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How to Create a Price Book to Save Money

Have you ever heard of a Price Book? A price book is simply a little book (or spreadsheet on your computer, or scribbles in an old notepad) where you keep track of all the different prices of certain items that you buy a lot, from your local stores. How to create a price book to save money.  The point of a price book is to help you to save money by allowing you easy and quick access to all the prices at all the different stores in your area. I’m sure there are several different apps and ways that you...

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21 Frugal Fall Activities for the Whole Family

Just like that, it’s that time of year again. The trees are starting to change colors and before we know it all their leaves will be gone. With fall fast approaching and the costly holiday season not far behind it, it’s time to start finding some budget-friendly and frugal fall activities that your whole family can be a part of. Fall is such a beautiful, cozy time of year. After a long, hot summer it’s the season when the air starts to have a slight chill to it and you get to start dragging out those long-sleeve shirts and...

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10 Frugal Living Ideas to Try This Year

Many people mistake frugal living with a bland, boring life filled with nothing fun and no adventure. Oh, and rice and beans. They picture us frugal folk eating nothing but good old rice and beans, and if we’re feeling really adventurous we might, MIGHT dare to eat an egg. But, maybe not, because eggs are a bit too expensive. Is that what frugal living really is? Find out here, with 10 frugal living ideas to try this year. No! That’s not frugal living at all. Frugal living is all about smart spending, not NO spending at all. It’s all...

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How to Never Pay Full Price For Anything Again

Feeling worn down from expensive bills? Here are 10 ways how to never pay full price for anything again! Paying all your routine monthly expenses, and any surprise expenses that may jump at you throughout the month can easily add up to more than you were prepared for. With things like grocery prices always on the rise, it can become hard to make your income last for the whole month. With prices always rising, there has got to be something that you can do to lower costs, right? If you’re partway through the month, unsure of how you’re going to pay for...

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15 Reasons Why Your Budget is Failing

Is your budget failing and you’re stuck wondering what you’re doing wrong? Do you know some of the common reasons why your budget is failing?  I know that feeling of frustration when you’ve worked hard to create a budget and are trying your best to stick to it, but despite all your efforts you still seem to blow way over budget. What is the reason for this? Why can’t it be as easy as creating a budget and sticking to it?  With countless budgeting myths out there, it’s time to discover the real reasons why your budget is failing...

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