Have you ever attempted to organize your house and realized how drudging of a task it can be? (And how it’s going to take you WAY longer than you originally thought it would?)

If you have a house full of unnecessary stuff, or a house full of stuff that isn’t in its proper place, home organization can seem nothing short of a nightmare.

If you’re ready to learn a few home organization tips that will help you organize your home fast – and help you keep it organized – keep reading to learn the 7 best home organization hacks around.


Home organization can be frustrating – especially when it comes to organizing SMALL spaces.

If you live in a small house:

I love it! Talk about organizing UP rather than OUT. (See what I mean?)

My husband and I have moved many times in the past several years, yet a two-bedroom basement suite is the biggest place we’ve lived so far. (We’re living on one low income and we’ve made it possible by sticking to our budget and living as frugally as we can.)

Because we’ve always lived in such small houses, we have gotten good at being very diligent with what we bring into our home, but it wasn’t always that way.

There was a time when we allowed all kinds of clutter and stuff into our house that we really didn’t need – and we didn’t realize we were storing all this stuff until we went to move and had to pack it ALL up. That’s when downsizing the amount of stuff we owned and purging our house started to become very important.

Downsizing the amount of stuff we own and purging our house has been a MAJOR learning curve…

…finding ways to live frugally and cut costs is something I thoroughly enjoy doing. Learning how to get rid of stuff, on the other hand, has been a huge challenge and is something I struggle with every day.

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Starting from when I was just a little girl I have always gotten a LOT of hand-me-downs given to me. I always accepted these hand-me-downs because I felt bad saying “no, thank you”. 

I felt like if I declined the hand-me-downs that I was being given I would in some way offend the person offering them to me, and that would make me a terrible person.

Yup. I didn’t want to offend anyone so I would accept the crazy amounts of clothes I got given and would rarely get rid of them even if they didn’t fit because I felt like somehow I would make that person mad.

Yikes, reading that makes me cringe. I can’t believe I used to be such a terrible clothing hoarder – but it’s the truth – and I want anyone else out there that is struggling with the same thing I used to struggle with know that it is okay to say “no, thank you”.

You don’t have to accept every little thing that gets offered to you. You CAN say no without offending people. Or, if you feel uncomfortable saying no to whatever is being offered to you, you CAN get rid of it without feeling bad.

Okay – now that that spiel is out of the way (it was supposed to be short. Thanks for hanging with me), it’s time to get to the home organization tips that will help you keep your home neat and tidy.

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The first tip on this list of home organization tips is, of course, to purge your house. And to do it often.

It’s WAY harder to organize a house that is full of clutter than it is to organize a house that has less stuff.

Purging your house can be a terrifying thought (I used to hate the thought of getting rid of stuff). But if you ever want to be able to have a beautifully organized home, you’re going to have to get used to decluttering your stuff.

(Plus, the more you do it, the easier it will become.)

It doesn’t matter if you have all the home organization tools in the world (if you don’t have any organizing tools, these are the organization supplies I suggest you have on hand), if you have clutter laying everywhere, your home will never be truly organized.

So before you do any other organization tasks, go through your house with three bags, boxes, or bins (if you decide to go with bins, I would suggest these ones since they can later be used as storage bins). You will fill one of the three bins with stuff that you are going to donate, the other bin with stuff you are going to sell, and the last bin with stuff that you are going to throw away.

If the thought of purging your house overwhelms you, remember that in order to get one big accomplishment done, you have to start with a series of small tasks.

Don’t expect that it’s going to happen overnight – you’re not going to start purging your house today and be completely finished tomorrow (unless you dedicate the entire day to it… then maybe). It’s OKAY if it takes you some time.

I have found the best way to purge our house is to break it down into sections.

Instead of looking at our house as a whole, I look at it in sections and don’t worry about anything else until I’ve finished purging that one section. This is what works best for ME, you might like to work in a different way and that is completely fine.

By splitting your house up into small sections and having the mindset of completing one section at a time, you will be able to complete the entire house in less time than if you went in with the mindset that you have an entire house to purge.

It all starts in the mind.

If you don’t know what stuff to get rid of and what stuff to keep, this is a good reference guide that will help you decide what you no longer need.


It can be tempting to store things on the floor around the corners of your house, but doing this is one thing that makes a house look incredibly unorganized and messy.

Storing things on the floor doesn’t only make your house look cluttered and messy, it also creates a LOT of unnecessary work when you go to vacuum or mop.

If you’re short on space, the best way to organize a house is to organize UP.

A new organizing method I recently came across is using the vertical space in our home, rather than the horizontal space.

This means I organize things up our walls and up higher than eye-level. I’m moving things off the floor, counters, and desks and utilizing our space in a whole new way (this helps keep our home organized as well as makes it feel like we have a lot more space than we actually do).

Here’s how you can organize your home vertically:


One of my favorite home organization tips, especially when it comes to organizing small spaces, is vertical organization.

Instead of storing things beside each other and spread out all over your home, you organize things above one another, fully utilizing all that space that gets wasted above eye-level.

To organize vertically you can use vertical storage bins like these to pick up and organize items that are laying around on the floor, hanging baskets to organize items in a way where they are off the ground and out of the way but easily accessible, vertical storage cabinets to organize and keep things hidden that don’t look nice in open storage bins or hanging baskets.

You can also organize your magazines with wall magazine racks, rather than magazine holders that sit on the floor.

To organize your kitchen using the vertical storage method, you can get handy storage items such as racks to hang your pots and pans on (these are my favorite) so they are easy to get at but don’t take up cupboard or counter space. You can utilize the inside of cupboard doors to hang things such as serving utensils and spices.

Purchasing an affordable wall spice rack will free up counter space and keep your spices where you can easily get at them (and it doubles as home decor!).

You can also use the backs of doors to hang small storage bins on so they are out of the way.

Many people like to use a mason jar organizer like this one to free up counter space in their bathrooms and have a cute little decoration hanging on the wall.

Putting a cute mesh basket on your wall can also organize any miscellaneous items you have laying around in a fashionable way.

Another fun and cute way to organize and free up more space in your kitchen is to install some small shelving on the wall to store food items, serving dishes, and more. You can also use utility hooks to hang serving utensils on.

There are countless options when it comes to vertical storage, all you have to do is take a look at your house and choose which options will work best for you and your home.

7 home organization tips for a spotless home in no time. 7 easy home organization tips to keep your home spotless. Clean and organize your home fast with these house cleaning tips. Easy home organization hacks to keep a clean home. Clean your house in one day with these home organization hacks. Declutter and organize your home. Home organization ideas to help you create a clean home. Home organization solutions.

7 home organization tips to keep your house spotless. Use these easy DIY home organization ideas to keep a clean home. How to organize when you're overwhelmed. Best home organization tips on a budget. Declutter and organize your home with these home organization hacks.


I find that more times than not, drawers become a place to put little things that don’t have a place of their own.

It may be notepads, pens, batteries, car keys, paper clips, or anything else that’s small and often gets left lying around the house.

Then when you open that drawer to look for your car keys, they’re lost in a huge mess of junk.

One way to eliminate all the drawers in your house from becoming junk drawers is to purchase some small drawer organizers to keep your belongings organized.

This way, you can still throw all that same stuff into the drawer, but instead of it becoming one big mess, you will have different compartments in the drawer to help you easily find exactly what you’re looking for.

I think drawer organizers are some of the smartest inventions around. Anybody that struggles with cluttered, messy drawers should have a few of them in their house. This is the drawer organizer I recommend since you can use as many or as few of the compartments as you want.


One rule of thumb when it comes to organizing is to always keep things where they get used the most. Rather than storing your toilet cleaning brush in the storage under the stairs, why not find somewhere to store it right in the bathroom?

Since we don’t have much room in our washroom, I like to keep our toilet brush right behind the toilet. This keeps it hidden and out of the way, but easy to get at when I need it.

This way I don’t have to walk through the entire house with a toilet brush in hand.

(I also find that when I keep things like cleaning supplies where they get used the most I end up keeping our house a lot cleaner because I don’t have to make a point of walking across the house to grab the supply I need – it’s always right where I need it.)

Keep things like pens in drawers near notepads or other places where you often stop to write things down.

I like to keep most of our pens in our office, with a few pens in a drawer in the living room, and a few pens near my grocery list. This way, no matter where I am in our house, I don’t have to go far to find a pen. (And I don’t have to go far to put that pen away when I’m done with it.)

If you keep your notepads in a drawer in the office but find yourself writing a lot of things down when you’re in the kitchen, make things easier for yourself by creating some space with a drawer organizer in your kitchen to keep a couple notepads on hand. 

(This is the organizer I recommend.)

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When it comes to closets and cupboards, I know firsthand how easy it is to just throw stuff in there without thinking twice about the mess that’s starting.

Then when you go to look for a certain object, you have to search high and low in that closet to find it.

To effectively organize your closet, put the items that get used the least on the very top shelf. You know, the shelf that you need to drag a chair over to get at. Then, work your way down the shelves in order of how often things get used.

Since your cleaning products likely get used often, they should be on one of the lower shelves so you don’t have to hassle yourself to get a chair every time you need to clean your house. Likewise, if you have a fancy raclette maker (we love ours) that only gets used on special occasions, store that on one of the top shelves since you won’t be grabbing it out of the closet very often.

The same rule goes for organizing cupboards. Put stuff that gets used the least on the top, hard-to-reach shelves, then put the stuff that gets used the most on the bottom shelves.


One of my favorite home organization tips is finding things that can be used for multiple purposes.

Things like an ottoman that doubles as a storage container. How smart is that?!

Now you can put your kids’ toys and miscellaneous items into an ottoman, put the lid on, and have company over without them even knowing there’s stuff packed into that ottoman.

An ottoman can be used as a storage container, as well as a footstool, coffee table, or chair.

I love how versatile an ottoman can be, all while being a storage container.

There is your list of 7 organization tips for the home to get you started today. Now it’s time to get rid of any excuses you have been making as to why you can’t make time to start organizing today and get to it.

When it comes to organizing your home, it is important to remember that practicality is your friend. You don’t want organization solutions that create extra work for you, instead, you want to find things that make your life easier all while helping you create a neat and tidy home.

Let’s get started! Remember, the longer you put it off, the harder it is to start.

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7 best home organization tips to keep your home spotless. Clean and organize your home fast with these house cleaning tips. Easy home organization hacks to keep a clean home. Clean your house in one day with these home organization hacks. Declutter and organize your home. Home organization ideas to help you create a clean home. Home organization solutions.

7 home organization ideas for a spotless home. Easy home organization tips. DIY declutter and organize your home in one day. Best home organization tips on a budget. Home organization hacks for busy moms. How to have an organized home when it's a mess. How to declutter and organize your home.