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10 Easy Ways to Live More Self-Sufficiently

If you long to live a simpler life and save money, here are 10 easy ways to live more self-sufficiently – EVEN if you are living in town. Whether you live in the country or you live in town, becoming more self-sufficient is a smart thing to do. Self-sufficiency means that you aren’t relying on supermarkets or clothing stores.  You are able to sustain your family from your land without the need of outside help (ie: grocery stores). If you want to become fully self-sufficient or just want to start growing more of your own food, there are many...

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5 Ways to Declutter Your House in One Week

Do you feel swamped from the clutter in your house? Here’s how to declutter your house in one week! Clutter. Clutter everywhere. That stuff that has a sneaky way of getting into your house and staying put for the years and years. The stuff that you really don’t need, but you keep around anyway. Do you struggle with a clutter-filled house? It’s so easy to overlook how much stuff you truly have and how much stuff you really don’t use if you don’t purge your house regularly. And, when you don’t realize how much useless stuff you have, you end...

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30 Productive Things to do Instead of Spending Money

Are you trying to cut back on spending money, but find yourself sitting around thinking that there is absolutely nothing productive or useful to do if you can’t spend money? You may have come in here with that mindset, but my hopes are that you won’t leave with it, because there is stuff you can do that won’t cost you a dime and will help you be more productive. It’s a win-win! Here’s a list of 30 productive things to do instead of spending money. (THIS POST MAY CONTAIN AFFILIATE LINKS FOR YOUR CONVENIENCE. YOU CAN READ OUR DISCLOSURE POLICY...

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6 Ways to Make Money From Your Clutter

With the prices of living essentials ever on the rise, finding ways to make extra money is imperative. Find 6 ways to make money from your clutter here. According to CNBC a whopping 78% of Americans who work full-time are still living paycheck to paycheck. This means that if an emergency were to arise that would cause them to take time off of work or burden them with unexpected bills, they would sink into significant debt in the blink of an eye. Looking at these statistics, you might be wondering how on earth it is possible to save money, let...

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How to Create a Cleaning Schedule That Works For You

Do you find yourself feeling overwhelmed by all the tasks that demand your attention every day? I know I do. What’s one thing that could eliminate some of that stress for us? Creating a cleaning schedule. Here’s how to create a cleaning schedule that works for your busy days. From feeding your family to kissing scraped knees better, to working, to trying to organize a million things, the days can start to feel like a haze of just floating by trying to get everything done. Nevermind adding cleaning your entire house to that list of things to do, too....

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Meet Amy of Deliberately HereWelcome to Deliberately Here!
I’m Amy, a stay at home wife and mom who is letting go of perfection and learning to live deliberately.
Here you will learn everything from mom life tips and how to love your role as a mother to the best tips for decluttering and creating an organized home you love.