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Do you feel swamped from the clutter in your house? Here’s how to declutter your house in one week!

Clutter. Clutter everywhere.

That stuff that has a sneaky way of getting into your house and staying put for the years to come. The stuff that you really don’t need, but keep around anyway.

Do you struggle with a clutter-filled house? I find it’s so easy to overlook how much stuff you have and really don’t use if you don’t go through it regularly, thus you bring more stuff into your house without ever taking anything out.

Whether it’s clothes, linens, appliances, toys, or just stuff, I’m sure you’ve realized by now how quickly stuff becomes clutter, and once you start to realize how much clutter you have – it feels like you’re at the point of no return.

How are you supposed to declutter a house that has stuff busting out of every closet?

Cue feeling overwhelmed.

I have way too many clothes. I’ve always gotten hand-me-downs throughout my life, and I just never could quite turn them down. It’s like I thought I would hurt people’s feelings if I didn’t take their hand-me-downs.

Over the years I’ve had countless hand-me-downs coming in, but rarely did I ever get rid of them. I would even keep the clothes that were a bit too big to too small, just in case I ended up gaining or losing some weight – I’d still have clothes that fit.

When I decided to sort through all my clothes it was quite a shock at how much clothing I had, and how I only ever wore less than half of it, with the other half being stuffed to the bottom of the pile only to be forgotten about.

You might be thinking that having too many clothes isn’t the same as having a cluttered home, and you’re right, it’s not, but I believe that that’s one of the places that it can start – with too many clothes, then it overflows into the rest of your home.

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Don’t fool yourself thinking that you’ve got the clutter under control if deep down you know you don’t – instead, find a few ways to manage the clutter and get it out of your house.

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Did you know that clutter starts outside the house? When you think of clutter, I’m sure one of the first things that comes to mind is a cluttered house, but that’s not where it starts.

Clutter starts outside the home and adds up over the years when we bring stuff into our homes.

Duplicates of things we already have, hand-me-downs, clothes that don’t fit, anything that we really don’t need.

If you evaluate your life over the past couple months do you notice a certain pattern? Are you careful to only bring necessities into your house? Do you regularly go through the things you have and get rid of everything you don’t need? Or do you tend to bring more stuff into your house than you take out? Do you buy stuff that isn’t going to get used?

What about free stuff? Do you tend to take everything that gets offered to you for free?

I was terrible for accepting free stuff even if I knew we would never use it.

I felt bad declining it.

When I realized that just because something was free didn’t mean that it would be useful for me and that I COULD decline stuff I got offered, was the turning point that I needed to get our clutter under control, because no matter how hard I tried to keep our house tidy, if I kept accepting everything we got offered for free our house was always going to be a clutter zone.


Do you keep doubles of some stuff around? An extra coffee maker? Spice rack? Several of the same sweatshirts? It’s time to get rid of it. There’s no use in keeping it sitting around without being used when you could donate or sell it and let someone who actually needs it get some good use out of it.

When tackling our clutter, getting rid of doubles was one of the hardest things for me. I liked to keep backups around just in case the one I was using broke. Sure, if it broke at least I’d have a backup ready, but until then I had to find somewhere to store dozens of extra items I had that I likely wouldn’t ever end up using.


So you don’t get overwhelmed by this chore, start with one room a day and tear that room up. Don’t be afraid to throw things out.

Get rid of everything you don’t need or use – it’s just taking up space and causing your house to look cluttered.


Again, do another walkthrough of your house and put things that you no longer use, but are still in good shape, into a bag to donate or sell.

You can donate your stuff to a local charity or thrift store, or sell your things online or at a consignment store.


Obviously, there will be a few things you will want to keep that a stranger just wouldn’t understand why you have it. There will be some sentimental items that you hang on to, and that’s fine.

Learning where to draw the line is what you need to do – keep some stuff, but know when to let go of other stuff.

If you’re just keeping things around because you’ve had them for years and can’t bear to let it go, but it really doesn’t have any sentimental value to you, it might be time to let it go.

What are some things you’re holding on to – but it’s time to let go of?

What’s your biggest struggle when it comes to decluttering your house? Do you struggle with letting things go, or do you get paralyzed by the mess and don’t know where to start?

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