The 5 senses gift – the perfect gift for your man. A gift that he will actually like. And use. And be genuinely happy to get.

Is it just me, or is buying gifts for men one of the most difficult tasks to complete? I never know what to buy my husband when it comes around to our anniversary, Christmas, his birthday, or other special events. (Oh – and Valentine’s Day.)


So, I found the perfect idea for a gift this year and it’s so customizable that two men can be complete opposites and it will still be the perfect gift for each of them!


If you’re looking for a couple quick ideas for your 5 senses gift:

✅ Here are some things men LOVE that you’ll definitely want to include in your five senses gift.

It was in a moment of complete despair when I came across the 5 senses gift for men and gave it a try. I had seen the idea of the 5 senses gift floating around the internet before, but I had never given it any thought.

Then, one year when I was struggling to think of a gift to get my husband that he would actually like and use, not just another gadget to add to a collection of things that collect dust (anyone else?), I came across 5 senses gift ideas for men (again) and decided to give it a try.

I’ll admit:

It wasn’t the most well put together gift since I was in a pinch for time and didn’t have a chance to do a bunch of running around to different stores to find the perfect items and I didn’t even know what the perfect items for his 5 senses gift were.

So, my first time making this gift wasn’t the best, but since then I have become a lot more prepared and it has become my favorite gift to give. I can give it to my husband every year and he never gets tired of the versatility and endless options of things to put into the five senses gifts for him.

I’ve also learned that buying things online is MUCH less stressful and saves mounds of time.

If you’re like I was and are desperately searching for the perfect gift to give your man, here it is – I have also included a long list of ideas that you can fill each “sense” of the gift up with, in case you’re pinched for time like I was.


I created a post back a while called The 5 Senses Gift for the Man in Your Life, and it’s still one of my most popular posts. 

This tells me that I am NOT alone in my struggle to find the perfect gift for my man. (And neither are you.)

So, after realizing that many women out there have the same problem as I do, we just don’t know what to get for our man, I realized that it was time to make an updated version of that old post. A version that has far, far more options and ideas for you to choose from.

A new and improved version of the 5 Senses Gift for him.

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We all know that men are hard to shop for. Can I get an amen? This gift will make this year’s gift buying just a little bit easier on all of us women.

If your man is an outdoorsy, hunting and fishing type of guy, I guarantee you can still make this gift the perfect fit for him. If your man is more of an indoor, not so hot with the outdoors type of guy, you can still make this the perfect gift for him.

I’ll include a few suggestions below with things that you can fill your 5 senses gift with, but ultimately, you can change any of these things out for something more personal to your man.

Without further ado,



  • Jumbo brown kraft paper. Grab some wrapping paper to wrap all the gifts individually. You can get colored wrapping paper if you prefer – but I especially love the way that plain, brown wrapping paper looks.
  • Gift bags. You may also need to purchase a few gift bags in case the gifts you buy are too awkwardly shaped to be wrapped with wrapping paper. You can find cheap gift bags at the dollar store.
  • Gift tags. These gift tags come complete with the rope to tie them onto the gifts. Use the gift tags to write the categories (touch, taste, smell, sound, and sight) on and attach to the gifts. You can also write love-notes on the tags.
  • Rope or glue to keep the gift tags attached to the gifts.
  • A plain black sharpie. Use the sharpies to write on the gift tags. If you’re feeling adventurous you could grab a pack of colorful sharpies to label the gifts with.
  • Ribbon to tie the gifts altogether (or to wrap around each individual gift). 



The touch sense is usually a very popular one among men, so you’ll want to put lots of thought into your touch sense gift. There are TONS of different gift options for the touch sense but you can click here to see my top 5 favorite gifts for touch.


I have so much fun experimenting and coming up with the gift for the sense of taste. Here are my top picks for the taste sense gift.

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Some of the most common gifts that come to mind with the sense of smell are candles and cologne – but here are my favorite smell gifts that are a bit different.


I have a hard time coming up with sound gifts, but this is my go-to gift for sound.


There are TONS of options when it comes to getting gifts for sight, but these are my top 5 picks every time.

Hopefully this long list of items to stick in your man’s 5 senses gift has sparked your creativity and given you some ideas to make gift-giving less stressful! I’d love to hear what your favorite things to stick in your man’s 5 senses gift are.

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Create the 5 Senses Gift for the Man in Your Life. Give a Gift He Will Actually Use

Create a 5 Senses Gift the Perfect Gift for the Man in Your Life

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