Inside: Use these genius garage organization ideas to create a clean and neat garage space. Banish clutter with smart storage solutions and never deal with a messy garage again!

Is your garage overflowing with old furniture, long-forgotten toys, and camping equipment you haven’t used in a decade?

Can you even squeeze your car in there?

Use these smart garage organization ideas to clean up your space (without losing your mind).

Why an Organized Garage Matters

Clutter isn’t just unsightly; it’s also bad for your mental well-being, health, and even security.

Clean Garage = Healthy Garage

If your garage is filled to the brim, it’s much harder to keep it clean.

No matter how many times you sweep the floor, the space will still look (and feel) dirty. Cluttered areas get dusty, moldy, and they can attract bugs.

These, in turn, can cause a variety of health issues – asthma, allergies,
and more. Keep your garage neat to make sure it’s a safe and healthy area for your family.

Home for Passion Projects

Clean out your garage and make room for the things you love. Once you declutter the stuff you no longer need, you can use that extra space for a hobby corner.

Whether it’s a simple worktable or a fully equipped crafting space, it’s time to use your garage to the fullest.

Keep Your Car Safe

Parking your car in the driveway (because the garage is too cluttered) exposes it to the elements. Garaged vehicles rust much less, and their paint and interior don’t get damaged by the sun.

Not to mention, these cars are less likely to be targeted by criminals who want to steal your valuables.


Invest in the Right Garage Organization Products

Make sure your garage stays neat by investing in smart storage solutions.

Here are the three best garage organization products that banished clutter from my garage:

Home-It Mop and Broom Holder

This product packs so much value, and is an affordable garage storage product:

  • It’s compact but sturdy enough to hold heavier tools.
  • The secure grip system holds your items safely, making sure they stay on the wall.
  • With five slots and six hooks, it holds all of my cleaning items (and barely takes any space at all).
  • You can use it inside and outside.

Wall racks and holders like this one take advantage of your garage’s vertical space, cutting down on clutter and making cleanup a breeze.

AmazonBasics Shelving Storage Units

Use this shelving unit to store anything from gardening tools to heavy cans of paint – it can hold the weight. But, more importantly, Amazon’s storage unit is as versatile as they come:

  • Easily customize the shelf height with no tools required.
  • Use the adjustable-leveling feet for extra stability on uneven floors.
  • Add the rolling wheels to move the unit around when you clean or rearrange.

And, unlike other shelving units, this one is also very affordable.

Wall Control Pegboard Organizer

Pegboards are a powerful garage organization tool. Yes, the Wall Control Pegboard Kit is an investment piece built to last a lifetime.

Easy-to-mount, ten times stronger than other pegboards, and completely customizable, the kit contains everything you need for practical tool storage.

Need a budget-friendly alternative? Try this pegboard panel pack from the same manufacturer and customize it with the accessories you need – like these strong pegboard hooks.

How to Organize a Messy Garage

Are you ready to go? Use these garage organization ideas to get the task done quickly and efficiently.

Imagine the End Result

Take a moment to imagine your ideal garage space. If it helps you visualize, draw out a room plan.

You don’t have to stick with it (we’ll get to planning in a bit), but visualization will motivate you and help you keep your eye on the prize.

Dedicate a Whole Day (And Mark It on Your Calendar)

Do you find yourself saying, “One day we should clean the garage”?

Been there, done that.

With these garage organization ideas, you can get it done in a single day. But you’ll need the whole day. So, check your calendar, pick a date, and commit to the task.

Make a Game Plan

You have an end goal and a day blocked out to achieve organizing your garage. Now, it’s time to create the roadmap to success:

  • Gather your supplies. Make sure you have trash bags, a broom, a mop, detergent, and duster cloths. If you suspect mold has been creeping up in your garage, also grab a mold-removal product.
  • Zone cleaning or full garage cleaning? In the next step, you’ll have to take everything out of the garage. If you don’t have the space to do that, clean by zones instead. Start with one wall – then, once the area is clean, move on to the next one.
  • Create your to-do list. Write down everything you need to do in order. Having a list helps you stay on track and gives you a sense of accomplishment every time you check off an item.

Take Everything Out

I know this is one of the garage organization tips you don’t want to hear. However, most of us don’t even realize how much stuff we’ve hoarded over the years. By taking it all out, you will:

  • Have to face your clutter.
  • Discover items you forgot about.
  • Sort out any broken, damaged, or outdated items.
  • Be able to deep clean the space.

If you don’t have enough space in your driveway, declutter zone by zone. Make sure you still take everything out of that area before cleaning, sorting, and organizing it.

Start With a Clean Slate

Emptying your garage gives you a chance to deep clean your space. Start by sweeping and mopping the floor.

Then, spot treat any mold, oil spills, or other issues.

Word of warning: if you’re using a mold-removal product, make sure the garage door is wide open to encourage airflow and consider wearing a mask to protect yourself.

Now that you have a clean space to work with, it’s time to declutter and organize.

Decide on What to Keep

For quick and efficient decluttering, use the four pile method:

  • Trash any items that are broken or damaged beyond repair.
  • Sell pricier items worth the profit vs. time and energy spent on listing them.
  • Donate items in good condition that you don’t have the time and energy to sell.
  • Keep the things you frequently use (however, “I may use it” or “I used to use it” don’t count).

If I’m hosting a garage sale, I tend to toss more items in the sell pile. But, if you plan on using eBay (or another online marketplace), selling is generally only worth it for more expensive things like power tools.

Work Fast

Decluttering is tough because it’s both mentally and physically exhausting. Tossing out your belongings, even if you no longer use them, comes with emotional barriers.

Before you know it, it’s 10 PM, and you’re still deciding whether to toss that old bike tire.

To help you work faster and be more decisive, ask yourself, “When was the last time I used this?” If you can’t remember, it’s time to toss it.

For some extra motivation, put on an upbeat playlist or a movie soundtrack. Music has an almost magical way of boosting your mood and helping you clean quicker.

Group Like Items Together

This is one of the simplest (but most important) garage organization ideas.

Once you’ve decided what you’ll keep, group the items by category.

Keep car supplies apart from tools, sports equipment apart from holiday decorations, etc. By bundling your things together, you can toss unnecessary duplicates. Plus, the items will be easy to find and put away.

Garage Organization Ideas to Optimize Your Storage

Your garage has more space than you think. Use these genius garage storage ideas to give your items a proper home (and banish the clutter for good).

Take Advantage of Vertical Space

Use wall racks to hang your brooms, mops, and even heavier tools like small vacuum cleaners. With a wall-mounted holder, you can get items off the floor and prevent clutter in the future.

My favorite Amazon broom rack holds up to 11 tools (and it’s under 15 dollars).

For larger garden tools, choose a heavy-duty storage system like this one.

Utility hooks are another great way to utilize vertical space. Sturdy hangers like these can handle up to 77 lbs and come with an anti-slip coating. You can safely store bicycles, ladders, shovels, and more.

Overhead Storage

Ceiling racks are one of my favorite clever garage organization ideas. They can hold bins, boxes, and any large items. They are great for storing Christmas lights and decorations and anything else you don’t need daily.

Sturdy constructions like this one hold up to 150lbs, and
they’re height adjustable to fit your storage needs without wasting any space.

Garage Pegboard Ideas

Pegboard organizers are neat and keep tools accessible. They are also one of the most versatile garage organization options – you can mount additional shelves and bins, add hooks, or hang your tools directly on the pegboard.

If you have a lot of small items like bolts and screws lying around, invest in a few pegboard bins to keep them neat.

Shelving Ideas for Your Garage

The critical question here is:

Should I choose hanging shelves or a shelving unit?

Both options have their perks. Floating shelves are cheaper, more customizable, and they’re perfect for smaller garages.

Shelving units, on the other hand, can provide a one-stop solution to your storage woes. A wheeled unit like this one is easy to move when you clean up or rearrange the space, and you don’t need any tools to install it.

Use Bins (The Right Way)

Bins aren’t glamorous or innovative garage organization ideas, but they’re still a staple. Make sure you’re using them right, though.

Only store like items in a single bin – shoving miscellaneous things together makes it near impossible to find them.

Choose stackable bins or a set you can mount on your pegboard to
keep everything in order.

How To Organize a Garage On a Tight Budget

If you’re on a tight budget, thinking about all the garage organization products there are to purchase can send your head spinning.

The good news is, you can pretty much get away without using any of these “fancy” garage organization products. All you need are boxes and/or bins and a few nails.

Before you start organizing the garage, sort through everything you have and get rid of anything you no longer need.

This will ensure you’re only spending time organizing the things you truly need and use.

Next, sort items into like piles and place all similar items in the same box. Try not to mix too much stuff into one box/bin or else it will be the same mess as before you started, just in a smaller area.

Then, pile bins on some shelving units and pound some nails into the walls to hang items like shovels, bikes, brooms, power tools, and the like.

Garage Organization Ideas: Everything You Need to Know

You’re only a few steps away from an organized garage. Here’s the easy way to achieve it:

  • Start with the end goal in mind. Imagine how your space will look in the end.
  • Set aside a whole day and mark it on your calendar to help you commit.
  • Make a game plan by listing everything you need to get done.
  • Take everything out and clean the space first.
  • Declutter by dividing your items into trash, sell, donate, and keep piles.
  • Work fast and try to avoid thinking too long about whether you should keep an item. If you don’t use it, don’t keep it.
  • Group like items together to avoid duplicates and make items easier to find.

Finally, use novel garage storage ideas to maximize your space. Take advantage of vertical space (through wall hooks and racks), choose the right type of shelving for your space, and consider overhead storage.

It’s time to make your garage work for you!

What are your favorite garage organization ideas? Let me know in a comment below. Find more great home organization articles, here.