Take the pressure off back to school shopping this year by using this back to school supply list by grade. Print the back to school checklist off so you can take it to the store with you to ensure you get everything your kids need for the whole school year. Even if you don’t feel ready to send your kids back to school, you can be sure they’re ready to face the new school year head-on by equipping them with everything they need for the new year of school.

As your kids grow older, the things they need for school will change. While in kindergarten they once needed crayons and blunt-tip scissors, when they’re in middle school they’ll need binder tabs and combination locks. 


We’ve got you covered. We’ve put together a printable back to school checklist for every age, stage, and grade that your child will go through! If you’re feeling stuck and aren’t sure what your kid needs for the new school year that’s fast approaching, just grab the checklist below and rest assured that you’ve got all the bases covered.

TIP: Before heading out to the store, take this list and search through your house for items on the list. You may be surprised by the amount of carry-over stock you have from last year and random items from the list that you may already have at home. Gather the items you have at home, check them off your list, and be relieved that you’re saving yourself money on back to school shopping – and cutting down on duplicates in your house. (Then go take that money saved and buy yourself a coffee. You deserve it. The back to school season isn’t easy for moms.)

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Ready to dive in and learn what your kids need this year for school? Find your back to school checklist below!

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Back to school supply list by grade

Kindergarten supply list

While you may not be prepared to send your baby off to kindergarten (where did the time go?!), use this kindergarten supply list to be sure your baby has everything they need so they’re prepared for their first day of school.

That’s everything you’ll want to have to be sure your sweet child is ready for their first day of school. Everything from a backpack to house all their supplies all the way down to hand sanitizer to keep their hands clean, you can rest easy knowing your child will be well equipped with everything they need for the school year.

Print off the Kindergarten supply list, here! ⬇️

Elementary school supply list (grade 1 – grade 5)

Your child has flown through Kindergarten and now you’re into the elementary school age. Not sure what they need for elementary school? Scan over the checklist then grab the printable version below.

Not ready to send your child to elementary school? Well, at least with this elementary school supply list your kid will be well-equipped and ready for their school year!

Grab the printable checklist below. ⬇️

Middle school supply list (grade 6 – grade 8)

On to middle school. Time’s flying and your sweet child is nearing (or already in) the teenage years! It’s time to get them equipped with everything they need for a successful school year. Here’s your middle school supply list:

The supply list is changing from construction paper and crayons to calculators and combination locks… your baby is growing up! 

Get the printable version of the junior high school supply list below. ⬇️

High school supply list (grade 9 – grade 12)

Are you having a hard time believing your child is already in high school? Someone wise once said, “the days are long, but the years are short.

How true is that?!

Use this high school supply list to get everything your high school student needs for their school year.

Think you’ve got it memorized? Or do you want to print the list off and bring it shopping with you? Grab the printable version below. ⬇️


Back to school is here and even if you’re not ready for your kids to go back to school, these back to school supply lists will ensure your kids are ready for the new school season. 

Using a back to school checklist will help you be as organized as possible so you can do one big back to school shopping trip and you don’t have to spend the last few days of summer doing nothing but preparing for back to school… you can enjoy these last few summer days with your kids! 

Did we miss something? Do you have a product (or two or three) that you ALWAYS have on your back to school checklist? Share it with us below! 

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