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7 Ways to Make Produce Last Longer

Do you find a lot of your fruits and vegetables spoiling just a few days after you have bought them? Are you looking for ways to make your produce last longer? Here are 7 ways to make produce last longer so you can finally stop wasting so much money on it. Have you ever noticed a certain trend with produce? Either you stock up on all the produce that you need during your regular shopping trip, then a couple days later half of it has already gone bad, OR you make several trips to the grocery store in a...

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5 Frugal Lifestyle Changes to Make to Save Money

Are you struggling to save money but feel like you’ve hit a solid brick wall? If you’ve been trying to save money for quite some time, I’m sure you know the feeling. Try saving money with these 5 frugal lifestyle changes.  You’ve tried everything, read endless articles and books, put everything to practice, but now you’re stuck. You’ve come to a wall – how do you keep saving money now? Saving money doesn’t have to be as hard as many people make it out to be. Sure, if you want real savings you’re going to have to make some significant...

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10 Expenses to Get Rid of Today

Have you ever stopped to think that maybe the reason why you are struggling to save money isn’t that you’re not making enough, but rather that you’re wasting the money that you do have on things that you really don’t need? Here are 10 expenses to get rid of today. Are you serious about your finances and ready to cut some unnecessary expenses out of your life? If you are, then let’s get to it – if you’re not sure you’re ready for this yet, reevaluate your spending, create a budget, and decide from there. (THIS POST MAY CONTAIN...

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8 Ways to Lower Your Monthly Expenses by Over $500

Do you struggle to find ways to cut costs and make ends meet? Here are 8 ways to lower your monthly expenses by over $500. Does it feel like you’ve done just about everything except sell the very clothes off of your back to try and make extra money to make ends meet? If you’re facing financial struggles and are looking for a few ways to save more money throughout the months but are exhausted and don’t have time to do side hustles to earn more money, there are a few ways that you can cut costs to end...

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How to Coupon For Beginners

Does the thought of spending all day clipping coupons make you cringe? Me too. But, do you hate paying full price on a (way overpriced) food item? Me too! Here’s how to coupon for beginners – even when the very thought of couponing terrifies you. It might be time to start giving couponing some consideration if you’re looking for some useful ways to save money, especially at the grocery store. I used to hate the thought of couponing. I knew I could save money if I did it, but I just didn’t think it was worth all the learning, confusion and time that...

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