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If you’re working on saving money and it feels like you’ve cut costs everywhere, one more place to lower bills is your utility bills. These are those kinds of essential bills that people often shrug off and just accept the high cost, especially in the colder winter months. If you are desperately looking for ways that you can save money on your utility bills, here are 10 ways how to save money on utilities.

It’s time to start taking a hard look at your utility bills because these bills are often some of the most expensive ones you have.

If you’re feeling drained and exhausted from cutting costs everywhere that you can, but still not having much to show for all your hard work, start working towards lowering your monthly utility bills to help save money month after month.

Thankfully, most of these following tips to save money on your utility bills are painless and won’t require a lot of work from you.



Even if it’s cold outside, chances are your heat is turned up a few degrees warmer than it needs to be. I get it, I am someone who is usually cold, and I hate the feeling of being cold, so I like to have a toasty warm house, especially when it’s cold outside.

But, what I have started doing when I’m cold, rather than turning up the heat, is layering up.

Now when I get cold I go and grab a warm sweater and fuzzy socks, and that usually is usually all I need to get myself warmed up. If that still doesn’t help, I will also often make myself a nice warm drink to sip on to warm myself up on the inside.

So, rather than turning the heat up when you’re cold, go put a couple layers of clothing on instead.

How to save money on utilities with frugal living ideas to help you save money fast with these personal finance tips. Cut expenses with frugal living for beginners. Start these saving money tips today to help you lower your monthly costs and save money on utility bills month after month. Lower monthly utility bills easily month after month.


If you’re not using it – shut it off. Anytime you walk out of a room, turn off the lights. Don’t leave lights on throughout your house all day – that’s just wasting your precious hard-earned money. Instead, anytime you leave a room, make a habit out of turning off the light.

If you’re someone who has never thought much about shutting off lights before, this might take you a little while to get used to, but be sure you keep yourself accountable. If you have walked all the way upstairs only to remember that you left the lights on in the spare room in the basement, get up and go all the way back downstairs and shut off the lights.

The same thing goes for fans and other things like coffee makers, too. If you’re not using them, shut them off.


If you live somewhere that you can hang-dry your clothes, it’s time to ditch your dryer and start hang drying. Not only will this method of drying clothes save you money on your utility bills (and cut down on dryer maintenance), it will also give your clothes a clean, crisp smell that can only be attained by hang drying clothes.

If you don’t have a clothesline up to hang dry your clothes on, consider installing one that goes from your house out to a post, or buying a small clothesline like this one that is super easy to set up.


If your washing machine is set on the hot water setting, you’ve been wasting money without even realizing it. To help you save money with your washing machine, start washing your clothes in cold water.

Many people don’t wash their clothes in cold water with the fear that their clothes won’t get cleaned, but research has shown that cold water does still clean your clothes.

The other bonus with washing your clothes in cold water, besides saving money, is that if there are any pesky stains on your clothes before you threw them in the wash, the cold water won’t set the stains like hot or warm water does.


No more turning your dishwasher on when it’s only half-full. Instead, wait until your dishwasher is completely full before turning it on. If you need several dishes out of the dishwasher, rather than turning it on if it isn’t full yet, take the dishes you need out and hand wash them.

If it takes you several days to get your dishwasher completely filled up and it has a tendency to start stinking before you have the chance to turn it on, start wiping most of the grime off the plate and into the garbage before you stick it into the dishwasher.


Do you pre-rinse your dishes before sticking them in the dishwasher? If so, it’s time to stop this bad habit. Many people pre-rinse their dishes even though their dishwasher is strong enough to clean them completely on its own.

If your dishwasher doesn’t require the dishes to be pre-rinsed, stopping that habit will save you a lot of money.

If your dishwasher isn’t strong enough to take all the grime off of the dishes on its own, dump most of the grime into the garbage before placing your dish into the dishwasher.


When brushing your teeth or washing dishes, be sure to turn the water off whenever you’re not using it. There is no need for the tap to be running while you’re brushing your teeth – that’s just throwing your money down the drain.

The same thing goes for if you hand wash your dishes. Rather than letting the water run the entire time you are washing the dishes, put the plug in the drain and fill the sink up with water so you only need to turn the tap on when it’s time to rinse the dishes.


Rather than always having lights on in your house, turn off the lights for a change and let the natural sunlight in. There’s no point in wasting money on electricity when there is free light just outside your window.


Swap your old light bulbs out for new, energy efficient light bulbs like LED bulbs.

You may have to put out a bit more money upfront to buy all the bulbs, but in the long run, these energy efficient bulbs will save you a significant amount of money, and they will last much longer than the normal light bulbs.


The cost for a programmable thermostat can range a lot, but the initial investment will pay for itself over time and time again.

A programmable thermostat allows you to program the exact temperature of your home even when you’re away from home. This allows you to save money by keeping your house at a neutral temperature even when you’re not around to manually set the temperature.

With these 10 tips in mind, what steps are you going to take to start saving money on your utilities today? Utility bills can easily become one of the highest monthly bills we acquire, but thankfully, they are also one of the rare bills that we can have control over how much we spend on it.

Making smart living decisions will allow you to significantly lower your utility bills and show you how to save money on utilities month after month.

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How to save money on utilities with frugal living ideas to help you save money fast with these personal finance tips. Cut expenses with frugal living for beginners. Start these saving money tips today to help you lower your monthly costs and save money on utility bills month after month. Lower monthly utility bills.

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