Whether you have a house that is bursting at the seams with clutter, or your house is fairly clean and organized, but you want to ensure you get rid of anything you have that’s just taking up space, here are 6 best home decluttering tips.

Have you ever felt overwhelmed with clutter? I know I have. I can’t stand the feeling of being overwhelmed and out of control from a cluttered house, and that’s why I decided to take a stand and make a change in our home.


Are you ready to make a change in your home, too? There’s no better time to start than now.





I’ve mentioned this in some of my other decluttering posts, and there’s a good reason why I keep bringing it up. Changing your perspective and looking at your belongings through the eyes of a stranger helps remove any sentiment you feel towards a specific item, and brings out the practical side of stuff.

Of course, there are just some items that you will keep because they have deep sentimental meaning to you, and that’s okay. But if you are trying to keep everything that you own because it has some kind of meaning to you, that’s when it’s time to bring out the eyes of a stranger.

Do a walkthrough of each room and closet in your house and look at your stuff from an unbiased opinion. If you have a hard time doing this, consider asking a friend of yours to come over and help you.

Get them to look through your house with you, and anything they think is unnecessary or don’t see a reason for, have them pile it up in the middle of the room, then after you can go through the pile together and decide which stuff you actually need (if any) and which stuff it’s time to toss.

This might be one of the hardest ways to declutter, but it is also one of the most effective ways.

When I finally stopped looking at all our stuff with an attitude of attachment to it and started looking at our stuff from an outsider’s perspective, that is when I was finally able to start decluttering our house.

All that needs to be done to be able to effectively declutter your house is for you to shift your perspective to the perspective of a stranger. I’ll be the first to admit, it wasn’t easy, and it still isn’t super fun. But, it is the one change I made that finally enabled us to truly declutter our life.

When you’re able to let go of the attachment that you feel towards some of your items, (even items that don’t necessarily have any sentimental meaning to you) and remember that stuff is just stuff, is when it will become easier and easier to declutter.

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Even if you’ve walked through your house looking at your stuff through the eyes of a stranger, it can still feel overwhelming to actually get rid of everything you no longer need. When there’s so much to do and you don’t know where to start, sometimes you end up doing nothing.

To eliminate wasted time and to help you eliminate your overwhelm, start small. Don’t try and declutter the most cluttered room in your house first, unless you know you can do it. Instead, start somewhere small, somewhere that might not even have much significance at all.

Right now, the biggest and most important thing is getting you into the groove of decluttering. Right now your concern shouldn’t be getting the biggest and baddest room out of the way, but rather getting started somewhere.

So go ahead, grab something small like a single desk drawer, your kitchen or bathroom counter, or the coffee table, and start decluttering and organizing it.

Once you’ve completed that one simple task, you can start moving forward to another small thing, then another, and another.

The most important thing to remember when you feel overwhelmed by clutter is that you don’t have to do it all right now. You just have to start somewhere. And starting somewhere might mean going through the bathroom cupboard that won’t take too long, but will at least get you started.


Okay, maybe you know your house is overdue for a very thorough decluttering, but you’re putting it off. You may be creating all kinds of valid excuses as to why you can’t start right now. Maybe you are too busy, you are too attached to your stuff, or it’s too nice outside to be stuck inside decluttering all day.

Whatever the reason it is that you are putting off starting, get rid of it. If you know it’s time to declutter, but you’ve been putting it off, simply start.

Dump all the reasons why you haven’t started yet and get rid of all your excuses, and just start.

Again, starting doesn’t have to mean jumping into the most cluttered area of your house and attacking it until it’s beautifully organized, though that’s always an option.

It just means simply getting started. If you don’t know where to start or feel like you don’t have time, start with something small that will only take you five minutes. Do that once a day for a while, then start to keep decluttering for just a few minutes more each day.

It doesn’t matter how you start, it simply matters that you start.


You may come to a room in your house that is absolutely overflowing with uncontrolled clutter, and you might feel like you can’t do it, but you can. When you get to an area that seems too much to handle, just take it one step at a time.

Tell yourself that you will declutter a small portion of the room, then be done for the day. Start somewhere simple, maybe the room has a small closet, or maybe a corner of the room isn’t too full of clutter, then start there.

It doesn’t matter if this one room takes you 2 days or 2 weeks to declutter, just go at it at a pace that works for you and don’t quit.

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Something that makes up a big portion of common household clutter is duplicates of things you already have. I get it, our house used to be filled with all kinds of duplicates.

I always wanted to have a backup, just in case something we had broke. That way, we would just have to grab the spare one and it was ready to start being used.

I thought by keeping duplicates around I was saving us money and doing us a favor. But what I didn’t realize was that I was just creating wasted space, adding to our clutter, and wasting our money.

Something I had to learn the hard way was that, sure, we may have a spare coffee maker for if ours ever died, but if ours ends up lasting us many years, we have to then create space to store our spare coffee maker.

The same goes for any duplicates you have. Even if you see a great deal on something that you already have, don’t buy it as a spare unless you know that you are going to need it.

If it’s something that you want to buy just in case, then don’t get it.

If you’re wasting space by storing dozens and dozens of duplicates, it’s time to purge them.

You can even sell your spare items so you make money off of them.

If you’re worried about not having a spare at the ready if something like your coffee maker breaks, you will just have to get creative while you work on fixing yours or wait for a good sale to come on coffee makers.

There’s usually a way around everything, and thankfully, you can still have your precious coffee even without a coffee maker by making it in a pan on the stove.


Create a place in your home for all your things so you have nothing sitting around unnecessarily taking up space.

This will also help encourage you to declutter your home because once you get rid of everything that you don’t need, you will finally have room for the things that you do need.

If you can’t find space for something in your house, ask yourself if it’s really something you need. If it is something you need to keep, then work on decluttering and organizing even more to create room for it so it’s not sitting somewhere it shouldn’t be. If it’s something you really don’t need, get rid of it.

If you don’t know where something should go or don’t have space for it, it’s probably time to get rid of it. Chances are, a week down the road you won’t even realize it’s gone.

The only way you will be able to achieve your desire of a decluttered home and decluttered life is to actually start. It’s time to stop planning and dreaming and about it and to finally start doing.

If you’re overwhelmed by the decluttering process, remember, you can start slow and start small. You don’t need to get it all done today, you only need to start, even if that’s just 5 minutes out of your day that you dedicate to decluttering a certain area of your house.

If you’re worried that you’re going to miss something that you should really be getting rid of, remember, you can always get creative and make dual use out of something else you have.

Have you started decluttering your home? Which of these 6 best home decluttering tips is your favorite? Which of these 6 best home decluttering tips do you think you will struggle the most with?

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