How to declutter your house when you want to keep everything.

Decluttering can be a difficult task for many people, especially when you have a hard time getting rid of anything in your house. If you’ve ever wondered “How do I start decluttering my house?”, you’re in the right place and I’m excited to walk with you through the steps you need to take to declutter your home and life so you can learn to live happily with less.

Decluttering isn’t easy, but it IS possible.


I’ll admit, decluttering your house and watching dozens of items that you’ve held on to so dearly over the years get put into a box to be donated isn’t easy, and it’s not fun.

But, what so many people have started to believe is that decluttering is impossible. They have started to believe the lie that if they struggle to get rid of stuff while they declutter, they’re doing an awful job and might as well not declutter at all.

But that’s not the truth! It’s going to be hard, it’s not always going to be fun, but that doesn’t mean you’re doing something wrong – in fact, it means you’re doing something right.

Up until the point when you get to look at your fully decluttered home for the very first time, you’ll wonder if what you’re doing is worth all the work. Then, once you see your home, clutter-free and organized beautifully, you’ll be confident in the work you’ve done.

Where to start decluttering

As much as I wish it was, decluttering isn’t as easy as knowing exactly what you don’t need anymore and putting it in a box to be donated and sending it on its way.

If it was that easy, EVERYBODY would be doing it.

But they’re not.

So many people are still living in cluttered homes, feeling overwhelmed and consumed by the mess that surrounds them and not having a clue how to start getting rid of the mess.

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And that’s why I’m here – to help you learn where to start decluttering when the mess is overwhelming.

The best place to start decluttering is with the place that bothers you the most.

Some experts will tell you to start in the room that is going to take the least amount of time so you can see a reward for your work quickly, while other experts are convinced you have to get the biggest, hardest room out of the way first so everything after that is easier.

My (un-expert, but logical) advice?

Start wherever you hate to see clutter piling up the most.

It doesn’t matter if that means you’re starting by tackling an entire room or merely two shelves in a room, wherever you can’t stand to see clutter piling up, that’s where you should start decluttering.

My reasoning for this is because you could declutter the simplest or hardest place in your house first just fine, but if you aren’t truly bothered by the clutter, you will likely start to get bored with what you’re doing give up quickly.

Whereas if you were to start somewhere that drives you nuts anytime you walk past it and see clutter piling up on it, you’ll be driven and motivated to get that place cleared of clutter simply because you can’t stand when it’s cluttered.

Then, after you’ve decluttered the space in your home that bugs you the most, you can then move on to another place in your home.

How to declutter your house when you want to keep everything

Giving things away is rarely ever fun, but you’ll be so glad you did once you’re done with your house and can see the life-changing difference you’ve just made by clearing out any unnecessary items.

But, I know it’s not as easy as me telling you to “go grab a box and start loading it up”, so I’ve compiled a small list of easy decluttering tips that you can use – and decluttering steps to take – that will help you rid every area in your house of clutter and create a clean and organized house, even when you don’t know what to get rid of or where to start decluttering.

Let’s get started.

1. Know your why

It doesn’t matter what it is that you’re doing, there’s always a reason for doing something. And this stands true even with decluttering.

There will come times in the whole decluttering process when you lose your drive and motivation and want to give up. You’ll convince yourself that you’ve done enough, and the rest of the clutter in your house doesn’t matter that much.

But it does.

Your house won’t be truly decluttered until you finish the job you’ve started, and that’s why you need to know the reason behind your decluttering.

Knowing your why will encourage you to continue on decluttering even when you want to quit. It’s in the moments when you’re ready to give up that your why comes to mind and gives you the drive you need to continue moving forward.

2. Focus on what you want to keep

Focusing on what you want to keep, rather than on what you want to get rid of, will help make the decluttering process easier.

Doing this allows you to look at your stuff from an angle of “what stuff do I enjoy using and find useful?”, and that’s the stuff you will keep. After you’ve gone through your piles of clutter and taken aside the things you want to keep, you’ll realize that the stuff that’s leftover isn’t all that important or vital to your daily life, and it’ll be a lot easier to get rid of it after you’ve realized that.

3. Let other people use your stuff

If you still can’t get over the thought of donating boxes and boxes of stuff that you either got given or bought with your hard-earned money, even though you aren’t using it, realize that someone else could be making good use out of your stuff.

Someone else might need the very thing you’re holding on to – but not using – for the sheer fact that you don’t want to get rid of it.

Maybe someone needs exactly what you have, but can’t afford to buy it new. The moment you donate it to a local thrift store/donation center, you’re helping make someone else’s life easier with things that you haven’t used in years.

4. Just because you used to need it doesn’t mean you still do

Another big reason why people keep clutter in their house is because it didn’t used to be clutter to them, they used to use it a lot.

But now they don’t, and it just collects space.

If you have stuff that you used to use but don’t anymore and are holding on to it because you used to use it and want to keep it around in case you need to use it again, it’s time to let it go.

Realizing that certain items will be useful for a time, then will no longer be necessary will help you have an easier time decluttering your house.

5. Practice makes it easier

Just because you’re struggling to get rid of your clutter right now doesn’t mean it will always be this hard. The first few days of decluttering are bound to be tough, but once you see a bit of progress and realize how much more welcoming and organized your house is without a bunch of stuff cluttering it up, decluttering will become a lot easier for you.

So, don’t give up just because you’re struggling with it right now.

Use these 5 decluttering tips and the 13 unheard of decluttering tips found here to declutter your home and life.

If decluttering a single room takes you a couple days to complete at this point and you’re wondering “how can I declutter fast?”, remember that the more you do it the quicker you will get at it and the easier it will become.

How do you declutter?

To quickly recap, here are the steps for decluttering your house when you don’t want to get rid of your stuff.

  • Start where it bothers you the most
  • Allow someone else to get use of your items rather than letting them collect dust
  • The more you do it the faster – and easier – it will become
  • Know your reason for doing what you’re doing

Once you’re equipped with all your decluttering tips, it’s time to take the hardest step:

Just start.

Starting is the hardest part of decluttering, but once you can convince yourself to start you’ll be well on your way to a beautifully organized home and a simpler life – and it will ALL be so worth it!

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