If you are looking for ways to save money on Easter, this post has 4 great and easy ways that you can save money on Easter this year and for the years to follow.

Easter is almost here, and with that comes many fun activities. Whether you’re excited to dress your kids up in an adorable new Easter outfit, or you’re looking forward to making a big Easter dinner for family and friends, looking at the receipt while you walk out of the store with our needed supplies might be enough to make you cringe.

Easter isn’t typically a holiday that you associate with big spending.

But before you know it, you’ve easily dropped $30 on a cute dress for a child, nevermind getting yourself a cute outfit!

Nevermind the grocery bill that you’ll be stuck with after buying everything you need to make the perfect family dinner.

And all the stress of money and preparations can cause us to forget the real reason why we celebrate Easter.

On top of all the shopping and cooking, don’t forget about the real reason of Easter, and remember to teach your kids why we celebrate it. There are a number of great kid activities that teach your children the real reason for Easter, but we won’t get into that today.

If you’re looking at your budget and thinking that you might have to cut some important things out of the agenda this Easter, below we will look at a few ways that you and your family can cut costs and save money on Easter this year and still enjoy the day.



How to save money on Easter food.

Getting the whole family together for a family dinner can be a challenging task. Let alone feeding them all!

Even if you are making a homemade meal from scratch for everyone, buying the groceries alone for a big group of people can get expensive.

Rather than leaving the meal until last-minute, consider planning it far in advance. Talk with your family to decide on a meal that everyone will like, and try doing it potluck style.

Have everybody bring one dish, whether it be salad, buns, potatoes, drinks, dessert, or a different side. And you (or whoever the host is) will take care of the main dish.

That way it doesn’t only cut your grocery bill substantially, it also reduces some stress from you having to make a big meal by yourself.

When you plan the meal in advance and everyone knows what they are bringing this allows you all to be on the lookout for sales in the weeks leading up to Easter. Look through fliers and watch for sales on anything that you need so that you don’t have to wait until last minute and buy it at full price.

How to save money on Easter outfits.

There are so many adorable outfits for kids, nevermind the Easter ones! I am weak when I see cute kids clothes. I just love them.

This year for Easter, try the reuse and repurpose method. If you really can’t afford a new dress for your daughter, you’re not a bad parent!

Look through your kid’s closets and there’s a good chance that you will find some cute outfits for them to wear. Don’t go broke buying them new clothes.

Another great option is to go to thrift stores. If you really do want to get your kids new Easter outfits, rather than dropping $30 from a name-brand store, check out your local thrift stores.

You might be surprised with what you find.

Adorable clothes for much, much less than $30 a piece. Just take them home and wash them, and they will be good to go.

How to save money on Easter egg hunts.

One of the most popular Easter activities is the Easter egg hunt.

And for good reason, kids just love it! The thrill of getting sent out on a hunt with some of your best buds to find delicious chocolate and candy, who wouldn’t love it?

But, it can get expensive, and you might be looking for a cheaper (and healthier) alternative.

Recently I got busy searching around for some things that you could fill your child’s Easter baskets with, other than chocolate and candy.

And I ended up finding over 60 different options! You can check them out here. But they are not all budget-friendly, some are certainly more than you would spend on a bag of chocolates.

One of my favorites, though, and this one IS budget-friendly, is the puzzle Easter egg hunt.

Simply buy a puzzle that the kids will love, split the pieces up into different Easter eggs, and hide them.

Once they have found all the eggs, have them all put the puzzle together.

How to save money on Easter gifts/Easter baskets.

Bake your own Easter goodies.

Rather than filling your shopping cart up and spending more money on chocolate and candy for Easter than you’d probably like to admit, make your own.

You can make homemade cookies, squares, banana loaf, fudge, candy, caramel apples, and more.

Making your Easter goodies homemade will give your Easter baskets a unique difference over all the rest because you put love and labor into your Easter baskets.

While baking your own goodies will take a bit more time than simply buying them at the store, they will be healthier and your budget will thank you.

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