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Postpartum Recovery – Everything New Moms Need to Know (and how to speed it up)

Congratulations on your baby! And welcome to the postpartum recovery period. (It’s not as glamorous as it sounds.) You made it through a long 9 months of pregnancy and hours of childbirth and now you’re moving on to the postpartum recovery period. (Still pregnant? Learn how to prepare for your natural childbirth, here.) It is vital that you take proper care of your body after you give birth, and learning some postpartum recovery tips will go a long way in the healing of your body after birth. (THIS POST MAY CONTAIN AFFILIATE LINKS FOR YOUR CONVENIENCE. YOU CAN READ...

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The Ultimate Postpartum Care Kit for New Moms

Congrats on your baby! You NEED a postpartum care kit. After giving birth your body is going to be sore, exhausted, and raging with hormones. You’re probably at the point in your pregnancy by now where that is already the current state of your body, but times what you’re feeling by a thousand and that’s about how good you’ll be feeling those first few days (weeks) postpartum. If you’re wondering what you need for postpartum care, here is the ultimate postpartum care kit for new moms that is filled with everything to help you feel better, rest easier, and...

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