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9 Tips to Stop Eating Out so Often

Eating out is a weakness of mine. While I love to cook meals at home, some nights nothing sounds sweeter than going to a restaurant, getting hot food delivered to the table, and not having to do ANY of the prep work or clean up. It wasn’t just eating out, either. Some evenings if I simply didn’t feel like cooking, I would get my husband to pick up take-out on his way home from work. (No prep, no dishes, no fuss. Yes please!) But, eating out was one of the first things that had to go when I quit...

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How to Save Money on Health Insurance For Your Family

Finding the right health insurance plan for you and your family can be downright stressful. Right when you think you’ve found the perfect plan, you read the fine print only to realize it isn’t even half of what you’re looking for (or they’ve stuffed countless extra costs into the health plan that you don’t need – and will never need). Here you’ll learn how to save money on health insurance, as well as some little-known health insurance tips and tricks to help you make an educated decision for your family’s health and safety.   How to save money on...

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13 Frugal Living Must Haves for Every Frugal Household

13 frugal living must haves to save money. Sometimes you’ve got to spend a bit of money to save a lot of money. Not always, but sometimes. There are some cases when it comes to frugal living where you will have to invest a bit of money to save money over the years to come. If you’re careful, the things you buy now will more than pay for themselves time and time again in the future. When my husband and I decided to start our frugal living journey, we didn’t go out and buy everything all at once. In...

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13 Ways How to Live on One Income (and still save money)

Living as a single income family is something rare these days. The way the world is going, it’s not looking very friendly for families trying to find ways how to live on one income. But, even with the costs of living always on the rise, living on one income IS possible. When my husband and I decided we would make the switch to a single income family, we had quite the learning curve over the next few months. First, we had to learn how to live on one income – we quickly learned it wasn’t as simple as me...

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Christmas Shopping on a Budget – How to Still Give Amazing Gifts

Before we know it Christmas will be here, and with Christmas comes the overwhelming pressure to spend, spend, spend. (Ever tried Christmas shopping on a budget before and failed miserably? Me too. Here’s how you can win at shopping on a budget without sacrificing the quality of gifts you buy.) But, what if you’re stuck on a budget? What if you can’t afford to spend, spend, spend… What then?  If you’re looking for ways to enjoy Christmas without feeling the pain of it in your bank account, here are some simple tips for Christmas shopping on a budget.  (THIS...

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