’s Day gifts that your special someone will love

Grab a penny
Let your partner pick a number between 10 and 20 (or higher if you want to go further)
Head out to your car and begin
Heads = right turn.  Tails = left turn.
Every time you come to a junction, flip the penny and turn in whichever direction it indicates
Once you have flipped the penny the number of times that your partner picked (up in step 2)
You STOP, look around, and make a date right where you are!
You can also start off by packing a picnic and having a picnic wherever you end up.

  • Make homemade bath bombs for your spouse  Click here to find out how!
  • Create a treasure hunt and present them with your homemade map and get ready for some fun!  
  • Crochet or knit them some socks, or mittens, or a cup snuggie.
  • Make your own date night jar  Click here to find inspiration.
  • Preplanned date package  Plan out some dates (you choose how many), and put them nicely in their own packages and label them.  You can do one for each month of the year, or one each week.  You get to choose.

Bonus: Printable Sticky Love Notes

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14 Simple & Romantic DIY Valentine's Day Gifts

14 Simple and Romantic DIY Valentine's Day Gifts
Do you have some favourite DIY 
gifts of your own? 
Feel free to share them below,
I’d love to hear from you!


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