It seems like everything about Christmas has become more and more expensive each year. Stocking stuffers don’t have to be one of those things. Use this list of 66 cheap stocking stuffers to find the perfect stocking stuffer for everyone on your list without spending a fortune.

If you’re doing Christmas on a budget, there’s a good chance that you’re dreading those stockings. Filling stockings with small, thoughtful gifts is a great tradition – but it can quickly become a pricey one. Here’s a quick list of 66 cheap stocking stuffers for everyone in your family so you can fit Christmas gifts and stocking stuffers into your Christmas budget.

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Though I don’t always have the easiest time when it comes to buying gifts, I do love buying stocking stuffers. But there is one problem I run into when buying stocking stuffers, and that’s our budget.

When I went to start our Christmas shopping and was looking for stocking stuffers for our nieces, I was blown away by the fact that a small pack of lip chap can be over $10. How is that even economical?

If your creative thinking has dried up, use this list of cheap stocking stuffers that will help you get something small and affordable for everyone on your list.

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  1. Christmas tree ornament – you can either buy an affordable one here or make a homemade one.
  2. Chocolate orange
  3. Touchscreen gloves
  4. Scarf
  5. Coasters
  6. Multi-tool
  7. Beard oil
  8. Keychain
  9. Natural soap
  10. Bottle opener
  11. Ice cube sphere
  12. Cologne
  13. Perfume
  14. Pocket knife
  15. Warm socks
  16. Toque for him
  17. Toque for her
  18. Gift card
  19. Small notebook
  20. Chocolates
  21. Succulent planters
  22. Paintbrushes
  23. Painting canvas
  24. Paint
  25. Travel size hot sauce
  26. Maple syrup
  27. Air freshener
  28. Lip chap
  29. Nail polish
  30. Reusable muffin cups – these are my favorite!
  31. All-in-one screwdriver set
  32. Candles
  33. Ring holder
  34. Hanging plant holder
  35. Reusable dryer balls
  36. Backscratcher
  37. Loose leaf tea infuser
  38. Reusable Straws
  39. Tie clips
  40. Cufflinks
  41. Bath bomb
  42. Change purse
  43. Money clip
  44. Head massager -these are ah-mazing!
  45. Hot water bottle
  46. Picture frame
  47. Sleep mask
  48. Playing cards
  49. Dominoes
  50. Our love story book
  51. Steak spice
  52. Dish towel
  53. Dominoes
  54. Puzzle (for adults)
  55. Foot massager
  56. Back massager
  57. Pocket watch
  58. Fitness tracker
  59. Wine bottle opener
  60. Bath salts
  61. Credit card holder
  62. Flameless lighter
  63. Bacon scented soap
  64. Cute to-do list
  65. Mini Bluetooth speaker
  66. Meat thermometer

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66 cheap stocking stuffer ideas perfect for everyone on your list. Frugal stocking stuffers for Christmas. Cheap useful stocking stuffers that everyone on your list will love! Celebrate Christmas on a budget with these budget-friendly stocking stuffers.