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Social media.
It’s honesty time.

I am a SAHW (stay-at-home-wife) to my wonderful, loving husband.

I am an introvert and my husband is not. 

I often find myself spending my days cleaning, baking, cooking, crocheting or knitting, going for walks, doing laundry, blogging, reading, and DIY projects.

And I used to hate social media

I started my blog as an outlet, somewhere I could express my thoughts and put them out there.  When I first started my blog I secretly hoped that no one would find it or read it.  I was nervous about putting myself and my personal thoughts and opinions out there, but now I have grown to love blogging and hope that I do get new people reading my stuff.

I used to read marriage and family blogs, farming blogs and homemaking blogs.  When I started looking into creating my own blog I got so confused by all the “internet-lingo” as I am by no means tech-savvy.  But after hours of research I mildly got the hang of things, and now I’m doing alright.

Social media. I did not like anything to do with social media, and one of my biggest hurdles when starting a blog was the whole “Social Media” thing.  Shortly after getting married, my husband and I decided to delete our Facebook accounts.  We didn’t have Instagram or Twitter.  Pretty much, we were living in the stone age.  Despite our smartphones, running water, and electricity.

My husband and I found that we would scroll through Facebook and it was mostly negative.  The news was negative, some of our friends’ posts were negative, the criticizing was not healthy criticism, but negative.  It seemed like everywhere we looked on social media it was negative and unhealthy.  So the thought of starting up a blog, and promoting on social sites, and the bog itself being so social, was pretty nervewracking.  And the question played in the back of my head:

Can social media be used for good?

My answer is yes, social media can be used for good.  No, I’m not saying everything out there on social sites is good.  But we can create an atmosphere that is good.  We can’t control what others post or publish, but we can control what we put out there.  We can create a safe spot for people to turn to when it seems like the world has gone corrupt and there’s no good out there.  We can give people hope in our little spot in the social media world.

It’s up to you to create good, safe, and nurturing content.  Don’t fall into the ways of the world, but rather stand out like a sore thumb, tall and proud.

There are so many articles about how marriages just won’t last, or how you’re bound to be miserable after marriage, or how you should just throw in the towel.  I’m here to stand apart from the mainstream of those articles and tell you that that is not true.  Marriages can last, you can be truly happy, and you shouldn’t give up.  Not now, not here.  You’ve come so far and have so much further to go.

So let’s use social media to better our world.  Rather than thinking it is corrupt and therefore there is no point in using social sites, rather use your sites to better the world.  Do your part in being a Christ-like example not only to those around you but also to anyone who may come across your social sites.  Fill them with hope and encouragement and give them a safe place to come to.

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