Inside: Is soap making something that interests you, but you don’t know how to start or what to do with it? Learn more about soap making and WHY you should start to make your own soap today!

Well, it turns out that you can teach an old dog new tricks! For years I have loved buying homemade soap at local stores and farmers markets. Occasionally. As a special treat. And only when I found them on sale.

If you’ve ever priced out homemade soap, you’ll notice that they tend to be significantly more expensive compared to commercial, store-bought, run of the mill soap bars. Although there is a reason that they are pricier, my budget didn’t allow me to enjoy that luxury ALL the time.

A friend of mine makes her own soap, so I would buy bars from her on special occasions. One day she asked, “Why don’t you make your own soap? Once you start, you’ll be hooked.” I thought, “No…I don’t know…it sounds intimidating…”

Well, after a few years I finally took the plunge! (And she was right…after the first batch, I was hooked!)

Through my soap making journey thus far, I have had the opportunity to learn valuable skills and experience the joy of making something that benefits my family and friends. As a side hustle, I was even able to start a small business selling the soap that I had made.

Why Should You try Soap Making?


A bar of homemade soap typically costs between $5.00 and $9.00 to buy. The supplies needed to make your own soap are minimal, and once you have those supplies you can make a bar of soap for around the $1.50 mark, depending on what you choose to put in it.


You can choose what ingredients to put in your soap. If you want it to be organic, you can use all organic ingredients. If you want it to be all-natural, you can use natural colours and scents. And the soap that you make doesn’t need to include any of the nasty ingredients found in the commercial, store-bought stuff.

When you make your own soap, you have the opportunity to put in the ingredients that work for your skin.

Speaking of soap…did you know that most store-bought “soap” isn’t actually soap?

Glycerin is naturally produced during the soap-making process. Glycerin is a humectant, which means it draws moisture from the air to your skin, leaving it soft and moisturized. Commercial soap manufacturers typically remove the glycerin and sell it separately to use in…you guessed it…moisturizer! So, after removing the glycerin what they’re left with is detergent, which is great for laundry and dishes, but not so good for your skin.

When using homemade soap, you get all the benefits of that moisturizing glycerin, which your skin will love! People who suffer from sensitive skin or eczema often find relief after switching to handmade soap.

Soap making brings out creativity

Soapmaking gives an opportunity for creative juices to flow. You don’t have to be a naturally creative person for soap making, but it will bring creativity to your life. You can enjoy taking other people’s ideas and putting your own twist on them, or just coming up with creative ideas of your own. I personally love experimenting with scents, colours and designs!

Handcrafted soap makes a great gift

And not just for the ladies – men love it, too! Your friends might not get too excited if you gave them $1.50 in change as a gift. But a homemade bar of soap, handcrafted by you (that only cost $1.50 to make), now that’s a gift that is appreciated and useful. Pair that bar of soap with a nice soap dish, or a washcloth or pouf, and you’ve got yourself a stellar gift idea!

Build a soap making business

Do you want to make a little side hustle out of your soap-making hobby? Great news! It’s possible! Once you get the hang of making soap it’s entirely possible to sell it. When you start giving soap to your family and friends, chances are they’ll be asking if they can buy more from you. For many people, once they try using homemade soap, they notice a big difference from the store-bought detergents and don’t want to go back.

Other options are to participate in local farmers’ markets (Christmas or Spring markets tend to be a big hit), or find a retail venue that likes to support local and is willing to let you sell your soap in their shop for a commission. Selling online is another option, and with Buy & Sell groups so readily available on social media there is no limit to where you can advertise.

Start Soap Making Today!

Soapmaking is a fun hobby, and relatively inexpensive to get into. But more importantly, it’s a hobby that is useful. Everyone needs to wash, so why not have some fun with it..AND choose what you are putting on your body. Our skin is our largest organ, and what we put on it does matter!

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