26 Must Do Fall Dates



  • Go to a pumpkin patch.  Pick out the perfect pumpkins for you two to take home and spend an evening enjoying warm drinks and carving.
  • Go to an apple orchard.  Spend time picking beautiful, luscious apples to bring home and make homemade applesauce, apple cider, apple pie apple crisp…the options are endless.  All the while enjoying the wonderful scent apples bring to your home.
  • Get a couples photoshoot done.  Find somewhere with a cute lake or pond, or just beautiful trees and leaves to make gorgeous photos.
  • Spend a day making dollar store or thrift store finds into great creations.  Go ahead, splurge on those dollar store and thrift store finds and make decorate your house with them.
  • Watch a football game.  Don’t have time or money to spend going out to a big football game?  Find a local football team and go watch a few of their games, cuddle up on the bleachers with a nice warm blanket.
  • Pack a picnic, dress warm, and find a gorgeous spot to go take nature in.  Fall is beautiful, who wouldn’t want to go enjoy it?
  • Take a walk/hike and enjoy the beautiful scenery.  Hikes are a great way to challenge the two of you and go to new heights together.  Take the trail less traveled, get a little lost, enjoy yourselves and the crisp fall air.
  • Bask in the beauty that autumn is.  Just take it all in.  Unfortunately, depending on where you live, where I live the beautiful fall colours don’t last long before everything is covered in a white blanket, so take advantage of the colours while they’re here.
  • Make a list of coffee shops you want to go out and try.  This is a perfect date for those days that it’s a little too chilly to spend too much time outside.
  • Cuddle up on the couch together.  Enjoy each other’s company and rekindle your love for one another by spending a day just being together.
  • Go to a corn maze.  Get lost together.  Corn mazes are a great sign of fall and such a fun way to spend a day outside with some adventure involved.
  • Take a road trip out in the country.  Get out onto the open road and get lost in the colours of autumn and just cruise. 
  • Tour a museum together.  Go to your local museum to drive to a town far away and go to their museum, find out the history and wonder of the different places.
  • Make homemade candy or caramel apples together.  Um, yum!  What better way to celebrate fall than to make your very own candy apples.  Not only do you get to make them but you also get the reward of eating them together afterward.
  • Have or attend a bonfire.  Bonfires, s’mores, late nights, crisp air.  Yes, please.  And no, s’mores aren’t just for summertime.
  • Go on a romantic hayride together.  What a great way to spend an evening with the one you love and maybe even meet a few new people along the way.  And did I forget to mention the stars.  If you get a hayride that is late enough you may even be able to catch a glimps of the stars.
  • Go stargazing.  Speaking of stars…  Stargazing brings back so many countless memories for me, I just love the stars and I don’t know if there’s quite anything better than cuddling with the one you love watching the stars.
  • Have a pumpkin carving competition.  Bring those perfectly picked pumpkins home from the patch and start carving away.
  • Go two-stepping.  Two-stepping might not be your speed, but if it is, what a great way to get out, socialize, and dance the night away with your partner.
  • Get lost somewhere in nature.  This seems to be an on-going trend with me, but what can I say?  Fall is simply beautiful and it should be noticed.
  • Go camping one last time before it gets too cold.  Before that white fluff starts falling from the sky try to get out just one last time.
  • Find a fall festival to go to.  Tour through the booths, stations, and games of all sorts.  Spend a day getting back to your childhood years.
  • Spend a tech-free day together.  Go out in nature, snuggle at home, or sit at a coffee shop with a warm mug between your hands.  It doesn’t matter what you do, just put the phone down and really listen to one another.  This is a day that doesn’t need to be documented or taking pictures of everything.  And it just might be one of your best days yet.  
  • Take up geocaching.  This is something I’ve been wanting to start doing for years.  Yes, years.  Maybe this fall we will finally start.
  • Tour a brewery.  Or a winery, whichever is more your style.  Spend a day dressing up fancy and trying new drinks.
  • Spend a day making countless pumpkin-spiced dishes and drinks.  You might be a pumpkin lover, or pumpkin may just not be your thing.  But, if pumpkin is your thing then find as many recipes as you can and fill your house with the smell of baking and pumpkin.

That’s it for now.  Try just a few, or all of these awesome date ideas this fall with your love.  Got some fall date ideas that aren’t on the list?  Let me know what your favourite fall dates are.