With Easter coming up it’s time to start looking for some fun Easter crafts and activities for kids.

What does Easter mean to you and your family? Do you have Easter traditions and you’re looking for a few fun crafts and activities to add on, or maybe you don’t have any traditions for Easter and want to create some of your own.

I’m sure you’re already plenty busy and you don’t need the stress of finding fun Easter crafts and activities for your kids to be breathing down your neck, too.

So I have searched all around and found my favorite kid-friendly Easter crafts and activities that I’m sure your kids will love, all from different people around the web so that you can have a low-stress Easter season and spend less time searching for ideas, and more time with your family.

Here you will find lots of fun things for your kids to do this Easter and a few things for the whole family to do together, too.

Whether you want crafts and activities that include the true meaning of Easter, you’re looking for outdoor activities, educational activities, or just fun Easter games for all kids out there, I have compiled a large list of kid-friendly crafts and activities that your kid is sure to love doing this Easter.

If you’re looking for activities and crafts for toddlers to activities and crafts for older kids, you will find a fun variety of games and crafts here.

Click on any of the links below to open a new tab that has more information on the activity/craft.



50 Kid-Friendly Easter crafts and activities.

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50 Fun Easter Crafts and Activities For Kids
50 Fun Easter Crafts and Activities For Kids

The Top 50 Fun Easter Crafts and Activities for Kids

50 Fun & Frugal Easter Crafts and Activities for Kids


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