Don’t let the cold winter months get you down.  Reignite the spark in your relationship with these winter date ideas!

Winter can cause a wedge in the spontaneity area of our relationships.  It becomes much easier and much more tempting to just stay inside.  It’s cold outside and unless I spend half an hour getting completely bundled up, I don’t want to go out there.  

And then before I know it, all of my husband’s and my date nights have turned into cuddling on the couch watching a movie. (Which is a great date night, and I’m definitely including it in this list, but when it becomes ALL that you do, it can get a little bland.)

This happens on no fault of my husband at all, I am the one to blame here.  He is always up and ready to go for walks, or skating, or cross-country skiing, but I’m the one that would rather stay inside away from the cold air that physically hurts when it touches your skin.  How on earth can air actually hurt you?!  

I should make clear that this is unusual for me.  I am someone who loves the outdoors, I would be outside all day if I could.  But I just don’t like the cold all that much.

But, this winter I am definitely going to work on being a bit more adventurous with our dates.  Maybe I won’t say no to going outside quite so much.  I need you to understand my struggles here, I am a human being that is just about always cold, so why would I deliberately put myself in cold weather?!  

I love to look at the snow from in the comfort of my home – it’s absolutely beautiful!  Crispy clear blue skies, white snow covering everything in eyes sight.  I love it.  I just don’t always voluntarily go out in it.

If it happens to be a day where the sun is shining, I love going to walks, it’s a little cold, but not much can beat the feeling of a crisp day with the sun shining down on you.  It is incredible.

So, this list isn’t just for you guys, it’s also a reminder for me to get my butt out the door more often this winter.  Because no one wants to end up with the winter blues, and I feel like if all you do is stay indoors all winter, it’d be pretty easy to get depressed.  Not only are you not getting as much sunlight in your windows as you would get in other months of the year, but you’re also limiting the fresh air that you get – that just seems like a recipe for disaster.

20 Winter Date Ideas to Spice up Your Relationship



Let’s take a look at some fun, active, lazy, outdoor and indoor winter dates!

1) As I mentioned earlier, Cuddle on the couch and watch a movie with your hunny.

2) Bake cookies together.  I have a great recipe for peanut butter kiss cookies (click here to see it), and many more recipes to follow.  You can sign up below to be sure that you don’t miss them!

3) Go for a walk and look at Christmas lights

4) Or, if a walk isn’t your thing, Go for a drive and look at Christmas lights

5) Go ice skating.  My husband and I didn’t find out until the latter half of the winter last year that we had an outdoor skating rink just a short walk from our house.  It was completely free to use and we loved going late at night when the rink was empty (my skating skills have gone downhill the past few years, so I didn’t like the thought of possibly running other innocent skaters over if I couldn’t stop).

6) Go cross-country skiing.  If you don’t have cross country skis of your own, there should be a somewhere in your town where you can pay a reasonable price to rent them.

7) Have a competition to see who can make the best homemade hot chocolate. Don’t be afraid to experiment and use ingredients you wouldn’t normally use!  But do try to make sure it’s edible by the time you’re done.

8) Have a winter picnic.  Layer up and bring lots of blankets for this one, it’s bound to get a little chilly.  Pack some of your favourite picnic foods and set off on a grand adventure – the views you can get in the winter are priceless.  If you’re not so much for sitting on the ground and you have a truck or vehicle with a back hatch, turn your date into a tailgate picnic.

9) Go on a hike.  I told you I need to get outdoors more this winter, so a lot of these days are going to be outdoor dates!  Go find an abandoned trail and set off on a hike.  Bring some blankets and hot chocolate in a thermos (I recommend this brand) and watch the sunset from a place far from where cars can drive.

10) Go downhill skiing.  If this isn’t quite your thing then cross-country skiing might be better suited for you.  Either way, it’s a great way to get outside and be active with your spouse.  And the bonus is you get to head home and cuddle with a cup full of something warm.

11) Attend a bonfire.  Or, if hosting is your thing, host a bonfire!  Who says you can only have a bonfire in the warmer months?  Winter bonfires are so much fun, especially if you’re sledding, a bonfire is a great place to stop for a quick warm up and maybe even a s’more.

12) Go sledding.  Bonfires and sledding go together like cookies and milk.

13) Make a gingerbread house.  If you want to stay in one night, grab everything you need to build gingerbread houses together.  You can even turn it up a notch and set a timer and see who can make the best gingerbread house in a short amount of time.

14) Make snow ice cream.  Have you ever had snow ice cream?  It is so good, and so cheap!  To make it you simply scoop up lots of snow in a bowl, add milk, vanilla extract, and white sugar, and, walla!  Grab a spoon and chow down.  You can adjust how much of everything you put in, to your liking!

15) Spend a night making cookies in a jar.  These are perfect gifts.  Date night doubles as homemade gift night?  Win-win!  Find out how you can make cookies in a jar here.

16) Go snowshoeing.  This is one activity I haven’t done yet – but I really want to!  This doubles as a great date AND a workout.

17) Have a snowball fight.  Let the kid in both of you out and have a good old fashioned snowball fight.

18) Watch your wedding video together.  Reminisce about your wedding day and if you have a hard time remembering the way you felt on that day, work on bringing that old flame back to life.  Read more on this here.

19) Drag your mattress off of your bed and into the living room and have a sleepover in your living room.

20) Attend a Santa Claus parade.   Or midnight madness, or whatever events your town offers.  Go out and catch some candy and watch the lit up vehicles go by, or walk around town window shopping.

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