Inside: find our very best cleaning apps to help you keep your home organized, and let the apps do the remembering (and reminding) for your housework.

Did you ever think we’d be in a day and age where there are apps to help you clean your house? Yea, me either.

Yet here we are, and believe it or not, there’s an app for that.

Cleaning apps can help you better remember to stay on top of your cleaning chores, involve the whole family by syncing devices, track tasks, plan deep cleans, and help you keep your head screwed on straight when you can’t remember where you last left your keys.

But, there is one important caveat when it comes to using cleaning apps

Opening your phone is an invitation for distraction, and if you should be setting out to clean your house but open your phone and the first page it’s on is Facebook, before you know it you just wasted 30 minutes scrolling the newsfeed, and 0 minutes scrubbing toilets.

So, while cleaning apps can be beneficial in keeping a clean and organized home, it’s also crucial that you are disciplined and don’t get distracted from the task at hand (not the one IN your hand).

Enough rambling, let’s find out what the 11 best cleaning apps to help you keep your home tidy are.

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11 Best Cleaning Apps for Maximum Productivity

Most of the housekeeping apps we’re reviewing here are free, however, there may be a few that cost money. We’ll mention it when we come across the ones that aren’t free.

*The pricing is relevant at the time of writing this article and could change over time.

1. Sweepy: Home Cleaning Schedule

iOS: Sweepy

Android: Sweepy

Price: free

Best for: managing household chores by visualizing your home

Sweepy allows you to split your house up into different rooms and track what needs to be done in every room, allowing you to prioritize the important and urgent tasks. 

With the premium version, you can also turn cleaning into a game by distributing chores among different family members in the household and competing for the “top spot”. Premium also automatically generates a daily cleaning schedule for you and gives the option for each family member to have their own daily cleaning schedule generated. 

Sweepy breaks your house down into rooms and offers generic tasks that need to be completed in each room, as well as allowing you to add your own personalized tasks as well.

2. OurHome – Chores & Rewards 

iOS: OurHome

Android: OurHome

Price: free

Best for: assigning and scheduling tasks, creating reminders & to-do lists, motivating kids to do chores by using a reward system

OurHome – Chores and Rewards is tailored towards families and allows you to easily create to-do lists while keeping track of chores that have been completed and chores that still need doing. It motivates and encourages kids to do their chores and allows parents the option to reward the kids based on their efforts. Along with the enjoyable chore-reward system, it also has a family calendar and grocery list to keep everyone on the same page.

3. Tody

iOS: Tody

Android: Tody

Price: $6.99

Best for: creating a flexible & customizable cleaning plan & wasting less time cleaning

Tody is a brilliant cleaning app that helps you stop wasting your time cleaning things that don’t need cleaning and focusing on the things that should take priority, all while enabling you to be in control of your cleaning routine, rather than your cleaning routine controlling you.

With Tody, you can visualize the dirtiness of certain areas to motivate you to get cleaning, as well as helping you visualize the effect that cleaning has, to encourage you to keep going. 

You can also turn house cleaning into a game by syncing the plans across multiple devices, allowing different users to claim credit for doing certain chores.

4. Spotless: A Simply Clean Home

iOS: Spotless

Android: N/A

Price: free

Best for: people who are motivated by lists

Spotless: A Simply Clean Home allows you to get organized with your household tasks by creating lists of tasks for each area and room in your house, as well as setting a routine for each task. Simply add in a certain task then select how often that task needs to be completed so you never have to worry about keeping track of when your bathtub needs cleaning; because this nifty cleaning app will keep track of it for you.

When you open the app you’ll quickly be able to see which tasks are due for doing and if there are any overdue cleaning tasks, this will eliminate time wasted trying to remember the last time you dusted the baseboards and allow you to get to work right away.

5. Home Cleaning

iOS: Home Cleaning

Android: N/A

Price: $1.19

Best for: creating a cleaning schedule

Home Cleaning is the best cleaning app for creating a digital cleaning schedule, whether it be a daily, weekly, or monthly schedule; or all of the above. You can access your personalized cleaning schedule wherever you are, right from your phone. It’s easy to clean your house by following the checklists for each room, ensuring you’re not missing anything.

So much more than just a cleaning app, Home Cleaning also has a contact sheet as well as a budgeting sheet and checklists for home maintenance.

6. Done: A Simple Habit Tracker

iOS: Done

Android: N/A

Price: free

Best for: productivity

Done: A Simple Habit Tracker is an app that is created to help you build or quit certain habits. While it’s not ultimately a cleaning app, it can easily be transformed into one by tracking your cleaning goals and setting reminders for cleaning certain areas and/or rooms in your home.Maybe you want to get into the habit of scrubbing your stovetop every evening, Done will allow you to set a reminder every evening as well as track your progress as you go.

7. Homey – Chores and Allowance

iOS: Homey

Android: Homey 

Price: free

Best for: creating chore charts, helping your kids learn about responsibility & money

Homey – Chores and Allowance is a cleaning app more focused on teaching kids responsibility and encouraging them to work towards their goals. It teaches kids how to have a good work ethic and shows them that money doesn’t just grow on trees. 

Teach children the difference between chores and responsibilities, and that they won’t always get paid simply for doing things that are expected of them. Homey boasts the ability to show kids how money is earned, support long-term goals and saving goals, and teach real life skills.

8. Laundry Day – Care Symbol Reader

iOS: Laundry Day

Android: N/A

Price: $0.99

Best for: learning how to care for and wash your clothes. Laundry Day is an app that scans your laundry tags and will tell you how to wash and care for that specific item. These tips include washing, drying, bleaching, ironing, and professional care to help you keep your clothes and linens in superb condition.

9. Home Routines

iOS: Home Routines

Android: N/A

Price: $4.99

Best for: being organized day by day & cleaning by zones

Home Routines makes it easy to keep your home clean and tidy by creating a personalized cleaning schedule, and scheduling the tasks to be completed on certain days of the week, with notifications and reminders to keep you on track. It also allows you to split your home up into zones, called Focus Zones, to eliminate the need for deep cleaning by doing a bit of extra housework every day, but splitting it up so it doesn’t feel overwhelming. You can also harness the power of speed cleaning by using the built-in timer to do quick cleans when you don’t have time to do your daily cleaning tasks… for the 5th day in a row (no guilt-tripping here!).

You can also easily sync the app between different devices, keeping all your family members involved in the cleaning tasks.

10. Chores Schedule App

iOS: Chores Schedule App

Android: N/A

Price: free

Best for: keeping records of the cleaning tasks that have been done, and need to be done. Chores Schedule App is a motivational app to help you keep your house clean when you struggle with your daily cleaning tasks. So that you don’t need to rely on your memory for what you last cleaned and what is overdue for a cleaning in your house, Chores Schedule App does the remembering (and reminding!) for you. Plus, it’s free and easy to use. We think Chores Schedule App is one of the best cleaning apps to help you keep on top of your household cleaning.

11. Think Dirty

iOS: Think Dirty

Android: Think Dirty 

Price: free

Best for: living toxin-free

Not so much a cleaning app, Think Dirty is an app designed to help you spot and eliminate toxic ingredients in the products you use everyday. Eliminating toxins from your home and life (as much as possible) will help you feel more energetic and bump up your health.By simply scanning the barcode on beauty and personal care products, Think Dirty will help you see and understand the ingredients in the products, helping you eliminate the unhealthy and toxic ingredients.

The Best Cleaning Apps for Your Home Conclusion:

There are an overabundance of cleaning apps to help you keep your house clean, and finding the best cleaning app to keep your house clean will depend greatly on your personal needs, which is why we’ve included 11 apps in our list of the best house cleaning apps for iPhones and Androids.

If you have a cleaning app that you use and love that we missed on this list, we’d love to hear from you!