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Do You Know the Importance of Your Husband’s Dirty Socks?

Your Husband’s Dirty Socks ARE Important After a blogging dry-spell that turned from a few days into a few weeks I was given inspiration just the other night while I was praying over the rooms of our house. As my husband had the day off from work we had a great time relaxing, enjoying the outdoors, and having a lazy day inside.  As we were winding down from the day my husband and I started watching a movie.  Something to do with a deer that got hit by cars but didn’t die..?  (Clearly I didn’t stay long enough to...

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26 Unique Ways to Respect Your Husband

Respecting our husbands often gets overlooked.  Husbands are, after all, the strong head of the household.  Sturdy, and never wavering, and we love and respect them for it but they know that already, right?  Well, in a way, but they need to hear it from us too.  Us wives can’t just assume that our husbands know we respect and appreciate them, and therefore we don’t have to say it.  That would be like your husband thinking, “She knows I love her so I don’t need to say it.”  Ouch.  I don’t think we’d appreciate that too much, now would we?  Just...

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Rejoice in the Husband of Your Youth

Intimacy “The greatest gift a woman can give her husband is to enjoy herself sexually” Rather than her just doing her duty. Physical intimacy is essential to all marriages.  Some people were raised being told that sex is filthy, dirty and shameful and that you should save it for the one that you love.  Many wives look at physical intimacy as their duty in marriage.  This is not a healthy way to see sex; men do not want it to just be about placating them just a while.  Sex was created before there was any sin in the world, and if done in marriage...

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