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How to Stop Spending Money You Don’t Have

Are you in a routine habit of spending money that you don’t have? Its time to break that habit, it’s time to stop spending money you don’t have. Have you ever gone to buy something only to realize you’re out of money, so you turn to your credit card to save you, because even though you don’t have the money right now, you’ll have it soon. Right?? That is a whole putting the carriage ahead of the horse situation that you want to avoid right there. THAT IS SPENDING MONEY YOU DON’T HAVE, ON THINGS YOU DON’T NEED Or maybe...

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28 Ways to Make Extra Money Every Month

Are you tight on money and searching frantically for any way that you can make extra money every month? Or maybe you’re pretty comfortable, but it’s always nice to have a bit of spare change lying around. When doing research I came across countless ways to make extra money every month, some ways were obvious, and you might even already be doing them, but some of the ways are things I would never have thought of, and I’m excited to put them into action in my life. Being a stay at home wife means living off of a single...

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A Simple Guide to Help You Learn How to Meal Plan

Meal plan.  Those daunting two words. Many people don’t dare step into the realm of meal planning with fear that it will be too hard. It doesn’t have to be – you can easily learn how to meal plan There’s nothing daunting about it at all.  Most people want to learn how to meal plan, but just don’t know where to start.  That was me before I started meal planning.  I had heard about several different people who did it successfully.   Not only were these people very successful at meal planning, but it was also saving them hundreds of...

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Celebrate Valentine’s Day on a Budget

With Valentine’s day coming up you might be wondering how you can celebrate Valentine’s day on a budget. (THIS POST MAY CONTAIN AFFILIATE LINKS FOR YOUR CONVENIENCE. YOU CAN READ OUR DISCLOSURE POLICY HERE.) Couples will be gearing up to find the perfect gift and way to celebrate Valentine’s day with their loved one.  We all want to spoil that special someone in our lives to show them how much we appreciate them. And yet, not even spoiling them with the most beautiful things in the world could come close to expressing how much we love and appreciate them....

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20 Things We Took Off Our Grocery List To Save Money

Wouldn’t life would be so much simpler if we didn’t have to buy groceries? If we could take all that money we spend on groceries every month and put it towards paying off debt, saving for retirement, or going on vacation. (THIS POST MAY CONTAIN AFFILIATE LINKS FOR YOUR CONVENIENCE. YOU CAN READ OUR DISCLOSURE POLICY HERE.) Well, I have a secret to share with you. I have a list of 20 things we took off our grocery list that has saved us hundreds upon hundreds of dollars – which has enabled us to buy groceries AND have extra money to put...

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