We all know men can be hard to shop for, so I’ve compiled a list of my favourite 33 Valentine’s Day gifts that your man will love!

It seems like the special days of the year just never end.  There’s always some kind of celebration happening that means we need to buy gifts for people.  

For you, it might be easy.  Some people’s love language is gifts, and usually, the way that you feel loved is also the way that you can easily express your love.

So for those of you out there who’s love language is gift giving, or for anybody who is particularly good at thinking of neat gifts for specific people, I envy that.  

I go in waves.  Some years I just know what to get my husband (or anyone I am shopping for), and I know that they’ll love it.  But then there are other times (like this year), that I have the hardest time trying to think of fun, useful gift ideas.  My fear is always that I will buy a gift that turns out to be just useless.  I want whoever I am buying for to enjoy their gift and be able to get some use out of it.

So, with that in mind, I went on a hunt for the perfect Valentine’s Day Gifts, and I decided to compile my favourite ones in a list for others out there like me that are having a tough time trying to think of creative gifts.



33 Valentine’s Day gifts your man is bound to love

Create a 5 Senses Gift. The Perfect Gift for the Man in Your Life Because of such high demand, I am going to start off with this gift.  Check out this post to see how you can create your personalized 5 Sense Gift for the man in your life.

A Nice Watch 

 A Multi-tool

Beard Grooming Kit

Shoe Shine Kit

SAXX Boxers

Ice Molds that don’t water down your drink

A Money Clip

A Nice Wallet

A Beautiful Custom Wood Sign


A Nice Tie 

Tie Clip

Pocket Square

Pocket Knife

A Watch Case

Leather Tech Organizer 

A Baseball Cap

Hiking Boots

Hiking Backpack

Water Bottle

Engrave a Knife

Deerskin Gloves


Knife and Sheath

Bow and Arrow

Power of a Praying Husband Book

Personalized Beer Glasses

Outdoor Drink Cooler 


Wall Bottle Opener

Picnic Backpack

Desk Clock 

Bonus: Printable Sticky Notes Love Pack Printable Sticky Love Notes

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33 Valentine's Day Gifts That Are Perfect For the Man in Your Life

33 Great Valentine's Day Gifts Your Man is Going To Love
33 Valentine's Day Gifts Your Man Will Love
33 Valentine's Day Gifts Your Man Will Love33 Valentine's Day Gifts That Are Perfect For the Man in Your Life
Do you have something you’d add to this list?  
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