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Are you frustrated with your cleaning schedule? Maybe you don't even have a cleaning schedule and often find yourself overwhelmed when it comes time to clean your house.

If cleaning is something you really don't enjoy, it's no surprise that it can become a never-ending cycle of putting off cleaning because you just don't want to do it, to finally telling yourself something NEEDS to be done about the mess, to getting extremely overwhelmed when looking at the mess, to putting it off for another few days because you don't know where or how to start.

Don't worry - you're not alone! I know what it feels like to really, really wish your house would just magically clean itself. To wish that one day you would wake up to a perfectly cleaned house. 

But, as I'm sure you know by now, a clean house doesn't happen overnight - unless you hire a cleaning service to come in and clean your house while you're asleep, which many of us don't have a budget for, let alone flat out wouldn't want somebody in our house while we're sleeping. 

All this to say, cleaning doesn't have to be that hard. I used to be where you are, dreading every week because I knew I would have to clean our house, or putting it off a few too many times and having an unnecessary mess and just plain not knowing where or how to start cleaning.

That used to be me - but now, I don't mind cleaning. I've tried using countless cleaning schedules to keep myself on track and many of them didn't work for me.

But I did eventually end up creating my own cleaning schedule that I use to stay on track and keep a clean house week after week - without an overwhelming amount of work every day.

That's the beauty about cleaning - if you're consistent and stick with it, you will be rewarded with a house that is easier and easier to clean each week. 

No, your house isn't getting smaller. Perhaps you are just becoming better at managing your time and becoming more effective when it comes to cleaning. Knowing how to clean the right stuff at the right time so you aren't doing useless work, but you're also not putting your chores off for days on end.

Are you ready to learn some of the best house cleaning tips around? Find them below.

(PS - if you want to use the cleaning schedule that I created to keep myself on track and create a clean home with less and less work each week, you can grab yours for free here.)


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