If you long to live a simpler life and save money, here are 10 easy ways to live more self-sufficiently – EVEN if you are living in town.

Whether you live in the country or you live in town, becoming more self-sufficient is a smart thing to do. Self-sufficiency means that you aren’t relying on supermarkets or clothing stores. 

You are able to sustain your family from your land without the need of outside help (ie: grocery stores).

If you want to become fully self-sufficient or just want to start growing more of your own food, there are many different ways that you can go about it.

I love the idea of becoming self-sufficient and not worrying about having to make last-minute trips to the grocery store.

I used to dream of living a homesteading life where we didn’t have to rely on anyone for our food or clothing, where we would sustain ourselves from our own land.

Although it’s something I longed for, it always felt like some kind of pipe dream. Like unless we could own over 300 acres it wasn’t possible.

But that isn’t true – the truth is that it IS possible, even if you live in town.

You don’t have to own hundreds of acres to be self-sufficient. Even if you just have a tiny backyard, it’s the perfect place to start.

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If you yearn to become a homesteader or you just want to live a simpler life, here are a few ways that you can become fully or partially self-sufficient.

Fair warning – don’t try to do it all. You might think that jumping in with two feet, cutting up all your bank and credit cards, and selling your car is what you need to do to become self-sufficient, but it’s not.

You can, and you should, take it slow. Learn one new thing at a time, then learn another.





Gardening is one of my favorite things to recommend. Even if you don’t have a big garden spot, you can start a small garden – or even start an indoor garden if you have no yard at all.

If you don’t have any room indoors OR outdoors to grow a garden, you can still grow a garden – on your windowsill! Growing herbs or other small plants on your windowsill is the perfect situation for someone who doesn’t have any room for a garden.

Gardening comes naturally to some people, but even people who don’t have a natural green thumb and tend to kill every plant they come in contact with can learn to garden and grow their own food.

There are countless gardening books, tutorials, and videos that will help you learn the basics of gardening and how to grow your own food.

I believe there’s not much that beats eating food that you grew yourself on your own land. It tastes a hundred times better than that store-bought stuff, and I don’t know if it’s just because it doesn’t have all the extra chemicals on it – or because you put in the grunt work. Either way – gardening is so, so rewarding.

Even if you don’t want to grow all of your food, I still believe that growing even just a couple things is something we should all experience.

If you don’t have space to grow a garden in your backyard, check out these awesome garden bags and planters:
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You don’t have to be a professional at sewing – even just learning the basics is a great tool to have in your life’s tool belt.

Learning the basics of sewing, like how to do patch jobs and mend holes will help you be able to make clothes, cloths, and other linens stretch further and last longer.

Learning to sew will end up saving you lots of money in the long haul.


Learning to cook all your meals from scratch helps save a lot of money on your monthly food budget. If you’re growing a garden this is a great way to use up the food that you grow. Not only will cooking from scratch help you save money, it’s also a much healthier option than eating out.

Many people choose not to cook from scratch with fear of spending all their time in the kitchen and not having enough time for other activities. Thankfully, there are many, many meals that are quick and extremely easy to make so you can eat healthier and save money all while spending minimal time in the kitchen.

Do you struggle to plan and make your meals at home? eMeals helps you save hundreds of dollars every month simply by giving you a meal plan and many recipes to choose from, helping you create a grocery list, allows you to go shopping or choose to order your groceries online, and helps you get healthy and delicious home cooked meals on your dinner table every night.

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Minimalize your life by getting rid of all the unnecessary things that you really don’t need. Stuff that you’re keeping around just in case.

Now is the time to get rid of those just in cases Donate it, throw it out, or sell it.

Go through your house and your entire life and get rid of the things that are wasting space and time.

Becoming a minimalist will help you realize how much stuff you have that you really don’t need – and will help you appreciate everything that you do have.

I love minimalism because it encourages a person to keep life simple. Life doesn’t have to be complicated and full of things. It can be simple and should enable you to have time to enjoy the simple things in life.

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Use your old food and kitchen scraps turned into compost to grow more food. I love that the stuff that doesn’t get used up in your kitchen can help grow new food.


Canning food to preserve it is a helpful way to ensure you don’t run out of food. Your pantry will be stocked full of great tasting food ready to be pulled out at any time.

Everything from fruits and vegetables to meat can be canned.

I love canning fresh fruit in the summertime so that when the gloomy months of winter roll around we can pull some delicious fruit out of the pantry and it tastes just like summer.


Did you know that you can make everyday cleaners easily and naturally at home? One of the most popular homemade cleaner recipes is combining vinegar and water in a spray bottle.

If you don’t want your house to smell super vinegary you can infuse lemon or other natural scents into your vinegar/water mixture.

Using this homemade cleaner in your house is a very cost-effective and natural option.


Raising your own chickens and livestock will provide you with your own supply of meat, eggs, and milk (depending on what you raise). If you don’t have enough land to raise cattle, consider smaller animals like goats and chickens.


Learning how to cut hair has been a big money-saver for my husband and I. I use buzzers and scissors on my husband’s hair, and just trim mine (or if I want something more than a trim I get my sister to do it for me – who is also taught herself to cut hair).

I have a hard time wrapping my head around spending over $20 to get my hair trimmed.

I wanted to quit paying to go to the hairdresser, but I was terrified to cut my own hair – what if I accidentally chopped it all off?! As it turns out, learning to do a basic trim isn’t hard at all, and is an extremely easy way to save $20.


If you’re going to become more self-sufficient and live off of your land – why not make some money along the way?

Selling farm fresh eggs, meat, vegetables, and some homemade items are just a couple ideas of things you can sell that you are already producing off of your homestead.

What are some of your favorite ways to live a more self-sufficient life, even if you live in town? Becoming more self-sufficient and making do with what you have will give you a whole new kind of appreciation for the little things, honest, hard work, and a whole new perspective on life. Why do you want to live a self-sufficient life?

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10 easy ways to live more self-sufficiently even if you live in town | save money and live on your homestead | make money from your homestead - WOW these are awesome tips that I NEEDED to hear about...I thought that just because I lived in town I couldn't be self-sufficient at all...I was wrong!!

10 easy ways to become more self-sufficient even if you live in town - live a self-sufficient life, grow and raise your own food even if you live in town!