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How to be the Best Stay at Home Wife (11 Easy Steps)

A stay at home wife What does she DO all day? Choosing to be a stay at home wife (with or without children) doesn’t mean you’re signing up for a life of wearing pajamas all day and eating ice cream while you spend 5 hours binge-watching your favorite soap operas then quickly getting up and throwing a ready-made meal in the oven before your husband gets home from work. Being a stay at home wife isn’t living in pajamas and eating chocolate with rollers in your hair. It’s choosing to create a haven for your husband and family, it’s...

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A Step-By-Step Guide to Meal Planning and Prep

A Step-By-Step Guide to Meal Planning and Prep This is a guest post from Isabel of It’s been a long day, and you’re too tired to cook dinner. You’ll just want to grab some pizza or probably eat a bowl of cereal, after all, cereal is healthy right? Well, we can all relate. Sometimes it can be tough to prepare a home-cooked meal to satisfy your hunger. But there’s a way to stick to a healthy diet despite a busy day – through meal planning and prep. It may seem complicated and a lot of effort to prepare a...

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8 Holiday Cleaning Tips to Keep Your Home Spotless This Christmas

When your Christmas to-do list is already nearing a mile long and you haven’t even added cleaning your house onto the list… it’s tempting to want to run and hide from all the responsibilities that fall on your plate.   Isn’t this time of year supposed to be fun, relaxing, and filled with joyful family time?  So why are YOU stuck with all the responsibilities? All the stress of getting the house prepped and ready for company? What if you don’t even like cleaning and now you’re stuck having to clean the entire house from top to bottom before Christmas comes around?  If that’s...

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7 Decluttering Tips For Hoarders (and people who like to collect stuff)

7 decluttering tips for hoarders (the ultimate guide to help hoarders declutter). (THIS POST MAY CONTAIN AFFILIATE LINKS FOR YOUR CONVENIENCE. YOU CAN READ OUR DISCLOSURE POLICY HERE.) Trying to declutter and organize a house when you like to hold on to stuff can be a really tough task. Not only are you trying to get yourself to get rid of stuff you’ve been holding onto for months, or even years, but you’re trying to do it on your own.  (If you’re ready to accept help and want someone to walk you through the entire organizing process, this is the free course...

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7 Home Organization Tips Guaranteed to Keep Your House Spotless

Have you ever attempted to organize your house and realized how drudging of a task it can be? (And how it’s going to take you WAY longer than you originally thought it would?) If you have a house full of unnecessary stuff, or a house full of stuff that isn’t in its proper place, home organization can seem nothing short of a nightmare. If you’re ready to learn a few home organization tips that will help you organize your home fast – and help you keep it organized – keep reading to learn the 7 best home organization hacks around. (THIS POST MAY CONTAIN...

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Meet Amy of Deliberately HereWelcome to Deliberately Here!
I’m Amy, a stay at home wife and mom who is letting go of perfection and learning to live deliberately.
Here you will learn everything from mom life tips and how to love your role as a mother to the best tips for decluttering and creating an organized home you love.