Here is the only house cleaning checklist that you’ll need all year, and a few places you might be forgetting to clean in your house. Do you dare take a peek at the list?

You’re doing a pretty good job of cleaning your house already. Besides, even if you weren’t, it’s not like you have any extra time to dedicate to cleaning.

But, curiosity got the best of you, and now you’re here wondering if you really are forgetting to clean these 13places and things in your house.

If you finish reading through this list and discover that you truly are not forgetting to clean any of these places or things in your house and you do clean them all on a regular basis, I applaud you.

That is some awesome dedication to cleaning that you have.

If you finish reading through the list and discover you’re forgetting to clean a lot of these things, don’t worry – now you can print off this house cleaning checklist and add them on to your regular cleaning schedule.

If you’ve been an avid reader for any amount of time I’m sure you know by now that cleaning our house was not my forte. (And it took me a long time to get used to using a house cleaning checklist.)

It was fun and all when my husband and I first got married. I enjoyed keeping a clean house as it was my first time ever really living on my own. Then as time went on, it started to get less and less exciting.

Then I started really not enjoying the whole cleaning process and I would try to come up with excuses or distract myself so I had reasons as to why I couldn’t clean.

But, after a while, I finally realized that cleaning was something that just had to be done, and unless I wanted to spend days on end doing nothing but cleaning our house, I had better get used to cleaning regularly.

I went from loving cleaning, to really not liking it at all, to being able to tolerate it, to where I am now – it’s mostly just something I do because I enjoy having a clean house, but I also don’t mind it all too much.

Finding new, creative, ways to clean has helped me enjoy the whole process a lot more. Doing stuff like making my own homemade cleaners and detergents to rigging up some old thing in our house to serve a new purpose and make cleaning a lot easier.

Anyway, I know you came here for the goods, to find out what those 13pesky places in your house are that you are (or may be) forgetting to clean, and to get your free house cleaning checklist – not to hear my story, so let’s get to it, shall we?




Your broom may be one of the most frequently used cleaning tools in your house, it definitely is in ours.

You use your broom to sweep up dirt, hair, crumbs, and all kinds of things off the floor, but did you know that you shouldn’t just be using your broom to clean your house?

You should also be taking the time to clean your broom.

With everything that it sweeps up on a regular basis, it should be no surprise at how dirty that brush can get. Some dirt gets trapped in the brush and stays put right in there.

I don’t do anything fancy to clean my broom, I simply mix soap with some hot water in a large bucket (a mop bucket like this one works well for this) and place the head of the broom in the water.

Make sure the bucket is full enough so the entire head of the broom is covered. I then let the broom sit for about 20 – 30 minutes.

While the broom is sitting in the water you can spray some cleaner on a cloth and wipe the broom handle.

After the broom is finished soaking, I take it out of the bucket and rinse it in the bathtub to get all the excess dirt that has been loosened off from soaking out.

Learning how to clean a broom really isn’t difficult at all, and though it will need a bit of soaking time, the hands-on cleaning time required from you really isn’t any more than just a couple short minutes.


I’m sure you could guess that this was coming next after the broom.

Just like how you use your broom on a regular basis, your vacuum cleaner is no different. Each vacuum cleaner can vary significantly from the next, but the main parts that should be cleaned are the heads of the vacuum and the filter.

Be sure to follow washing instructions for your individual vacuum cleaner as it may be different from the rest.

Our vacuum is extremely simple as we can just pop the filter out, give it a good, thorough wash with a soft soap and warm water.

I don’t do much with the carpet cleaner attachment, but I do go through and be sure to pick all the hair and objects out that may have gotten caught in it.

For the other, not delicate, attachments I use warm water and soap and take a good cleaning rag and give them a quick rinse.

You can also let some of the attachments soak in the water for a while to loosen off any grime that may be stuck on, but again, since every vacuum is different, be sure to do your research first.

Cleaning the toilet


It makes logical sense to clean your toilet brush, since it does, in fact, clean the grossest part of your house. But just because it makes logical sense, doesn’t mean everyone is doing it.

Do you wash your toilet brush?

This is something I never used to do, then when I thought about it and realized how gross it really got and that simply rinsing it in hot water probably wasn’t doing a very good job at cleaning and disinfecting it, I realized it was time to start washing it regularly and properly.

There are a few different ways to wash a toilet brush, if you don’t have bleach in your house you can simply fill a large bucket with hot, hot water and add some soap to it, then let the toilet brush and holder soak in the soapy water for a few hours.

While this will give it a good, thorough cleaning, it likely won’t give it the full cleaning and disinfecting it deserves, but again, if you don’t have bleach then this may be the best option.

If you do have access to bleach, I would suggest giving your toilet brushes a good soak in some hot bleach water on a fairly regular basis to keep them clean.

Again, fill a bucket with hot, hot water. Add a splash of bleach to the bucket of water and allow your toilet brush and holder to soak in the solution for an hour or two.

Once it is done soaking, use some rubber gloves and rinse the holder and toilet brush off in the bathtub, then place back in the holder in its usual spot.


Speaking of all things lovely… While you’re in the bathroom washing the toilet brush, you might as well get your toilet cleaning cloth out and grab your favorite cleaner. You’ll also want those rubber gloves we talked about earlier because this could get gross.

Do you regularly clean the base of your toilet, or is that an area that you can’t remember the last time you looked at it?

The base of your toilet is a popular zone for collecting hair, dust, dirt, and dribbles.

Grab your rag, cleaning solution, and gloves and get to work scrubbing down there until it shines like the rest of your toilet.

You will also want to wipe the floor behind the toilet, as it is usually too close to the wall for a mop to reach.

Since you’re cleaning the toilet anyway, this would be the perfect time to grab some white vinegar and dump it in your toilet tank.

Let the vinegar sit in the tank for several hours so it has a chance to break down all the grime that has built up in there.

Once it has sat for a few hours, return to using your toilet like normal and the vinegar will slowly work it’s way through the rest of the toilet – cleaning the entire way.


Cleaning the trap, or filter, in your dishwasher should be done on a regular basis, even if you just do a quick check to get rid of any food or other objects that could have accumulated in that area.

Adding this to your house cleaning checklist will work wonders on how well your dishwasher washes dishes.

To clean the dishwasher filter, first find where it is located in your dishwasher, get rid of any food that may be laying around in the bottom of the dishwasher, then pull the filter out.

You can then place the filter into a sink full of water mixed with vinegar and let it soak for a few minutes before taking it out and rinsing it off.

While you are waiting for the filter to soak, you could take a clean rag and, using the vinegar/water solution in your sink, give your dishwasher a good wipe around the edges, seal, and the whole inside.

How are you doing so far with this house cleaning checklist of things you may be forgetting to clean? Are you just now realizing how much stuff you haven’t been cleaning, or are you thinking this is a breeze since you clean it all already anyway?


Chances are, your washer and dryer haven’t been moved from their spot since the day they got moved in.

Washing machines and dryers are heavy and awkward to move, so I completely understand having them stay put where they are, but if you are able to (or can get your husband to) move the washer and dryer out just a little ways so you can sneak back there with a vacuum and mop, it will be well worth your time.

An incredible amount of dirt, dust, and gunk can end up behind and between washing machines and dryers, and often the spaces are too squishy to get into with a vacuum cleaner or even your hand.

If you are able to have them temporarily moved so you can get back there to clean up, there’s a good chance you’ll find a collection of all kinds of things. Dryer sheets, dust bunnies, pocket change.


So you take the trash out of your trash cans regularly, and that’s great. But when was the last time you actually washed your trash cans inside and out?

Even if you use bags in your trash cans to keep them clean, some bags may get holes in them and leak, so it’s a good idea to take some time and give all the trash cans in your house a quick wash.

It doesn’t have to take much time at all – do it on a day when you are taking the trash out of them anyway, bring them all to the bathroom, grab your rags and some soap, and get to work scrubbing them with hot water and soap, then rinse them out in the bathtub and they are good as new.


We seem to keep coming back to the bathroom… As it turns out, it’s the one room in your house that you really should not skimp out on when it comes to cleaning.

There are so many nooks and crannies in a bathroom, that it’s easy for dirt and other germs to collect and multiply if it isn’t cleaned properly.

Cleaning your shower curtain is something that should also be done regularly, as, whether you have a cloth curtain or a plastic curtain, both types can get considerably dirty over time.

If you have a cloth shower curtain, you should be able to just throw it straight into your washing machine without causing it any harm (do be sure to check the washing instructions first), and if you have a plastic shower curtain surprisingly the washing instructions don’t vary too much.

Though I have never personally tried it, many people have said that you can wash your plastic shower curtain right in your washing machine, too.

Put it in the wash with a few towels that need to be washed and turn it on, and it should come out good as new.

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Window blinds and curtains often get forgotten about when it comes to cleaning.

It is easily understandable since they aren’t something that you would generally clean every week, and therefore get pushed to the bottom of the list – or don’t even cross your mind.

Just like other linens in your house, your window curtains should be washed at least a couple times a year.

And, just like other objects in your house that you dust regularly, your window blinds should be dusted every once in a while too.

Washing curtains is fairly easy – you should be safe to wash most curtains in the washing machine, though I would take caution and wash them in cold water to be sure they don’t lose their color or shrink (be sure to read the washing instructions first).

While washing curtains can be quite easy, dusting window blinds can be a pain in the butt.

Thankfully, gadgets have come out that make dusting blinds not quite so difficult or frustrating.


The light fixtures in your kitchen, living room, dining room, bathroom, bedrooms, and closets should all be cleaned at least once a year.

It’s easy to forget to clean light fixtures as they’re up high and not eye-level so they aren’t something that you regularly look at or even think about.

Taking time each year to dust and wipe your light fixtures is a great way to get rid of cobwebs, insects that may have gotten into them at some point, and dust that has settled there.

You will want to be sure you turn the lights off first and give them time to cool down, then grab your step stool, a bucket of cleaner, microfiber cleaning cloths, and gently wipe the light fixtures to get all the baked on dust off.


Have you taken a look at your range hood filter recently? If you do any amount of baking or cooking in your kitchen, your hood filter will likely look pretty gross.

The range hood filter is meant to remove grease, smoke, steam, and fumes from the air with its filtration. So, if your hood fan is working correctly, chances are it’s going to be pretty dirty.

To keep it doing its job properly, you will want to take it upon yourself to clean your range hood filter every once in a while.

The good news is – it’s not a hard job at all.

To clean the filter simply take it out (many hood fans will be different, but it should easily pop right out), fill your sink up with hot, soapy water.

Be sure the water isn’t too hot for you to handle, as your hands will be in the water too.

When choosing a soap for washing your range hood filter you want one that is strong and removes grease. This is the perfect soap to clean your filter.

Let the filter soak in the water for several minutes, try to get it completely submerged in water. If your sink isn’t big enough to completely cover the entire filter with water, soak half of it for a few minutes then switch it so that the other half is in the soapy water.

After the filter has soaked enough that some of the grime is starting to loosen off, take a gentle, but stiff dish brush and start gently scrubbing the filter.

You will want to scrub the filter gently as to not damage it, but you will have to scrub with enough oomph to actually remove the grime.

After you have scrubbed it clean, allow it to lay on a dish towel on the counter and let it air dry.

Once it is dry you are able to then put it back into place. Now when you go to look under the hood fan, you’ll be welcomed by a brand-new looking filter (without spending a penny) instead of the old greasy one you had.


Have you ever taken a look at the backside of your refrigerator?

Refrigerator coils are an important component to keeping the food and contents inside your fridge nice and cool – so if the coils on your fridge aren’t working properly, you’re bound to run into a bigger problem than a bunch of wasted food (and that’s a big enough problem in itself!).

To help prolong the life of your refrigerator (and get rid of the cost of having to call someone out to come to fix your fridge), one thing you can do is ensure you keep the coils clean.

It is a good idea to clean them one to two times a year as all kinds of things like dirt, hair, and dust can collect on them.

A refrigerator works by using a motor to push a gas refrigerant through the coils to soak up heat in the fridge and cool the contents that are inside it.

It is so important to keep the coils clean because when they become dirty it can hinder the whole refrigeration process and making your fridge work harder – therefore wearing out faster than if you were to keep the coils clean and in good working condition.

Thankfully, you don’t have to call a repairman in just to come clean your fridge coils – you can do it yourself.

All you have to do is, first, locate the coils.

The coils may be located on the back of your fridge, or at the bottom of your fridge.

Expose the coils by either pulling your fridge out from the wall or by removing any panels that may be in front of them. After you have access to the panels, you can then grab your vacuum (be sure you have this attachment on your vacuum when cleaning the coils to ensure you don’t wreck or damage the coils) and use the vacuum to remove as much of the dirt, dust, and hair as you can.

Once you’ve gotten everything that you can with the vacuum, grab a coil cleaning brush (which doubles as a dryer vent cleaning brush) to then gently run along the coils to remove any other debris that wouldn’t come off with the vacuum. (One of these could work, too, and you likely have it in your house already.)

After you have successfully cleaned the coils, you can then vacuum the floor to pick up any dirt that fell off them.

If you had to remove any panels to get at the coils, you can now put the panel back in place and/or slide your refrigerator back into its correct place.

And, you’re done!

Cleaning your fridge coils shouldn’t take your more than 20 minutes, and it is something that is imperative to the health of your refrigerator.


Is your toothbrush holder on your house cleaning checklist? Mine wasn’t – until I discovered how gross they can get. Now I make a weekly habit of cleaning our toothbrush holder.

Whether you have a toothbrush holder that is open on the bottom, or you have the kind that is completely closed, besides the holes at the top for your toothbrush, your holder should be getting a thorough clean once a week.

By now I’m sure you know how much I love cleaning with vinegar, and when it comes to cleaning a toothbrush holder this is exactly what I recommend.

If you have the kind of toothbrush holder that is open at the bottom, you can easily take a cleaning cloth with some vinegar on it and wipe it clean with no troubles, but if you have a toothbrush holder that is closed, except for the holes at the top, things may get a bit more complicated – but not for long.

To thoroughly clean the kinds of toothbrush holders that don’t come apart, simply mix a half cup of hot/warm water together with 2 tablespoons of vinegar, and pour the solution very carefully into your toothbrush holder.

Of course, you will want to take your toothbrushes out first.

Be careful when pouring the solution as it’s easy to spill and you won’t want to burn your hands.

Once you’ve got the solution in the holder, let it sit for 5 to 10 minutes, then when the time is up very carefully swoosh the water solution around in the holder, pouring some out if it is too full.

You can then use a small brush like this one to stick in the holder and maneuver around to get as good a clean as possible.

Once you are done, simply rinse the toothbrush holder out with warm water a couple times, give the exterior a wipe down, and you’re done.

What does your house cleaning checklist look like? Was there anything on this list of 13 things that you were forgetting to clean?

I would love to hear what things you used to forget to clean!

Using a house cleaning checklist is one of the simplest ways to make the most out of your cleaning efforts – you don’t have to run around your house from room to room for hours on end to achieve a clean house.

In fact, I’m sure you’re so busy that doing that isn’t even an option. Grab a house cleaning checklist to simplify your cleaning routine and start cleaning your house effectively!

Use your house cleaning checklist to get started towards a clean house today!

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House cleaning checklist and 13 things you're forgetting to clean. When's the last time you've cleaned these 13 things in your house? Free printable house cleaning checklist of the most forgotten things to clean. How to clean your house. Daily house cleaning checklist. Clean every room of your house. Learn how to clean when you don't want to. How to clean when you're unmotivated to. How to create a clean house. How to have a clean house for busy moms.