About Deliberately Here

I'm proud to say I love being a homemaker, but it hasn't always been that way.

I was born and raised into the world of homemaking, and I was introduced into the world of housekeeping when I took on my first full-time job being a housekeeper and laundry attendant at a local Retirement Residence.

Getting married was the milestone I had been waiting for: finally I could put all the homemaking tips and skills I had learned over the years to work in my own life and own home.

It turns out, being a housekeeper is much more enticing when you actually get paid for it.

After struggling to keep up with all the demands of being a homemaker, I made the decision to do whatever I had to do to learn how to make homemaking more enjoyable.

Deliberately Here is a knowledge center created to help other struggling homemakers find joy and purpose in what they do. 

(Along with tips and tricks for making the daily grind easier.)

How Deliberately Here can help you:

Learn how to deep clean your house, without wasting time, with our ultimate guide to deep cleaning

Find out the best way to declutter your belongings if you can't get rid of anything

Use the 30 Day Home Management Boot Camp to kick-start your homemaking

About Amy

Founder & CEO of DeliberatelyHere.com

Hi there, I'm Amy, cleaning expert, self-taught homemaking enthusiast, and dedicated to helping other women find joy in their homemaking.

After struggling with my own abilities to manage my home, I launched Deliberately Here in 2017 to help readers find ways to make homemaking enjoyable. 

Amy @ Deliberately Here

And I've made it my personal mission to share the very best no-nonsense, simple, and effective homemaking tips with as many women as possible.

I've been in the exact same place that you may be today:

Overwhelmed with keeping up with daily tasks

Frustrated from spending so much time tending to the home with nothing to show for it

Growing bitter towards being a homemaker

Hating every second of cleaning & wishing I could hire it out

A Solution That Worked

After spending countless hours reading books, and educating myself on how the whole "homemaking system" works, I was able to turn my life around.

I quickly learned that there isn't much effective and valuable homemaking help out there. Though I was able to use my skills to learn how to make homemaking less dreadful and how to even start to enjoy the everyday mundane tasks of homemaking, I realized there was a need for a one-stop-shop hub of information to help you find purpose in what you do even when what you do goes unnoticed.

Quick-Start Guides:

The Clutter Buster

Start busting your clutter by using our declutter quick-start guide, complete with:

• 160+ items to get rid of today

• detailed worksheets & a plan of attack

• quick-start decluttering tips

• decluttering flow-chart to help you decide what stays & what goes

• 3 clutter-buster bonuses (including a decluttering calendar and two additional worksheets)

30 Day Home Management Boot Camp

30 days to easier (and more enjoyable) home management. 

Learn how to use the 4 pillars of homemaking to hone in on your home management skills.