Experimenting, making stuff from scratch, and finding new ways for frugal living is my niche.

Homemade and homegrown are such rewarding words.  Living a frugal life does not come easy, but it is such a rewarding lifestyle, it challenges you and forces you to make do with what you have, it makes you become creative and try things you would never have before.

Growing a garden is a great way to cut down on your grocery bills, and don’t think the delicious food you get out of your garden is just for summertime!  Cutting up and freezing your vegetables to preserve them for later enjoyment in the chilly winter months is a great way to make your garden go further.  Cut up and freeze apples to pull out in the future and make a delicious apple pie or apple crisp.  Canning is also a great way to preserve your fruits and vegetables to enjoy later.  Canning allows you to go into your pantry in January, pull out some pickled carrots from your garden or canned fruit, pop the lid open and savour the summer flavours.

Crocheting dishcloths and pot holders are also a great way to save money.  Don’t know how to crochet?  Don’t fret!  It’s very simple and easy to pick up on after devoting a bit of time to learning off the web or out of books.  If you feel like challenging yourself you can also learn how to crochet clothes (baby clothes are my favourite), blankets, afghans, pillow coverings, etc.  The options are endless!

Learning how to do your own sewing/patchwork will save you money rather than bringing it into a seamstress.

We feel very blessed in having the opportunity to raise our own beef.  It’s not easy but is worth it, especially when I go digging through the freezer and pull out meat for dinner that I know we raised just does something to a person and all the hard work pays off.

You can also make pie crusts, various meals and treats from scratch to save $$.  As it is just my husband and I living here we don’t go through loaves of bread too quickly, so I bake my bread, let it cool, slice it then stick it in a freezer bag and just pull out the pieces as I need them.  It is a much more reasonable way to go than to just let the bread go bad on the counter as it will last over 2 months in the freezer!  You can do the same with buns, muffins, cookies, homemade tortillas, and many, many more items.  Making your own baked goods will save you lots in the long run and it’s a great skill to have (although I have to admit that I cheat sometimes as my husband just LOVES Pillsbury Crescent Rolls and I haven’t been able to find a recipe that is just right.  Not yet, anyway).

If these are some skills that haven’t been passed down to you through the generations there’s no shame there.  Pick up a book and start learning, it will be so satisfying knowing you are doing your part in helping keep your family living a frugal lifestyle.  Life is beautiful, and sometimes it is some of the most overlooked things that will fill you with the most accomplished feeling.

“Living frugally allows
you to live richly in ways
that you choose”

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