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How to Create a Budget When You Suck With Money

Whether you’re frustrated with always finding your bank account lower than you expected, or you just want to get a handle on where all your money is going, learning how to create a budget that works for you is the best way to start. Budgeting can be stressful, irritating, and even seem impossible at times. I get it. But the good news is, it’s not impossible. It may still be stressful and irritating while you are starting out, but if you keep going at it and filling out your budget, it will get easier, and you will be so grateful...

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How to Stop Spending Money You Don’t Have

Are you in a routine habit of spending money that you don’t have? Its time to break that habit, it’s time to stop spending money you don’t have. Have you ever gone to buy something only to realize you’re out of money, so you turn to your credit card to save you, because even though you don’t have the money right now, you’ll have it soon. Right?? That is a whole putting the carriage ahead of the horse situation that you want to avoid right there. THAT IS SPENDING MONEY YOU DON’T HAVE, ON THINGS YOU DON’T NEED Or maybe...

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How To Stop Living Paycheck to Paycheck

Do you feel like you have to scavenge for every money saving tip out there just to be able to pay your bills?  Are you wasting hours of your day researching and looking up how to get out of debt, start saving money, and STOP living paycheck to paycheck? Maybe you’ve tried every trick in the book, but none of them have worked for you.  At this point, it might be starting to look pretty hopeless. Maybe you’ve come to accept the fact that this is just how your life is going to be and you’re giving up on...

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