The best essential oils for cleaning your house are those that make your home feel clean and smell great. That sounds like an easy enough job, right? Well, it turns out that there is a lot to consider when choosing the perfect oil for your home.

You want an essential oil that smells good but also has some powerful antibacterial properties. Lucky for you, we’ve broken down all of this information so you can find the best essential oils on the market today.

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Do Essential Oils Work Better Than Store Bought Cleaners?

If you’re looking for a cleaner that will leave your home clean and fragrant, minus the toxic chemicals you’ll find in popular cleaners, essential oils might be the answer you’re looking for.

No one regulates store-bought products but themselves, whereas these natural cleansers in the list below are made following tested recipes to ensure safety. Although it may seem like an easy solution, what if their ingredients don’t actually do any good?

The age-old question of how well these non-toxic cleaners compare to popular household cleaners has sparked some interesting debates over which one works best for certain things around the house, such as washing surfaces, floors, etc. 

Many people say that their homemade concoctions smell far better than any cleaner found in stores, but that the store-bought cleaners work better.

Essential oils are naturally antimicrobial and antibacterial, making them an ideal replacement for potentially toxic chemical cleaners. Some varieties of oil work better than others when it comes to cleaning. 

For example, lemon can be used to disinfect surfaces, while lavender is perfect for purifying the air and reducing odors.

Additionally, some essential oils may even help remove stains in as well as eliminating toxins from your home. 

If you’re looking at replacing all or part of your household cleaner with a natural alternative like these non-toxic essentials, make sure that they will do what you need to do before making any significant changes because not every type works well across multiple applications.

The Best Essential Oils for Cleaning

Antibacterial essential oils are some of the best for disinfecting and cleaning purposes. They feature antimicrobial and antibacterial properties, which are crucial to the role they play. Here are some of the best antibacterial essential oils that you can consider:

Peppermint is a timeless favorite due to its incredible scent and refreshing sensation. Peppermint has been used for centuries, as it contains antimicrobial properties that kill bacteria which can cause infections.

To cleanse surfaces and accessories, you will need a few drops of this astringent oil known for its acne-treating abilities. This combination is antibacterial to clear up microbes while also removing dirt from your items in the process. Enjoy how it makes everything sparkle and shine.

Cedarwood essential oil can be used to treat inflammation and infection, making it both medicinal and comforting. It has a warm scent like being in a cedar sauna or the forest itself — you’ll feel rejuvenated wherever you are.

The floral oil in lavender is a powerhouse when it comes to antibacterial properties. This makes it a good choice for cleaning—that’s why it’s found so often in soaps, sprays, and shampoos, giving you that soothing smell that you deserve.

A steamy room smelling of eucalyptus is a refreshing experience. It helps open up air pathways, keeping the environment clean and depriving bacteria of growing in there as fast because it smells so fresh.

* It’s important to note that there are two different kinds of eucalyptus oil: Eucalyptus radiata and Eucalyptus globulus. Eucalyptus globulus is safe for adults but should not be used on or with children under 2 years old, whereas Eucalyptus radiate is safe for kids and adults alike. (source)

Lemongrass is an excellent addition to soaks and other at-home pampering treatments. With its antibacterial and antifungal properties, this oil has an almost candy-like aroma that can be used in spas.

Waking up your senses with lemon essential oil, this powerful ingredient is sure to have you feeling and smelling great. In addition to its antioxidant properties that fight bacteria, it also helps cleanse the home from germs while promoting a happy-go-lucky disposition.

The Best Household Cleaners That Are Non-Toxic & Use Essential Oils (not chemicals)

Choosing the best essential oil for cleaning can help you understand its different benefits. Some of these oils come in various scents and forms, while others have unique ingredients that make them special.

The best essential oil-based cleaners contain natural ingredients such as Thymol, decyl glucoside, lauryl glucoside (a mixture of alcohol and sugar), xanthan gum (derived from the sap of rubber trees), lactic acid (which occurs naturally in human muscles), and glycerine.

Here are the top household cleaners which use essential oils rather than chemicals:

1. Better Life – Best Overall Essential Oil on Amazon

The only natural cleaner you’ll ever need, Better Life is the perfect all-purpose solution for your household. Better Life’s plant-based formula cuts through tough grease, dirt, and grime without any harsh chemicals and leaves a sparkling clean surface that has been scented with clary sage and citrus extracts to actually break down as it cleans leaving your home smelling fresh. 

Clean counters in the kitchen while refreshing your family room or even use it to sterilize dishes in the dishwasher. What can’t this product do?

This versatile household cleaner is excellent anywhere around the house – no matter how big or small the job. You can use it while cleaning without stripping away essential ingredients like color, flavor, or odor from delicate food.

2. Mrs. Meyer’s – Best For Kitchen

The Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day Kitchen Essentials Set has everything you need for quick, easy cleaning in the kitchen. Cooking up a storm? Use the Mrs. Meyer’s dish soap to give your dishes a deep clean without causing damage or drying out your hands like grease-cutter detergents often do. 

Tired of scrubbing stuck-on dirt around the sink only to find that it ends up spreading instead of getting removed? That is no more with their multi-purpose essential oil cleaner, which will completely wipe away any toughest stains and make even dirty surfaces sparkle again.

Finally, sweet-smelling hand soap doesn’t have to be made from harsh chemicals, and endless wipes can leave too much bacteria behind on slimy hands. The liquid hand soaps are specially formulated without an irritating smell making them one of the best in the kitchen.

3. Sapadilla Rosemary and Peppermint – Best Bang for Your Buck

Sapadilla Rosemary and Peppermint essential oil cleaner can be used on almost every hard surface in your home and is uniquely Biodegradable. 

This liquid eco-cleaner also contains only 100% Essential Oils for scent so you know exactly what you are spraying around your house; no fake fragrance or color – just a fresh, natural cleaner that smells oh-so-delicious with an intoxicating blend of peppermint and rosemary—a daily detox for houses and cars alike.

Sapadilla’s line of earth-friendly products is made up of light yet harsh cleaners because we need to clean without drying the planet out more than it already is. These cleaners are safe to use around children, pets, fabrics, upholstery & mattresses of high quality.

What Are the Best Essential Oils Brands for Cleaning?

Finding the right kinds of essential oils for cleaning your house is one thing, but finding a good brand that offers pure, natural oils is a whole other battle.

Essential oil brands vary in quality. Some companies sell low-quality oils and try to pass them off as high-end ones, making it hard for consumers who are not well informed about the industry to recognize whether or which brand they should buy. 

To provide an easier time shopping around for essential oils, our list offers recommendations based on a customer’s needs, such as their taste preferences and budget constraints, among other factors:

1. doTERRA

Despite the fact that doTERRA was founded in 2008, its global presence extends to 40 countries. Everything is sourced ethically and sustainably on a “farm-to-fragrance” approach where each ingredient comes from an organic source. 

Their website, Source to You, provides a complete insight into how they source oil for consumers by allowing them access to information on everything from oil sourcing up until delivering it in an easy-to-use bottle.

doTERRA is devoted to delivering high-quality oils sourced from the purest and most potent places on earth for your family to receive only the best, which, paired with the affordability of these oils, is why they are number one on our list of the best essential oil brands for pure oils.

2. Young Living

Young Living Essential Oils has been one of the leading essential oil brands in the industry for a while. They then encourage friends and family members to shop through them. Their quality is promising as they own farms across the world that give them the unique ability to verify their processes at every step of the production process. 

Young Living Oils will be one of the most expensive you’ll buy, but they’re also known as being some of the best on today’s market, so it is up to buyers to decide whether or not this brand fits their unique needs and preferences when shopping around for new oils.

The brand has invested unprecedented time and resources to ensure that their quality standards are prioritized at each of their farms, partner farms, and Seed-to-Seal suppliers, so your home gets nature’s best product possible.

3. Edens Garden

Edens Garden essential oils has been selling quality products since 2009. Since then, they have consistently won the no.1 spot for best oil producers in their field. In addition to this, their oil is affordable and ensures that none of its therapeutic properties are compromised despite affordability or beautiful product presentation.

You can be sure the suppliers do extensive testing before bottling each batch under controlled temperature settings while limiting exposure to light as much as possible so that every bottle contains perfectly pure therapeutic benefits when you finally receive them, truly a fantastic gift from Eden Gardens.

Hence if you are out there and still have doubts about which essential oil is good for your health, Eden Garden has you covered since they believe in and dedicate their efforts to make sure you get the best from nature’s best.

4. Plant Therapy

If you are looking for a brand of essential oils that will always be pocket-friendly, look no further. This brand is the ideal one-stop-shop for you from oil, roll-ons, and other home accessories that you might need.

For quality matters, Plant Therapy always has its products on the test through solid third partying to ensure you get them with complete confidence. The added advantage that makes Plant Therapy one of the best brands is its ability to sample and know the ingredients they have used on their products. Marvelous! 

Plant Therapy allows you to return their product in a three months warranty timeline if you feel the product was not what you anticipated it to be. They also have a full refund policy. The Plant Therapy brand is also an ideal place to look for such products if you want other beauty products.

5. Mountain Rose Herbs

There is no better brand than the Mountain Herb essential oil when it comes to all organic. The whole idea that people and nature are their top priority before profit is also one of the factors that aid the production of the company’s essential oils to the top.

A few awards in the past years have also seen the company receive the best accolades due to their 100% organic quality oils and products. You can also find other accessories on the company’s website to help you shop for the oil you desire.

The company’s oil comes with a wide range of prices to choose from when you hit the store. If you are an organic person, then Mountain Rose will surely be the best remedy for you, and you will be glad to spend a few dollars on the same.

6. Aura Cacia

Among the top brands you ought to look for is Aura Cacia. To some, it might be new, but if you get the opportunity to visit the store and happen to want one, you will always identify them due to their small bottle packaging.

Available in almost all online shopping centers, you are guaranteed an opportunity to pick from the range of varieties displayed by Aura Cacia. They deal in both organic and inorganic giving you a chance to choose either that will fit your cleaning needs.

All their essential oils come without any colors and fragrances, meaning that the product is very pure and of high quality. As an added bonus, the Aura Cacia brand sends proceeds from their products to help transform girl’s and women’s lives across the world.

What Are the Best Smelling Essential Oils?

Essential oils can smell good or bad, depending on your personal preference. Aromatherapists say that if you like an oil, it will affect how the body perceives its scent regardless of whether it’s positive or negative.

Memory and prior experiences play a crucial role in determining what smells ‘good.’ Here are some of the best smelling essential oils:

– Orange

doTERRA Wild Orange Essential Oil - 15 mL

Essential oils are a popular trend because they have mood-boosting properties and can be used to restore the suppleness of your skin. These essential oils, in particular, help to uplift the spirits while restoring firmness with its adaptogenic qualities.

Some people might find orange to be relaxing and soothing, while others may think of the scent as more stimulating or refreshing. This means that orange essential oil can have normalizing effects on the properties of your body; some bodily experiences are amplified in specific individuals, but with essential oils, you can balance these out.

Orange essential oils are a great way to make your home smell wonderful. They blend well with many other scents, including lemon, sandalwood, or rose.

Orange essential oil makes a great oil for cleaning thanks to its bacteria-eliminating and preventing properties, while adding an uplifting citrusy scent to the air.

Shop Orange Oils

– Grapefruit

doTERRA Grapefruit Essential Oil 15 ml

You are set to love the juicy nature of grapefruit. You’ll like the smell of grapefruit if you love the scent of crisp, fresh vine fruit.

Grapefruit is tangy and tart, perfect for those who love citrus. It contains the essential oil that helps ease heavy feelings like nervousness. When you feel down or anxious, grapefruit can help bring out your inner joy to inspire expressions of happiness.

It blends well with geranium, frankincense, or peppermint to create a pleasant and relaxing aroma.

Grapefruit essential oil has potent bacteria-fighting properties, making it a smart choice to add to your cleaning kit.

Shop Grapefruit Oils

– Rose

Plant Therapy Rose Absolute Essential Oil 100% Pure, Undiluted, Natural Aromatherapy, Therapeutic Grade 5 mL (1/6 oz)

If you love the way, a calm summer morning smells, with roses fresh in dew and sweet-floral hanging on the breeze. Then you’ll adore this nourishing rose scent.

The queen of essential oils, Rose’s precious oil is created through a labor-intensive process. It takes 60 full rose blooms to produce just one drop of the sweet essence. Rose is an excellent choice for hydration and soothing the mind, as it can be used to reduce pain and ease anxiety. It has a rich aroma that helps uplift spirits while also helping soothe dry skin.

Rose blends well with orange, lavender, or frankincense.

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– Eucalyptus

doTERRA Eucalyptus Radiata Essential Oil - 15 mL (2 Pack)

You may find yourself feeling refreshed and rejuvenated after a walk through the woods following a thunderstorm. If you loved this sensation, then eucalyptus will be right up your alley.

Eucalyptus is known in aromatherapy as ‘the breathing oil’ due to its high content of eucalyptol, a compound that helps encourage deep breathing and soothe the respiratory system. Eucalyptus is camphorous, which means that its strong and sometimes cooling effect immediately makes breathing through the nose or mouth feel fresh.

What makes eucalyptus well-loved is its fresh notes and woodsy nature that create a regenerated and refreshed feeling. They blend well with cedarwood, frankincense, and orange.

Eucalyptus oil keeps things fresh by eliminating mild, mildew, and bacteria.

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– Lavender

doTERRA Lavender Essential Oil - 15 ml

A stroll through fragrant fields of delicate flower buds in the sunny summertime might sound like a perfect way to spend an afternoon. If that’s something you enjoy, then Lavender is sure to be your new favorite scent—it has subtle and herbaceous notes inspired by such moments spent outside among nature.

Lavender is commonly referred to in aromatherapy as ‘the mother of essential oils’, due to its versatility and wide range of uses. Lavender oil has many benefits, such as promoting deep relaxation, encouraging restfulness, treating minor skin inflammations or dehydration. Like orange, it also possesses adaptogenic properties allowing people to experience either calming or uplifting.

Lavender blends well with peppermint, orange, and roman chamomile.

On top of fighting bacteria, lavender is also a wonderful essential oil to fight bad odors.

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The Best Essential Oils for Cleaning FAQs:

A quick frequently asked section to answer your pressing questions and help you pick the best essential oils for cleaning around the home.

What Essential Oils are Antibacterial for Cleaning and Disinfecting?

  • peppermint
  • lemon
  • lemongrass
  • lavender
  • eucalyptus
  • cedarwood
  • tea tree

Can You Use Plastic Spray Bottles for Homemade Essential Oil Cleaners?

Making your own essential oil cleaners can be a great way to save some money and health. However, you need to make sure that the bottle holding it is not made out of plastic. Undiluted essential oils will eventually destroy plastic over time, causing spills or leaks in their container, which could ruin all types of surfaces, including expensive furniture. Use glass bottles for your homemade essential oil cleaner instead.

Are There Any Essential Oils I Should Be Cautious About Using?

Several essential oils can be highly toxic and cause symptoms such as agitation, seizures, and hallucinations.

These include clove oil, eucalyptus, lavender oil, thyme, and camphor oil. Wintergreen oil is also not safe for use because its methyl salicylate content causes reactions that resemble allergy-like responses.

When used in moderation and guidelines are followed, these oils should all be harmless – but it’s best to ensure you are not allergic to them first.

Is It Safe to Use DIY Essential Oil Cleaners With Kids/Pets in the Home?

Yes, most DIY essential oil cleaners are safe for kids and pets in the home. However, be cautious as some oils can cause danger if inhaled by children/pets.

Which Essential Oil is Best for Disinfecting?

Eucalyptus oil is the best essential oil to use when you want your home or office space disinfected and purified. With its active chemical properties, eucalyptus naturally kills bacteria and releases scents into the air.

Where to Buy Essential Oils for Cleaning?

Essential oils are sold online at various locations, but the most common websites include Amazon, Plant Therapy, GNC Live Well (The Vitamin Shoppe),, Rocky Mountain Oils, and Anthropologie. Edens Garden is also an option, and Now Foods and Native Remedies Aromatics International NEOM Organics.

When buying essential oils for cleaning, be sure that the oils you are purchasing come from a reputable brandname and are true, 100% pure oils with reviews to back them up.

Conclusion: what are the best essential oils for cleaning?

When we think of natural cleaners, cleaning supplies like vinegar and baking soda come to mind. However, it may surprise you that essential oils can also be made into great household cleaners. Essential oils have been studied for antimicrobial and antiviral properties—which is why they make a perfect addition to your home cleaning caddy.

So what’s the best scent for your cleaning routine? That depends on you. Here are some of our favorite options to get you started: lavender oil provides a calming fragrance, while eucalyptus oil can help keep bugs away. 

Tea tree oil is another popular choice because it kills germs without leaving behind any residue or perfume smell like other scents might do. Share with us in the comments below which essential oil you prefer most and how often you use it for cleaning purposes.

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