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How to do Christmas on a Budget in 14 Painless Steps

With Christmas drawing near, many people will be scratching their heads wondering how they’re going to stretch their money to be able to cover all the costs associated with the holiday. Are you one of those people? If you’re trying to save your pennies and are wondering how to do Christmas on a budget, here you’ll find 14 easy steps to help you save money this holiday season. When did it all become so expensive? Whether it be buying gifts, getting the perfect decorations, or planning Christmas dinner, everything from food to presents seems to add up unreasonably fast....

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5 Reasons Why You Need a Budget

I’m sure you’ve heard of budgeting, but do you ever find yourself wondering why you would need a budget? Isn’t good money management as simple as just being careful where you spend your money? Maybe not. Here are 5 reasons why you need a budget. This is a guest post from Ashley of Hi, I am Ashley from I teach people to budget so they can save money and pay off debt. When you are able to take control of your money and pay off debt, you can start living your dreams! I paid off $45,000 in 17 months including $25,000 in...

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7 Ways How to Save Money With the Cash Envelope System

Do you struggle with saving money? Have you tried it all only to fail? Have you tried the cash envelope system yet? Here’s how to save money with the cash envelope system. I am a huge advocate of the cash envelope system, and here’s why. No matter how good of self-control you have, if you use credit cards on a daily basis, you are likely spending more money every month than you need to be. You might argue that and tell me that you use credit cards, but you only buy stuff you need every month. If that is...

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How to Eat Healthy All Summer Without Busting Your Budget

This is a guest post from Dylan of When it’s sweltering outside, the last thing you want to do is spend an hour over a hot stove. But subsist on snacks all summer long and you’ll be kicking yourself when winter comes and you already have a head start on holiday weight gain. Thankfully, you don’t have to be a slave to the kitchen to keep your family eating healthy over the hot summer months. Read on for ways to keep your family’s meals healthy, hydrating and simple this summer season. How to eat healthy all summer without...

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The Ultimate Budget Breakdown: How to Create a Budget You Can Stick To

Whether you want to save money, cut costs, stretch your income, tackle debt, or just get to know your finances, budgeting should always be the first step. Whether you suck with money and budgets or you just want to take the next step in your financial journey but don’t know where to start, after you have made the decision to create a better financial situation for yourself, the next step should be learning how to budget. Many people think that budgeting is as easy as slapping a few numbers down on a piece of paper and calling it good....

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