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10 Ways to Host Thanksgiving on a Budget

So you want to host a Thanksgiving dinner this year with your family and/or closest friends, but you’re on a strict budget. What can you do? Here are 10 ways to host Thanksgiving on a budget. After you account for the cost of food and decorations, Thanksgiving dinner can quickly go from a nice dinner with friends and family to a very costly event. If you’re hosting Thanksgiving this year, but are wondering how you’re going to make it work with your tight budget, here are 10 ways to host Thanksgiving on a budget. 10 WAYS TO HOST THANKSGIVING...

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13 Budget Friendly Fall Date Ideas

BUDGET FRIENDLY FALL DATE IDEAS This is a guest post from Kayla of Many people adore fall. Heat and humidity give way to cool, crisp air. Green leaves turn into a melange of inviting color. This is the season when the languid torpor of summer recedes and people feel motivated again. Students return to school. People come back from vacations ready to work hard again. As the hot air leaves, it’s a time to think about making human connections. Fall is the perfect time for love. This is when people think about cuddling up on a deliciously cool afternoon...

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21 Frugal Fall Activities for the Whole Family

Just like that, it’s that time of year again. The trees are starting to change colors and before we know it all their leaves will be gone. With fall fast approaching and the costly holiday season not far behind it, it’s time to start finding some budget-friendly and frugal fall activities that your whole family can be a part of. Fall is such a beautiful, cozy time of year. After a long, hot summer it’s the season when the air starts to have a slight chill to it and you get to start dragging out those long-sleeve shirts and...

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17 Things to be Thankful for this Thanksgiving

17 Things to be Thankful for this Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving is a time to be with friends and family and celebrate together.  It can be easy to get caught up in the rubble of making sure the turkey is cooked just right, setting the table perfectly and decorating the house that you may need to remind yourself to slow down and remember to be thankful.  Be thankful for family and friends near and far, the ones that made it out and the ones that weren’t able to make it, be thankful for the roof over your head and the food...

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26 Must Do Fall Dates

  Go to a pumpkin patch.  Pick out the perfect pumpkins for you two to take home and spend an evening enjoying warm drinks and carving. Go to an apple orchard.  Spend time picking beautiful, luscious apples to bring home and make homemade applesauce, apple cider, apple pie apple crisp…the options are endless.  All the while enjoying the wonderful scent apples bring to your home. Get a couples photoshoot done.  Find somewhere with a cute lake or pond, or just beautiful trees and leaves to make gorgeous photos. Spend a day making dollar store or thrift store finds into great creations.  Go ahead, splurge on those...

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