Have you ever wondered how some people can always keep their home perfectly organized? Does an organized home seem too far-fetched to be possible for you? Here are 8 ways how to keep your life organized when you’re busy.

I know how frustrating it can be to have a home and life that feels completely out of control.

After realizing that home organization was up to me. That no one else was going to come around and pick up the mess that I (or my family) had created, I decided it was time to get my organization into gear.

Getting my home and life organized wasn’t the hardest part of the whole organization process. The part I struggled with the most was keeping it organized. Anyone can block 3+ hours out of their schedule to dedicate to cleaning and organizing their home.

The hard part is keeping your life and home organized after you get it organized. I struggled with implementing small tasks into my day that would keep our home organized, and because of that, I ended up wasting many hours purging and organizing our home, only to have it go back to the same messy state it started in.

Do you have a hard time keeping your life organized?

It wasn’t until I learned and started implementing these daily organization tasks in my life that I was finally able to KEEP our home and life organized, even on the busiest of days.

No more spending hours organizing, then having our house go back to a disaster zone in 2 days time.

How to keep your life organized when you’re busy

I learned that the easiest way to keep something organized, whether it be your home or your life, even when you’re busy and don’t have time to spend organizing every day, is to implement small tasks INTO your daily life.


This means you aren’t going to block 3 hours out of your day to spend organizing every.single.day.

This means that you’re going to learn a couple organizing tasks to do that you can fit flawlessly into your day, so you’re not spending any extra time organizing.

Are you ready to learn what they are?

(PS – if your house is a disaster and small organizing tasks aren’t going to do the trick, click here to learn about the course that helped me take our home from disaster-zone to organized.)

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How to keep your life organized in 8 steps when you’re busy

1. Use a planner

Planners have quickly become one of my most important tools in keeping an organized home, effortlessly.

I’ve always loved using lists and schedules, but it wasn’t until recently that I started using a planner to plan my entire day by the hour. Doing this has helped me get everything that needs to be done in a day, done.

Before I used planners I would create these elaborate to-do lists, but I would spend more time creating the lists than I would spend getting the things on those lists done.

I would get distracted and wouldn’t even end up completing half the tasks I had to do that day. I made to-do lists mostly for the fun of making the list (and the satisfaction I got when I crossed things off of that list).

When I started using a daily planner to schedule my days, I started being able to complete all my daily tasks with time to spare.

My workload hadn’t lightened any, but I was able to organize all the tasks in an order that made sense. I would get the most difficult tasks out of the way first, and leave the easier tasks for the evening when all I want to do is relax.

Using a daily planner (just like this one) has been a game changer when it comes to keeping our home and life organized.

Want to learn more about effectively organizing your days using time management? Click the image below!

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2. Take a course

Keeping your home organized can only happen once you have tackled the mess in your home. To be able to keep your home organized, you need to be starting with an organized home, not a home that is a mess.

The easiest way to tackle the mess in your home fast is to have someone help you.

While the thought of taking a course on home organization (how hard can it be?) may seem ridiculous to you, I promise you it will be well worth your time.

I never considered the thought of taking a course on home organization. I’m all for educating myself and making smart choices, but I didn’t think there was much to home organization other than organizing.

And, how could a course help me organize better?

It didn’t make sense to me.

But, I went ahead and enrolled in a course that was supposed to help me with home organization. I felt silly doing it, but in the end, it helped me tremendously.

When you have someone walking along beside you and giving you pointers to help you organize your home, someone who knows what it’s like to feel trapped by the mess surrounding you, it opens your eyes up to a whole new strategy of home organization.

This is the home organization course that helped me learn a whole new way of organizing.

The course helped me learn how to take our home (that currently looked like a tornado had ripped through it) and transform it into a peaceful, organized home with one simple strategy.

3. Plan your meals in advance

Planning meals well in advance has freed up hours of my time each week and hundreds of dollars each month. (This isn’t an exaggeration. Click here to learn how planning our meals has saved my husband and I over $700/month.)

I used to be someone who never planned meals. Instead, I would wait until 5:00 pm before I would even start thinking about what we would be eating for dinner. Then, after scrolling through my phone for half an hour I would finally find a recipe that looked good, but we rarely had all the ingredients on hand, so I would have to make a quick trip to the grocery store to pick up the ingredients I needed to make that particular meal.

This ended up costing my husband and I hundreds of unnecessary dollars each month. Not only was it a major waste of money, but it was also a MAJOR waste of my time.

Rather than spending less than an hour to plan a week’s worth of meals, I would spend at least half an hour every night deciding on ONE meal, then another hour plus spent making that meal.

All of this wasted time resulted in me having less time to dedicate towards important things like cleaning and organizing our house so my husband didn’t have to come home to a mess every night.

If you find yourself running out of time every day, planning your meals in advance is a smart way to free up time in your day.

This is the resource I recommend to anyone wondering how they can use planning their meals to save them tremendous amounts of time and money. (It’s the strategies I used to lower my husband’s and my grocery bill by $700/month AND free up hours of my time. Click here to learn about it.)

4. Follow an EASY cleaning schedule

Daily and weekly cleaning schedules are a couple of the most important things to do when it comes to keeping an organized home. If I let our home go too long without being cleaned, a simple task that should have taken me only 30 minutes to complete quickly becomes a whole-day job.

Keeping your cleaning tasks from becoming time-consuming jobs means doing small tasks on a weekly and daily basis, and to do this you will want to have a schedule you can follow, to ensure you don’t forget to do your cleaning tasks.

As I said earlier, I’m all about schedules, and cleaning schedules are no exception.

I love having a schedule to follow so I don’t have to rely solely on my brain to remember everything that needs to be done (if I did that, nothing important would ever get done… until I thought of it at 2 am).

Using a weekly cleaning schedule will help you keep your home organized even when you have no time to spare.

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5. Use a miscellaneous basket

If you find certain areas of your house collect items that don’t belong there, using a miscellaneous basket will help you keep everything organized, and will help you put it all away at the end of the day without spending more than 5 – 10 minutes doing so.

What is a miscellaneous basket?

A miscellaneous basket is a basket (just like this one) that you keep in a certain room of your house (it’s a good idea to keep several around your house in the rooms that collect the most stuff. I suggest the living room, kitchen, and entryway).

Throughout the day certain items will end up out of place and in rooms that they don’t belong. These miscellaneous baskets are there to collect these items, then at the end of the day all you have to do is walk around your house with the basket in hand and put the items back where they belong.

This will save you tremendous amounts of time since you can bring the whole basket around with you so you only have to make one trip around the house, rather than grabbing just a couple items at a time and making several trips.

6. Automate your bills

If you’re spending money on late fees, you’re WASTING your money. But, sometimes remembering to pay all the bills on time can be difficult, especially when you’re busy.

Automating your bill payments is a smart way to ensure you never waste money on late fees again.

By setting your bills up to come out of your chequing account on a set date each month you can cross the worry of getting them paid on time every month off of your list.

The only catch is that you need to have your finances under control to be able to do this. You need to make sure you have enough cash in your chequing account each month to cover these bills, or else you could run into some problems.

If you’re struggling with your finances, follow this guide to learn how to stick to a budget.

7. Purge your house regularly

When I say to purge your house regularly, I’m not talking about going through each and every object you own and doing a full-on decluttering of your house (though that wouldn’t hurt!).

Since we’re trying to keep things simple here, this house-purge can be completed in less than an hour’s time, and it only needs to be done about once a month.

All you have to do is go through your house with two trash bags. One bag is for, well, trash. The other bag is stuff that will be donated.

Going through your house once a month and filling up these two bags with as much stuff as you can is a good way to keep the household clutter under control.

8. Use Amazon Prime

If you do any amount of online shopping, you need to utilize an Amazon Prime membership. (Click here to try Amazon Prime FREE for 30 days.)

If you find it difficult to find time to get out of the house and run errands for everyday products like toilet paper, diapers, cleaning products, and even groceries, Amazon Prime gives you the ability to do all this from the comfort of your home.

Not only will doing your shopping through Amazon Prime save you time, but it can also help you save money, since you’re not in a store surrounded by different “SALE!” posters and hundreds of items you don’t need (but, when you’re shopping, that chocolate bar looks like something that you DO in fact need).

Try Amazon Prime free here.

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