8 ways to get through a blogging dry spell.

They happen.  No one likes to talk about them, but even the most experienced bloggers and writers have them.  It could be just a day where you are just staring at a blank screen, with nothing to fill the empty space, or it could be a few days that turns into a few months.  They happen differently for us all, but we all have the one thing in common: We all get them.

You might get a feeling of panic when day 3 hits and you still can’t think of anything to write.  Maybe you’re concerned about losing readers and missing out on attracting new people to your blog because, well, you need good content for people to come over and read or even know your blog exists.

I went through a blogging dry spell recently that I was not prepared for, and I wish I was.  Before it happened to me I thought, “Yea, I’m sure dry spells happen.. but they won’t happen to me because I am passionate about what I write about.”  Okay.  Shame on me, I know.  I think it’s safe to say nearly every blogger out there is passionate about what they are writing about, it’s why they those that niche in the first place.  I am slightly embarrassed looking back now, remembering that thought go through my head because I just didn’t get it back then.

I felt as if I had so much to write about on my niche, until one day I didn’t.

It all started when we hopped in our car and drove several hours to visit family.  I thought it’d be a good little break and I’d hop right back into my writing the second we got home.  Then we got home.  And I just didn’t feel like writing that day, which I let myself do with no hard feelings because I had unpacking to do and had to get back into the routine of being home after being gone for a few days.

Then the next day came around and my hubby was back to work, and I thought I could write something on the blog.  Maybe something that I experienced while being away.  I was gone from the blog for so long I ought to have something to write about, right?  But I just ended up staring at a blank screen for longer than I’d like to admit, and then I got distracted reading other blog posts, thinking maybe I could find some kind of inspiration to kick start my writing there.


The next few days I went through a phase of, “maybe I should just quit blogging.  Obviously it’s not for me since I don’t have scratch to write about!  Maybe I should quit it now and try again in a year or two.”
I relayed these thoughts to my dear husband and his response was, “In a year or two you are going to be busy chasing kids around the house and taking care of all the animals, I don’t think there’s any better time for you to give blogging a chance than now.”



I am so thankful my husband spoke those words to me and would not let me quit when I wanted to.

And now here we are, I’ve finally got stuff to write about again (find more on how my writing got kickstarted).  One thing I wish is that I would have been prepared for the dry spell, that I would have known I would hit one eventually, and that I would have been educated in ways that I could get myself through it.

Now that I’ve gone off on a personal note, we will look at a few ways that you can prepare yourself to help you get through a blogging dry spell.

Getting through a blogging dry spell.

The number one thing in my opinion is,
1) Write a few blog posts over time don’t publish them.  Save them for a time when you can’t think of anything to write and then post the posts then.  You will be so grateful when you are in a dry spell when you realize you have a few posts with awesome content saved for a moment like the one you’re in.

2) Ask readers what they’d like to see you write more about.  

This is an important one to not overdo.  You want to interact with your readers and write about what they want to be reading, by all means, but you have these readers because they liked your content and what you wrote about in the first place – so don’t shove your own creativity to the side.

3) Have a friend or fellow blogger write a guest post for your blog.  

This way you can still have great content going up on your blog even when you’re just not feeling it.  Reading their great post may also spark some creativity in yourself.

4) Ride it out.  

Have patience, it’s not the end of the world!  Your blog will still be there when you get your creativity back.  Take a break for a few days and just do you, try new things, maybe you’ll find something to write about there.  But don’t stress if you just need a few days to not think about writing.

5) Go to a different environment.  

Sometimes all you need is a change of scenery, try a coffee shop, the library, go park your car on a country road and start writing.  Changing your scenery may also change your perspective and give you something new to write about.

6) Post a recipe.  

When all else fails, share your favorite recipe with your readers.  Everyone loves a good recipe!

7) Review a product.  

If you don’t even have enough uumph in you right now to write a product review, that’s okay!  But this may help some of you get back into the swing of writing.

8) Bring an old blog post back to life.  

Go way back in your blogging days and re-post one of your old blog posts.  Maybe it’s a post that some of your newer readers missed since it’s from way back when.

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8 Ways to Get Through a Blogging Dry Spell

Do you have some ideas to add to the list?
How do you get through blogging dry spells?
I’d love to hear from you!


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