Inside: Learn how to gloriously restore grimy grout with the 17 best grout cleaning tools. Master the best way to clean your grout today. This post contains affiliate links.

Gone are the days of looking at grimy, slimy grout. Thanks to the ingenuity of cleaning tool manufacturers, you can have the cleanest grout around by using the best grout cleaning tools to keep your room sparkling.


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If you’ve ever wanted to have drool-worthy, slime-free grout, then you definitely need to check out our extensive list of the best grout cleaning tools to gloriously restore grimy grout. 

I’m confident that you’ll find the best grout cleaning brush for your home so you can stop despising the look of your grout and make it sparkle.

Quick Summary: The 10 Best Grout Cleaning Tools

Unger 2-in-1 Grout and Corner Scrubber Brush Tool
  • V-shaped bristles clean deep into grout
  • Ergonomic handle
  • Corner scrubber

Drill Brush Attachment - Bathroom Surfaces Tub, Shower, Tile and Grout All Purpose Power Scrubber Cleaning Kit –Grout Drill Brush Set – Drill Brushes by Drill Brush Power Scrubber by Useful Products
  • Attaches to a cordless drill for effortless cleaning
  • 3 different brush attachments
  • Tough on grout, gentle on tile

Rubbermaid Reveal Power Scrubber, Grout & Tile Bathroom Cleaner, Shower Cleaner, and Bathtub Cleaner, Multi-Purpose Scrub Brush
  • Oscillating head scrubs 60 times/second
  • Water resistant
  • Pulse and continuous scrub settings

Holikme 5 pack Deep Cleaning Brush Set,Scrub Brush&Grout and Corner brush&Scrub pads with Scraper Tip&Scouring pads,for bathroom,Floor, Tub, Shower, Tile, Bathroom and Kitchen Surface(Green)
  • Includes 2 - scrub brushes, tile line brush, groove gap brush, and scouring pad
  • Comfortable grip
  • Different brushes for different surfaces

Grout Brush with Stiff Bristles: Grout Cleaning Brush to Whiten Years of Dirty Grout, Durable Hard Scrubbing Grout Cleaner Brush - Grout Brush for Shower, Tile and Grout Brush, Floors, Bathroom
  • Angled bristles for deep cleaning grout
  • Unique shape for cleaning corners
  • Strong, thick handle for easy maneuvering

Grout Cleaner Brush with Stiff Angled Bristles and 3-in-1 Grout Cleaning Brush Supplies to Deep Clean Tile Lines, Detail Kitchen, Scrub Bathroom, Shower - 4Pc Home Detail and Grout Cleaning Brushes
  • 4 grout cleaning brushes to clean in crevices, tile seams, and more
  • Includes a narrow grout brush with angled bristles
  • 2-in1 detail grout scraper: clean spaces you can't reach

OXO Good Grips Grout Brush
  • Stiff, angled bristles perfect for cleaning grout lines
  • Tough bristles easily lift stains and scrub away slime
  • Ergonomic non-slip handle for easy grip, even when wet

Fuller Brush Tile Grout E-Z Scrubber Complete - Lightweight Multipurpose Power Surface Scrubber & Cleaner Brush - Perfect for Cleaning Hard to Reach Areas
  • Large grout brush & extendable handle for cleaning hard-to-reach places
  • V-shaped bristles for penetrating deep into grout
  • Easily fits and cleans narrow or wide grout lines

No products found.
  • Electric spin brush cleans grout with minimal effort from you
  • Adjustable extension handle for hard-to-reach places
  • 4 different brush heads for cleaning different surfaces

Grout Pen White Tile Paint Marker: Waterproof Tile Grout Colorant and Sealer Pen - White, Narrow 5mm Tip (7mL)
  • A grout pen allows you to skip scrubbing dirty grout
  • One pen has enough ink to cover up to 60 meters of grout
  • Non-toxic, water-based ink protects against spots and stains

Got Grimy Grout?

Clean, sparkling grout isn’t just the territory of high-end restaurants and rich-folk houses. With these best grout cleaning tools, you can make your grout worthy of being displayed in the exquisite Cheesecake Factory.

The best part of these grout cleaning brushes and tools? They blend simplicity and affordability, that way you don’t have to face those high charges of hiring a cleaning company to deep clean your bathroom and kitchen tiles. With just a bit of grout cleaner and some elbow grease, your grout will be shining in no time.

The best grout cleaning brushes and tools on the market today:

Straightforward and affordable, the Unger 2-in-1 is also one of the most recommended grout cleaning tools on the market. Methodically thought out V-shaped bristles allow deep penetration into grout lines at awkward angles. The brush bristles carry over the corner of the grout brush, making it easy to scrub corners, and the True Grip triangular handle offers support and comfort while scrubbing, whether wet or dry. The sturdy V-shaped bristles offer the perfect grout cleaning duo being gentle on tiles and tough on grout.

Not everyone has a cordless drill sitting in their garage waiting to be used, but if you do, you’re in luck. This grout drill brush set contains 3 different shaped scrub brushes that attach directly to the head of your drill for cleaning bathroom surfaces, tile, and grout. The medium-stiffness nylon power brushes don’t scratch, thus making them ideal for scrubbing grout without the worry of scratching your tiles. Using these scrub brush attachments on your drill make grout cleaning truly effortless, allowing the machine to do the work and offering a no-scrub clean for you. One downside to using these grout brushes with a drill is due to the force and power, your cleaning solution will splatter all over tiles and walls near where you’re working, so a quick clean-up afterwards is necessary.

Much like an electric toothbrush, the Rubbermaid Reveal Power Scrubber does the work for you. The oscillating head scrubs 60 times per second, effectively removing grime and dirt from grout. With variable settings, you can choose whether you want the power scrubber to pulse or continually scrub to ensure you get the clean you’re after. It’s water resistant and comes complete with an ergonomic grip for effective use whether wet or dry. When equipped with the grout brush attachment, the power scrubber is ideal for cleaning and disinfecting grout. The narrow and expertly thought out head works exceptionally well at reaching back to those hard-to-reach places. 

If you’re looking for an all-in-one deep cleaning set of brushes, look no further than the Holikme 5 Pack Deep Cleaning Brush Set. Featuring the tools you need to deep clean your bathroom or kitchen, you get two scrub brushes, ideal for cleaning larger surfaces and tiles, one tile line brush for cleaning grout, small spaces and corners, one groove gap brush with two heads to scrub away tough stains ideal for getting in shower door tracks and other gaps, and one scouring pad brush which is used for decontaminating large surfaces, ideal for stainless steel, sinks, etc. Not only will this set of deep cleaning brushes make your grout shine, it’ll make all your tiles and the entire bathroom sparkle like new. These brushes work exceptionally well for heavy-duty, detailed cleaning with comfortable handles so your hands don’t get tired as quickly.

The Crown Choice Store’s grout brush stands out as one of the best grout brushes on the market with its well thought out design. The thick 1” handle allows for comfortable scrubbing. The bristles have an angled design, allowing them to dig deep into grout corners and tight spaces, and the firm bristles attract dirt, grime, and mold, wiping it away without damaging or scratching the delicate tiles or grout. The heavy-duty brush is a 2-in-1, cleaning not only grout but also the tiles in kitchens, bathrooms, and anywhere else around the house. The bristles are quite stiff, making this the ideal brush for dirty grout that needs a very thorough clean.

This 4-in-1 set is the perfect grout cleaning brush set. From small tile seams to thick grout, each of these grout brushes can be used to remove dirt, grime, and stains and restore your grout to its former glory. The power grout brush firmly attacks dirt, grime and mold and has angled bristles which easily clean into deep corners and gaps. The other three brushes are perfect for paying attention to detail. One brush has a convenient long handle, giving you more cleaning leverage and making reaching into deep corners easier. The next has a unique brush head, giving optimal scrubbing power, and the final grout cleaning brush is small but mighty. With its strong bristles and straight, flat design you can clean all the places you can see, but can’t reach, perfect for small gaps.

OXO Good Grips creates high-quality products and never ceases to deliver. Durable, functional, high-quality and well designed are just a few words reviewers use to describe OXO Good Grips products. The OXO Good Grips Grout Brush was specifically designed for cleaning dirty grout, as well as shower door tracks and other small spaces. The resilient bristles make it easy to scrub away common mildew and stains that often spoil grout and make it look less-than-desirable. The comfortable handle is soft and non-slip, offering perfect support and a secure grip, even when the brush or your hand is wet. It’s important to note that some reviewers complained that the bristles on this grout brush were too soft to get rid of stuck-on grime.

The Fuginator Scrub Brush fits seamlessly between tiles for a tight, thorough clean, ensuring no section of grout is missed. Removing dirt, mold, and mildew from tile joints and seams. The brush bristles are stiff and angled, working perfectly for cleaning deep into corners and scraping away dirt in all those hard-to-reach places. Extremely lightweight, the Fuginator has an ergonomic handle that’s comfortable to use whether you’re right or left handed. You can also separately purchase an adapter clip which allows you to attach a broom handle onto the scrub brush for working on large areas that are hard to reach, like tall walls, or areas that cause back-aches, like scrubbing floors. 

This OXO Good Grips Deep Clean Brush Set comes with a large brush, small brush, and wiper blade. The large brush is ideal for scrubbing grout, getting in shower door tracks, stovetops and more. The small brush works well for cleaning bathroom and kitchen fixtures as well as getting in other tight spaces, and the wiper blade is ideal for scraping dirt and grime out of crevices and tight spaces, as well as cleaning built up dirt from drains. The nylon bristles on these brushes are stiff and durable, making them an exceptional choice for scrubbing grimy grout. The non-slip grips are ergonomic and allow for longer use with less hand exhaustion caused from scrubbing. The large grout brush also offers a thumb grip so you can add extra scrubbing power without acquiring a sore thumb.

This set of tough scrub brushes work well for cleaning tile, grout, ceramic, and wood. With three different sizes and shapes, you’re sure to find a brush that fits the job. The narrow grout brush works particularly well for deep cleaning grout with its slender, curved head for fitting in tile seams, the power scrub brush has firm bristles and is ideal for scrubbing bigger surfaces and getting stains out fast, and the small scrub brush is ideal for quick cleanups and scrubbing tub floors and walls. The comfy handles come equipped with large hanging holes so you can keep your brushes organized on hooks when not in use. These brushes are easy to hold and make cleaning in tight and awkward spaces a piece of cake.

The Fuller Brush secures a spot on our list of the best grout cleaning tools with its V trim design, allowing the bristles to easily fit into narrow and wide grout sections and its long, convenient handle which allows you to stop getting down on your hands and knees to scrub grout. The brush boasts a handle that can extend from 29-inches out to 52-inches, with the brush head measuring 9-inches long by 1 1/2-inches wide, allowing you to cover much space in little time. The long handle offers lots of powerful force as the stiff bristles work to scrub away dirt, grime, slime, and tough stains. The brush head effortlessly pivots so you can clean at any and every angle, ensuring you get deep into corners and all those other hard-to-reach places.

Take the drudgery out of grout cleaning with this grout brush with a long handle that enables you to clean grimy grout while standing up - no more scrubbing on your hands and knees to clean those floor tiles, and no more balancing on a step stool to reach the floor-to-ceiling tiles. This large grout cleaning brush allows you to clean more grout in less time and with less effort put into it. The pole is made from tough premium-grade steel, allowing you to apply pressure without worry of it snapping and the brush itself has over 4,000 heavy-duty stiff bristles which work to effortlessly lift and scrub grime from grout, without harming delicate tiles. The brush head pivots, making it easier to get into corners and tight spaces without moving your body to awkward angles. Not only does this grout brush clean grout, but the large brush cleans your tiles at the same time.

This cordless electric spin scrubber eliminates the need to be on your hands and knees scrubbing grout, or for struggling to reach grout that’s in awkward places or high up. Complete with 4 brushes, the Homitt Electric Spin Scrubber comes with an extra-wide flat brush for scrubbing and buffing large surfaces, a small flat brush for cleaning smaller areas, the round brush for cleaning tubs, sinks, and showers, and a corner scrubber brush perfect for getting into tight corners and scrubbing narrow grout lines. This is one of the top grout cleaning tools as it’s easy to store and doesn’t take up much space, works to clean a wide variety of surfaces, and eliminates manual scrubbing power while cleaning grout, you simply guide the grout cleaning machine and it does the rest of the work, the machine is also cordless, so there are no pesky cords to work around, allowing up to 60 minutes of runtime and a quick charge. Plus, it’s incredibly lightweight at less than 3 pounds. Cleaning grout has never been easier!

This number one best-selling floor cleaner is intended for use on many different surfaces from tile to carpet to wood. This machine won’t clean your grout as deeply as using a grout-specific brush, as the machine will more so just move over the surface of the grout, rather than actually cleaning deep into the grout lines, but if your grout doesn’t tend to get all too dirty, it could be a quick and easy way to wipe your grout while shining and polishing the tiles simultaneously. Please note that this machine is not intended for use on any surfaces other than floors, so will render useless for tiled walls and showers.

This floor cleaning machine works exceptionally well when it comes to cleaning wood, vinyl, and, of course, tile. Much like the last machine we mentioned, this floor cleaning machine won’t get a deep penetrating clean on your grout, but will simply wipe the surface clean. If your grout is grimy and stained, this may not be the best grout cleaning machine for you. But, if your tile floors simply need a quick polish every once in a while, the Oreck Commercial Orbiter Floor Machine is a highly-rated tile floor cleaning machine.

This floor cleaning machine works exceptionally well when it comes to cleaning wood, vinyl, and, of course, tile. Much like the last machine we mentioned, this floor cleaning machine won’t get a deep penetrating clean on your grout, but will simply wipe the surface clean. If your grout is grimy and stained, this may not be the best grout cleaning machine for you. But, if your tile floors simply need a quick polish every once in a while, the Oreck Commercial Orbiter Floor Machine is a highly-rated tile floor cleaning machine.

If all else fails to restore the look of your grimy grout, the Grout Pen will do the trick. Rather than scrubbing tiles and grout for hours on end, the grout pen cleans, whitens, and recolors your grout to match its former state. The long-lasting ink makes this grout pen the ideal grout cleaning tool for the job, covering up to 60 meters of grout in one pen. The non-toxic advanced formula is a water-based ink that helps protect your grout from stains and spots.

How to Clean Grout

Grout is typically a mixture of cement, sand, and water which creates a paste that is used to seal joints between tiles. Some people wonder what is the difference between grout and mortar; mortar is the adhesive which attaches tiles to the wall or surface they are being placed onto, and grout is used to fill the gaps between tiles after they have been set. 

Since grout is made from a mixture of cement, sand, and water, it is highly porous, meaning it absorbs any and every liquid that it comes in contact with. This can be a problem when liquids that stain come in contact with grout. This is when it’s important to know how to clean grout.

Cleaning grout comes down to two important components:

  1. Grout cleaning brush
  2. Grout cleaner

A good grout brush, when paired with appropriate grout cleaner, is key to keeping your grout shining. 

Depending on the state your grout is in, you may or may not need grout cleaner. If not too dirty, most grout can be scrubbed clean simply with a stiff-bristled brush and some warm water. However, to scrub away tough stains and slime, you may need to invest in some of the best grout cleaner on the marker. We’ll talk about grout cleaner in a moment.

Before we get to that, here’s how to clean grout in 5 steps:

  1. Run a damp cloth or stiff-bristled brush over the grout to remove debris and loose dirt from the surface.
  2. Place a cleaning solution on the grout and let sit for 5 - 10 minutes. (You can either use store bought grout cleaner from our list below or make your own grout cleaning solution with a mix of 50-50 warm water and white cleaning vinegar.)
  3. After 5 - 10 minutes, grab your stiff-bristled grout brush and start scrubbing the grout, working in a circular motion. Depending on how much grout you have, it may be a good idea to use an electric grout brush so you don’t get a sore hand or arm.
  4. Rinse the grout brush off and wipe the grout one last time with a damp cloth in warm water or with your clean grout brush.
  5. Use a damp cloth to wipe and remove grout cleaner from the tiles.

The Best Grout Cleaner

When it comes to grout cleaners, it’s important to use a proven DIY grout cleaner that’s gentle on grout (like a 50-50 mix of warm water and white vinegar in a spray bottle) or a store-bought grout cleaner, specifically for grout.

Using other cleaners that aren’t made for grout can cause the grout to eventually erode, so it’s important to use a proven grout cleaner.

The best grout cleaners:

DIY grout cleaner:

50-50 mix of warm water and white vinegar in a spray bottle. This homemade grout cleaner is ideal for cleaning mildly dirty grout. Grout that has tough stains may require a tougher grout cleaner.


If you don’t want to scrub your dirt grout, this grout pen comes in a wide variety of common grout colors to brighten and restore your grout to its natural look.

Grout Pen White Tile Paint Marker: Waterproof Tile Grout Colorant and Sealer Pen - White, Narrow 5mm Tip (7mL)
23,068 Reviews
Grout Pen White Tile Paint Marker: Waterproof Tile Grout Colorant and Sealer Pen - White, Narrow 5mm Tip (7mL)
• Skip scrubbing tiles and use a grout pen to clean, whiten, and recolor your grout
• Ideal for the bathroom, kitchen, and any other room that has floor or ceiling tiles
• Tackle small or large DIY projects with a pen that covers up to 60 meters of grout


Granite Gold Grout Cleaner removes dirt, mold, mildew, and other buildup that occurs on grout and can be used on any color grout. The non-toxic, acid-free and biodegradable cleaning solution contains no phosphates or ammonia and is ideal for deep-cleaning and restoring grimy grout and is safe for use on a wide variety of surfaces.

Granite Gold Grout Cleaner Spray with Brush for Stone, Ceramic, Glass & Colored Grout, 24 Ounce
1,732 Reviews
Granite Gold Grout Cleaner Spray with Brush for Stone, Ceramic, Glass & Colored Grout, 24 Ounce
• Effectively removes dirt, mildew, mold and other build-up on grout
• Use this grout cleaner to deep clean and restore white or colored grout
• Safe on stone, tile, porcelain, slate, ceramic, concrete, glass and more


While not a grout-specific cleaner, it has been formulated for use on a variety of surfaces throughout the kitchen and bathroom, and many people have used the Soft Scrub Multi-Purpose Cleaner to rejuvenate and refresh their grout. This grout cleaner cleans tough stains without stinking up your home with harsh fumes. This cleaner is infused with millions of oxi scrubbers that activate while you clean, making cleaning tough stains from surfaces easy.

*Please note that since this isn’t a grout-specific cleaner, it’s important to test the cleaner on a small, hidden area first to ensure it doesn’t cause damage or discoloration.

Soft Scrub Multi-Purpose Kitchen and Bathroom Cleanser with Oxi, 36 Ounce (Pack of 1)
15,141 Reviews
Soft Scrub Multi-Purpose Kitchen and Bathroom Cleanser with Oxi, 36 Ounce (Pack of 1)
• Millions of oxi scrubbers activate while you clean
• Gives a deep clean with no harsh fumes
• Formulated for use throughout the bathroom and kitchen


The Rejuvenate Grout Deep Cleaner boasts that it can remove years of dirt built-up, helping restore the look of old grout and the bio-enzymatic formula works to continue cleaning the grout long after you’re done scrubbing. This grout cleaner is non-toxic and acid free, making it a popular choice.

Rejuvenate Grout Deep Cleaner Cleaning Formula Instantly Removes Years of Dirt Build-Up to Restore Grout to the Original Color (32 fl oz)
2,124 Reviews
Rejuvenate Grout Deep Cleaner Cleaning Formula Instantly Removes Years of Dirt Build-Up to Restore Grout to the Original Color (32 fl oz)
• Stain lifter removes dirt and grime from old grout
• Bio-enzymatic formula continues to clean the grout long after you're done scrubbing
• Non-toxic, acid free


The Goo Gone Grout Cleaner lifts tough stains and makes restoring dirty grout to its former glory a breeze. Adding to your scrubbing power, you can effortlessly remove mold, mildew, soap scum, hard water stains, and more from your grout with this powerhouse cleaner which is also safe on natural stone, ceramic tile, fiberglass, and porcelain surfaces.

Goo Gone Grout & Tile Cleaner - 28 Ounce - Removes Tough Stains Dirt Caused By Mold Mildew Soap Scum and Hard Water Staining - Safe on Tile Ceramic Porcelain
2,094 Reviews
Goo Gone Grout & Tile Cleaner - 28 Ounce - Removes Tough Stains Dirt Caused By Mold Mildew Soap Scum and Hard Water Staining - Safe on Tile Ceramic Porcelain
• Breaks down tough stains, mold, mildew, soap scum, and hard water
• Grout and tile cleaner
• Safe for use on grout and ceramic/porcelain


If you have a lot of grout to clean in your house, this large one gallon of Ultimate Grout Cleaner is a good choice. Safe on both white and colored grout, this ultimate grout cleaner is fast acting and works exceptionally well when removing grease, dirt, grime, and stains. However, it’s important to note that this grout cleaner isn’t intended to remove calcium, mold or mildew.


The Rock Doctor extra strength Tile and Grout Cleaner is made from a combination of surfactants, organic salts, and water which creates an acid-replacement cleaner. This cleaner works to quickly restore the color and appearance of dirty and grimy grout. Safe for use on colored grout, porcelain and ceramic tile, glazed and unglazed tile, and granite, though it’s always recommended to test the product on a small, hidden portion of the surface first. This non-abrasive formula is powerful enough to lift tough stains from grout but gentle enough not to scratch delicate tile.

Natural Tile Grout Cleaner Heavy Duty Non-Abrasive
706 Reviews
Natural Tile Grout Cleaner Heavy Duty Non-Abrasive
• Specifically formulated to remove grease, dirt, oil, and soap scum
• Restores the appearance of dirty and stained grout
• Made of a combination of surfactants, organic salts, and water

What Makes a Good Grout Brush... Good?

When shopping for the best grout brush, there are a few things to keep in mind...

  • Bristle stiffness

A good grout brush has stiff bristles that don’t give way to pressure or wear off from friction. The stiff bristles are required to penetrate deep into the grout to lift tough stains. However, it’s important not to use wire brushes as these will scratch the tiles and chip away at the grout. Using a grout-specific brush is key, and finding one that has stiff bristles that can scrub away tough stains without damaging tile is important.

  • Handle

A non-slip and comfortable handle is important in a good grout brush. The non-slip handle will ensure you get a thorough clean with no slips even when the brush or your hand gets wet. The ergonomic handle ensures your hands don’t get sore or tired too quickly when scrubbing at the grout.

  • Shape of brush

The shape of the brush makes or breaks the best grout brush. A good grout brush will be small enough to fit into tight spaces, but not so small that it covers no more ground than using a toothbrush. The brush should have a shape that’s comfortable to hold and easy to maneuver, and the bristles should go well around the corner of the brush, like they do on this grout brush, allowing you to clean deep into corners without having to place the brush at awkward angles.

  • Bristle shape

The bristles shouldn’t be cut straight across. Angled, v-shaped, or otherwise thoughtfully shaped bristles are key. This allows your grout brush to clean both thin grout lines as well as thicker grout lines in one pass.

  • Powered or manual

Whether you opt for a motorized grout brush or a manual grout brush will depend entirely on your personal preferences. If your arm and hand tire out quickly from scrubbing, a motorized grout brush may be the way to go. However, if you don’t have much grout to clean and don’t mind the scrubbing, a generic manual hand grout brush is sufficient.

  • Extras

Keep in mind whether or not you want your grout brush to come equipped with any extras. Some grout brushes come complete with pole attachments so they can easily clip onto broom or extension poles for easily cleaning floors or hard-to-reach places. Other grout brushes come in kits with various sized brushes to clean in all different areas.

What is a Grout Brush Used For?

Grout brushes are specifically designed with stiff bristles to scrub dirt, grime, and stains from grout. The brushes are generally narrow, angled, or the bristles have a V-shape to work in either narrow or wide tile seams. The bristles are abrasive enough to penetrate deep into the grout to give a superior clean but gentle enough as not to scratch delicate tiles. 

Grout brushes generally have an ergonomic handle with some sort of anti-slip grip which allows you to easily scrub away mildew without getting a sore hand, and the best grout brushes have bristles that go around the corner of the brush, which make scrubbing dirt, grime, and slime from corners easier.

How to Choose the Best Grout Cleaning Tool

Choosing the best grout cleaning tool for your cleaning needs will vary depending on a few different things. 

  • The amount of grout

The amount of grout you have will impact which grout cleaning tool is ideal for you. If you have just a small amount of grout that tends to look dingy over the months, a small hand-held grout brush will be sufficient. However, if you have a lot of grout to cover, choosing either a grout brush that attaches to the end of a drill or a motorized grout brush would be a smart choice for you.

  • Where the grout is

The location of the grout is vital. If you’ve got a tile floor, you’ll want a grout brush with a pole so you don’t need to be on your hands and knees. Or, if you have lots of corners and hard-to-reach grout to clean, you’ll want a grout brush that’s specifically made for cleaning small spaces and corners to make your job easier.

  • Budget

While you won’t have to sell the house for a good grout brush, the price range still varies from brush to brush. Your budget and the amount you want to spend to gather the best grout cleaning tools for your bathroom will determine which grout brush is the best for your needs.

  • Effort

The amount of effort you want to put into cleaning grout. If you have joint problems, your arms or hands get sore quickly, or the thought of spending hours manually scrubbing grout makes you cringe, purchasing a motorized grout brush might be a good way to go. Again, if you don’t have much grout to clean and you don’t mind the manual side of it, a small hand held brush is acceptable.

Best Grout Cleaning Tools FAQs

No complete buyer’s guide would be complete without a thoroughly researched frequently asked questions section. Below we’ve gone over all your hard-pressed questions that will help you make an educated decision to find the best grout cleaning tool for you.

Is there a machine that will clean grout?

If you’ve ever found yourself wiping the sweat beads from your head while asking yourself, “is there a machine that cleans grout?” the answer is yes.

There are several good floor and tile cleaning tools on the market that also work to clean grout. You will want to note that these grout cleaning machines won’t necessarily do as good of a clean as scrubbing grout by hand with a small brush, but if you have a large area to cover, they’re a good choice.

grout Brush vs. Grout Cleaning Machine

Both grout brushes and grout cleaning machines come with their own unique advantages and disadvantages. While a grout hand brush will clean much deeper into your grout and lift tough stains, grout cleaning machines work with minimal effort on your part. It all depends on the level of clean you want to end up with and how dirty your grout is when starting out. It also depends on the location of the grout - grout cleaning machines can be heavy and some are only meant to be used on the floor.

grout Brush vs. Grout Cleaning Machine

We think the Unger 2-in-1 Grout and Corner Scrubber is the best tool to clean grout on the market. With its unique triangular ergonomic-shaped non-slip handle for comfort while scrubbing at any angle, the V-shaped bristles which offer a deep clean and lift tough stains, and the corner brush head to easily clean into corners and in any direction, it covers just about everything you could need in a good grout brush. The bristles are stiff but gentle, perfect for cleaning dirty grout without scratching delicate tiles.

What is the Best Way to Clean Dirty Grout?

Pairing a good-quality grout brush with proven grout cleaner, whether homemade or store-bought, and putting in some good old-fashioned elbow grease is the best way to clean dirty grout. There’s no way around it.

What Causes Grout to Get Dirty?

Grout is a mixture of cement, sand, and water, making it extremely porous. Since grout is so porous, it quickly absorbs most anything it comes in contact with, making it look discolored, dirty, or even slimy. Soap and water stains both make grout dirty, as well as mold and mildew caused from humid conditions. 

The best way to keep grout from getting dirty is to clean it regularly. Unfortunately, there’s no way around dirty grout unless the surface or room doesn’t get used, and even then the grout will eventually attract dust which will diminish the look of your grout.

What is the Best Brush to Clean Grout?

The Unger 2-in-1 Grout and Corner Scrubber and the OXO Good Grips Grout Brush both rank high for the best brush to clean grout. Each brush offers its own unique features, but overall they both work exceptionally well for scrubbing grout lines, both narrow and thick, lifting stains and rejuvenating the look of old, aged, and dirty grout. 

Wrap Up

What do you think of our list of the best grout cleaning tools? Did we miss any must-have grout cleaning brushes or machines that you’ve used to make your grout sparkle? 

We believe that one of these grout cleaning brushes or machines will do just the trick if you’re ready to take your grout to the next level. Dirty grout makes even the cleanest rooms look dingy, and that’s exactly what you’ll avoid when you put one of these grout cleaning tools to the test. 

Why dish out hundreds of dollars to hire someone to deep clean your grout every time it starts to look less-than-appealing? With one of these handy tools, you become the professional deep cleaner, plus it doesn’t cost an arm and a leg!