The new excitement of fresh snow and chilly days can soon wear off after the winter months set in.  But, for the month of December at least our house is filled with adorable Christmas decorations.

How pretty is it!  Below is a tutorial for you to create your very own DIY Winter Centerpiece, because who wouldn’t want that sitting in the middle of their table, welcoming them home? 

Beautiful DIY Christmas Centerpiece

Isn’t this just adorable?!

To create this centerpiece, the log slab, jar, and pine cones are all from our wedding.  Our wedding centerpieces were quite similar, but didn’t have the candy cane and branches in them, but were filled with flowers.

I love having this centerpiece on our table.

It always reminds me of our wedding day and Christmas (thanks to the candy cane and branches).  I think it’s adorable!

I would like to say a big thanks to my awesome mother who came up with this adorable centerpiece idea and shared it with me, and now I want to share it with you!  

This craft is so simple to put together and it looks great.  



First, you will need to gather everything you will need:

DIY Beautiful Winter Centerpiece

Log slabGorgeous DIY Centerpiece to brighten up your home

You will want to paint your jar and let it dry completely.  Then take your scrubby or sandpaper and scuff the jar up a little bit to make it look rustic.

Then you can take your hot glue gun and twine and glue one end of twine to the neck of the jar, then loop the twine around several times and finish off by gluing the other end of twine to the neck of the jar, also (preferably in the same spot so there aren’t glue spots all over).

Easy DIY Centerpiece to brighten up your home

Once you are all done with the jar, cut small pieces off of your Conifer tree branch to put inside the jar.  Then, situate everything nicely on the log slab and finish off by placing a single candy cane inside the jar to add colour.

Pine cones. DIY Table Centerpiece

I used 5 pine cones.  You can add more or not do as many, to your liking.

And you are finished your beautiful DIY Winter Centerpiece! 

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Beautiful and Easy DIY Winter Table Centerpiece to Brighten up Your Home

Do you have some favourite DIY crafts for wintertime?
I’d love to hear them from you!
Feel free to share them in the comments below.

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