To Cloth Diaper or Not To? The Big Debate.

Maybe you’ve caught on to the recurring pattern happening in the last week.  Baby posts.

No, we are not pregnant, but that doesn’t mean I can’t prepare myself for when we do decide to have kids.  I have never been so knowledgeable about pregnancy-related stuff and babies as I have been these last few weeks. 

I have an urge to get in the loop with this baby stuff now so that when the day comes that we are pregnant, it won’t be so overwhelming to try and learn all about it at once.  But man is there ever loads of information out there.

never gave cloth diapers really any thought at all.  To me, it was just something people did in the past until lo and behold, the disposable diaper!  I just assumed disposables were the way to go, it’s what everyone else is doing and seems like a no-brainer. 



Cloth is was a thing of the past.  Until I dared open up Google and searched “disposable vs cloth diapers” Wow-wee was I ever in for a surprise.  I spent hours and multiple days on this subject, jumping from one page to another. 

Often getting one set of opinions on one post and then completely different opinions on the same product, on another post.  You can bet I was overwhelmed, to say the least. 

But, after days of researching and digging deep into this matter, reading reviews, threads, and forums just to name a few, I came to the conclusions that cloth diapers are much cheaper.  Which is the same conclusion I got the second I typed “disposable vs cloth diapers” into Google.  Why didn’t I just stop there?

Keep in mind that buying new cloth diapers is cheaper in the long run, BUT, buying second-hand or gently-used cloth diapers is even cheaper.  But for some people the thought of buying second-hand cloth diapers is absolutely not happening, with this being the case it will be a large upfront cost to buy new cloth diapers but will still run cheaper than disposables in the long run. 

If you’re not turned off of the idea of buying second-hand cloth diapers, there are many sites out there like Diaper Swappers, Kelly’s Closet, Cotton Babies that you can get good deals on second-hand cloth diapers.  These last two sites have the option to buy new, or gently-used diapers from their site.  And then, of course, you have sites like Kijiji or eBay that you can also search for gently-used cloth diapers on.

And then you have sites like Fluff Love University where they have everything you need to know about cloth diapers from the different types of cloth diapers to how to wash your diapers this seems to be a very informative site, that I haven’t even begun to tackle reading through but I will in time.

Let’s talk cost

On average a typical family, using disposable diapers, will spend between $2,000 and $3,000 for one child from newborn to potty training (assuming potty training happens by age 2).  Now, this is not including the cost of wipes, this is purely diapers.

The average a family, using cloth diapers and accessories, will range anywhere from $800 to $1,000 assuming you do your own laundering.  Now they have included accessories into this price, so if you cut out the accessories, you can cloth diaper your child from newborn to potty training (2 years), for as low as $100.  This would be solely the cost of diapers. 

This is not doable if you buy your diapers new, but if you buy second-hand diapers you can find GREAT deals on diapers still in great shape, they may even still last you through a couple kids.

Hands down cloth diapers are the most cost-effective.

Now let’s talk babies bottoms

“A study published in the Archives of Environmental Health in 1999, found that disposable diapers do release chemicals called volatile organic compounds (VOCs), including toluene, ethylbenzene, xylene and dipentene. VOCs are linked to toxic health effects over time and with a high level of exposure, including cancer and brain damage.

Finally, the key absorbent filler in disposable diapers, sodium polyacrylate, may cause respiratory and skin irritations in settings where exposures are at higher levels than occurs with diaper use.” –

Disposable diapers contain chemicals that can be harmful to your babies bottoms and can also cause irritation, ie, diaper rash.  

How it affects the environment

Did you know studies have shown that it can take one single disposable diaper 250 to 500 years to decompose.    There is are more than four million diapers thrown in the trash a day in Canada alone.  That is a lot of diapers that take a long time to decompose.  Whereas cloth diapers get used for years and worn down before they get thrown in the trash.

Now let me assume your argument is You just don’t want to touch the poop.

Well lucky for you, you don’t have to.  There are these nifty sprayers that hook up to your clean water supply on your toilet and allow you to spray poop off the diaper so that you don’t need to get down and dirty in it. 

How cool is that?!  And as if it needed any more build up, it also has a little clip that attaches to your toilet so it just hangs out of the way on the side of your toilet while not in use.  I don’t know about you, but that’s awesome.

Check out this site for some fun and excellent quality cloth diapers:
or Click here

Another fun little fact:

Did you know that you are supposed to scrape the poop out of disposable diapers, into your toilet, before throwing the diaper in the trash anyway?

It says it right there on the box, go take a look!

These facts made our decision to cloth diaper when we have a child very easy.  But even if you decide to stick with disposables I hope with was a good read nonetheless and you came out with a bit more knowledge on the subject than you came in with.  🙂

You can even do a trial package with Mother-Ease Cloth Diapers to see if they are the right diapers for you and your family.

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