Welcome to Deliberately Here, I’m Amy – a young wife, a busy mom, a homemaker and a business owner. Life around these parts is never dull, and I love every second of it.

Shortly after getting married I became a stay at home wife, and along with that came a big learning curve for living frugally and cutting costs so we could make living on a single income possible, as well as learning how to be a good homemaker, getting serious about keeping our house organized, and learning how to clean our house as quickly as possible (and still do a good job).

After a few months of staying home I decided to start this little blog. To be frank, I didn’t think anything was going to come of this little blog. Who was that anybody would want to learn from me? But, just a short while later that “little blog” that I started on a whim and knew nothing about turned into my full-time business and is a growing community of thousands of busy wives and moms, and I couldn’t feel more humbled.

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What started with a want to share what I was learning about homemaking has turned into a massive business and full-time job that also allows me to stay home with our kids, and I am incredibly blessed to have this opportunity.

The inspiration behind the blog

All too often I see wives, moms, and homemakers just coasting their way through life. They don’t particularly not like what they do, but they don’t love it, either. I want you to be able to THRIVE in your God-given role as a homemaker. I want you to learn how to have joy in both the trials and triumphs of life, to learn how to thrive, no matter what gets thrown your way.


In your home, your marriage, your motherhood.

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Ready to get started?

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